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Diddy Was Allegedly Jealous Of Tupac and Biggie Friendship

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Diddy Was Allegedly  Jealous Of Tupac and Biggie Friendship
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Diddy Was Allegedly Jealous Of Tupac and Biggie Friendship

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Welcome to Doggie Diamonds No Filter, your premier destination for exclusive hip-hop insights and interviews! In this episode, Doggie Diamonds delves into the rumors surrounding Diddy's alleged jealousy of the friendship between 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. Explore the dynamics of this legendary trio and uncover the untold stories behind their relationships. Join Doggie Diamonds as he examines the complex interactions between Diddy, 2Pac, and Biggie, and the impact these relationships had on hip-hop culture. Doggie Diamonds No Filter provides you with authentic commentary and exclusive interviews that keep you connected to the heart of the hip-hop community. For more exclusive content and to stay updated on the latest in hip-hop, be sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Let's go. Let's go. You always got to remember doggy diamonds did this. That's important that you know that everything that you see pertaining to this doggie diamonds did this. Make it happen. So I've been trying to go crazy with the content, trying to put out a lot of content. I have a. Yo, man. Oh, my God. I looked. I said, wow, I probably got years of content to just put out. So that's what I've been doing. So make sure you check the uploads as well as you check the lives. Make sure you check the uploads. It's very, very important to check the uploads as well. So as you go through, I don't know how it. How it propagates for y'all on the app or the computer, whatever the case may be, but it's very, very important that you check other things. So I don't know how it would look, but I'm gonna go there really quick and see how it would look to y'all. So you can see, this is what's going on now. This is the videos, but I uploaded these videos lately. Uploaded a. This is a lie. But if you go to the video section, you can see I uploaded a lot of videos. So what I'm trying to do now is get back into is three different algorithms. I explained it one day, so sometimes people might say, hey, you uploaded the video. Nobody is watching it. No. A lot of people are not getting it. It's three different algorithms, as it was explained to me. But maybe I'll explain that today. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll explain it one day. Maybe I won't. I don't know. Lucky stardust in the building. Long time, pretty gangster. How you be? How you be? How you. Bernadette is in the building. Being nice is in the building. Bay Area is in the building. Storm and Norman is in the building. I see y'all, man. I appreciate y'all for being here. You know, if you can't, um. If you don't have any super chat to add on to, what you could do is just hit that. That, like, button. That's. That's everything. I like button. And don't. Don't forget to check the YouTube community a lot, too. So, you know, as. As I'm a little talking about Diddy, doubt I'm gonna be honest with you. But as new revelations come out, I guess we have to go back and revisit stuff, because a lot of stuff that we thought over the years or we wondered over the years is now coming to fruition. Right now, we're starting to see and understand what's happening. Right? I got a refresh, because for some reason, it gets to a certain point, like the five minute mark, and then it starts wilding out. So let me see. Why does it do that? It gets to, like, the five minute mark, and then it messes up a little bit. So I want to know why it's doing that. I don't know. I got to talk to YouTube. But anyway, I'm here. I didn't go anywhere. It just gets to the five minute mark, and then it starts spinning on that. On this side, like it pauses or something. So I just want to make sure. But let me get back to the point. So we was wondering, over the years, why did so many things start to happen between Tupac and biggie? Because, like I said, we were. We knew that they were friends, and then something went wrong, but we didn't really understand what went wrong. We didn't understand where did all of this stuff start? So as more revelations are starting to come out, we starting to understand who might have been the driving force. No, puffy behind. Damn, I can't even say driving force behind all of that. Just don't even go right. Who was responsible for these two young men? Cause we. You know, although we look back, we sometimes we forget how young these men were. That's Tupac and Biggie. How young they were. Biddy. How young they were. And they started beefing more. So Tupac beefing with Biggie, and where did it derive from? Now, I did a show where I felt like hit em up. Wasn't as dope as against all odds, right? People disagree with me. Some people agree with me, whatever. So now, look. And against all odds, if you listen to that record, which was a scathing diss to me. He dis Haitian Jack, he dis Jimmy Henchman. He did stretch, but he dis diddy. He didn't diss Biggie. And against all odds, he didn't diss Biggie. He diss Puffy. For some reason. For some reason, he said Puffy getting played like a. To hide that fact. He did some he shouldn't have did. So we ride him for that. Why did. What did Puffy do? How was Puffy getting played like a. And what did he do that he shouldn't have done? Now we're never gonna notice. Why? Because, unfortunately, Tupac is not here. Right. So I didn't understand why he said that if his beef is with Biggie, right. He got this record, hit him up. And, you know, that's why he went up. But then he was like, puffy getting played. So to hide that fact, he did something he shouldn't have did. I always wonder what he was. What did. What did he do? What was his beef with Diddy? What was his beef with Diddy? Now, let me go on record and say, when Tupac went to quad studio, I seen people saying biggie knew he was coming. They are lying. I'll go on record and say they are lying. Big did not know he was coming to the studio. He didn't know. So when the incident took place, he was kind of bewildered that it happened, because he didn't even know he was coming to the studio. You understand what I'm saying? Pac mind state. I kind of try to enter his mind state sometimes because he was a young man as well, confused. You know, you've been arrested, you've been accused of something. You've been, you know. You know. So I could kind of understand why he went the way he went. But then he wasn't telling some truths, too. Cause he knew Biggie didn't have nothing to do with that. So I think he was more mad at Diddy. So, according to one of the former bad boy, I say, alleged co founders, Kirk Burroughs, this is where this derives from. This is why I'm doing this live here tonight. Kirk Burroughs was a founding partner of Bad Boy and was the former president of Bad Boy. This is facts. And he says, sean Diddy. Combs was always jealous of the initial friendship between Tupac and the notorious b I g. Speaking with Rolling Stone, he claimed that Combs was fond of Pac, but the feeling wasn't mutual. Instead, the legendary west coast rapper was more interested in bonding with Biggie. There was someone on the sidelines jealous, Burroughs remarked of Diddy. So let me tell y'all something that I know firsthand. That I know firsthand. I'm gonna come back to this article, but I'm gonna tell you something that I know firsthand. So Biggie used to come to the crib, and he wanted to make a showtape. Back in the days, you had to make a showtape. And he wanted me to put I get around on a showtape and leave 16 after Pac verse so he could rap. So what Pac was doing, he would perform I get around. Cause, you know, that was his biggest record at the time. And I was show approved. I get around was big, right? So he wanted Biggie. Biggie had a verse for I get around. So he would perform with. When Pac came to town, Biggie would perform I get around. And anybody would verify that, that note. I mean, why they don't ask Redman? Why they don't ask some of these people who was there. They keep asking everybody else about Biggie and Pac relationship. And a lot of people are using it for their clout or their storyline. But why they don't ask the people who was there at the shows? I'm telling you, Biggie didn't have an official verse. But he would rap for I get around. He would have a verse at the shows. That's why they're sitting at the table. That's why I used his default picture in the thumbnail. Remember, they sat in. They rhymed together. They was together. They was together. You understand what I'm saying? And he wanted me to make the showtape. And at the end, but I didn't have an I get around instrumental. So I would have had to loop it, do all that stuff. So I couldn't do it, mind you, I'm only 15. You know what I'm saying? I'm 15 years old. So when he came. When Pac came to New York, he would get with big. I'm in town. Big came to fort the street. Shout out to my man, Henny Lokes, who you would have saw. Henny Lokes. Reason why he's in the video that I got up a little, Kim. Cause Henny Lokes was very, very instrumental in Tupac coming to my neighborhood. Wasn't big. He was Henny Lokes. I'm giving y'all real history. And a lot of these dudes be lying and capping. They wasn't even there. A lot of them wasn't even there. I was there. I was there. So they were cool as hell. Another story. I'm going down Fulton Street. I lived on Waverly Avenue, right? You have Waverly Avenue. You have St. James, right? But in the middle of Waverly and St. James is Washington Avenue. Biggie hustled on Washington as well as Nino Brown. And a lot of people, you know, was over there. Shout out to my boy Nino, too. That's my guy. Shout out to the whole junior mafia. That's my family. Regardless of what, that's my family, right? So Biggie hustled right here on a corner of Washington in full. And everybody was on Washington. But I was going to the liquor store on St. James where he lived. But he didn't hustle on his block. He hustled on Washington. So I walked going in. He said to me, yo, what you doing later? So I ain't doing nothing. Was good. He said, pac is in the hotel in the city. I want to go meet with him. Come with me. I was going to the liquor store. So he's like, yo, where you going? Say, I'm going to get to the liquor store. He said, no, no, no, no, no. You know what? Now you can't come because you're crazy and Pac is crazy. I can't control both of y'all. This is the actual facts. And I want to tell y'all something, man, like, for real. I'll never sit before y'all lie. I don't even be telling a lot of these stories. I don't even be saying a lot of stuff, because I just watched so many people lie. I just be like, oh, God. You know what I'm saying? But he was like, I can't control both of y'all. So now you ain't. You can't come. You know what I'm saying? So you crazy in park is crazy. I can't. I can't do it. They're not. I ain't dealing with both of y'all. So I just walked to the liquor store and got my. I probably. Listen, at that time, I probably was drinking bum. This is like 94 before. Ready to die. Dropped the end of 93. You understand what I'm saying? Like, this is. This is real. And it's so real, you could ask Nino Brown. I had a record deal in my hood first. I used to have the limos come to the block, and we go get big to St. James, and we go to home base and all that in my limo. Watch. Watch what I do. Because we going. We got to clear a lot of stuff up. Because this reason why I'm telling y'all this tonight is something missing in the story that we didn't get. It's something missing somewhere. We like. Yo, hold up. What happened? So the quad studio. Nah, something is still missing with a lot of that. A lot of. And then, now that all of this is coming out, thank you, Chief Red, for supporting my independent voice. Now that a lot of stuff is coming out, people a little less reluctant to talk. You see people talking more, but y'all know I've been talking since day one. I've been telling y'all, dude was foul. You understand what I'm saying? So let's get back to the article really quick, because this. This man who's telling this story, coke Kirk Burrows, is very, very instrumental in the beginning foundation of Bad Boy records. He was the president. Rolling Stone corroborated the feelings when speaking with hip hop photographer Monique Bunn. Pac didn't have any kind of respect for puff, Bunn said, adding that Pac viewed combs as a corny executive. Burroughs also explained that the bad boy crew study Pac's hit. I get a. What did I just say? What'd I just say? What records will he's on as an inspiration for finding mainstream hip hop success. I didn't read this article, though. I'm gonna be real with y'all. I just saw the title. Damn, I wish I had my cousin number. Cause my cousin Jay was there, too. He's. Man, listen, he was there a lot. He used to go to the shows with big a lot elsewhere in Rolling Stone. Peace on the disgraced music executive. The outlet reports on a new allegation stemming from Diddy's time at Howard University, where he was accused of DV. But it was another part. I don't know if it's in this interview. I mean, in this story, though. I don't. I don't think it's here. I don't think it's here because I was seeing it. I heard about it somewhere else, but I don't think it's here. I didn't even read this whole thing, but, um. Yeah, let me. Let me come back to y'all really quick. So Pac and Big was cool. Somewhere, something got messed up, and I didn't understand why or how it happened because they were cool. Ah, man. Almost call. Easy, Moby. Damn. I don't want to. I talk to. I don't want to put mo b on the spot, but I rather speak to him sidebar. And then have him, as it was told to me. Let's do that. As it was told to me. Biggie didn't know. Biggie cook didn't know about publishing like that. Biggie didn't know about publishing like that. He sold which, business wise, puffy buying his publishing was okay, right? I guess it was business. But when you say somebody is your man, your friend, and you love them and all of that, and this not friendly, it's not cool, right? So Biggie didn't know about his publishing. And we remember reading, like, the notes, the liner notes, an album. And I was like, who the hell is Justin Combs? Because if you look back at all the records back then, they would say, justin Combs Publishing. We didn't know what publishing was. First of all, it was a particular time where you didn't really even get publishing, you would get royalty, right? You would get a royalty, you would get. You did. A lot of artists didn't know about publishing. You would get. If you sold records, you would just get royalty, right? A lot of artists didn't know about publishing, right? So Biggie didn't really know about publishing. Now, you got to remember, this is a dude coming off Fulton street who wasn't a big time hustler. Like, he rapped like he was. He got money in the hood, he got money out of state. But we gonna a lot of stuff be embellished, you know what I'm saying? And I'm just going to be real, right? A lot of stuff be embellished. So if you're not getting money on the street no more and you're a full time rapper, where's your money coming from? You don't have an album out, you don't have no shows. So what you going to do? You're going to sell your publishing. So you got taken advantage of. But now when your album come out and you go platinum and you do all this stuff, you're not going to see certain monies because you don't have your publishing. So as it was told to me, he bought some of his publishing back and then they re released the album. That's when he has on the Brown. And they put one more chance remix on there. So to get money for himself, Junior Mafia was being created, which I did Junior Mafia's first single. They could tell you that I did their first song that never came out, but I did their demo that got them the deal. Rest in peace, Chico. That's the homie. So now he's penning Junior mafia stuff, but he can't say he's writing certain things because who got his publishing? So if he's writing some of little Kim stuff, cause he writes too. If he's writing sees stuff, he can't say he wrote it because he don't have his publishing. This is what I know for a fact. So that's why he said, me and my nigga lands to Kim and C's advance. So this is how. But now, look, all the record label people are in bed with one another, right? A lot of the people are in bed with one another. So now you have. I think they signed a deal. I think the deal was through Rob Tullo. Shout out to reef. Rob Tullo has something to do with Junior Mafia Undiaz, if I'm not mistaken. But I think that was Craig Kalman at Atlantic, because it was big beat Atlantic undiaze. That's what the day was under this, you know what I'm saying? Um, so he had to not put his name on the shit because he would have owed. Um, he would have owed. So upon his passing, he didn't really have the money that he should have had because he didn't have his puppy. And remember, y'all gotta remember, he only did one album. He only did one album. But he's writing everywhere. He's writing for Puff. How you write for a nigga that got your publishing. So one thing I could respect about Pac, one thing I could respect about Pack, I think they had a Gemini connection, because they both Gemini's. They around the same age. Biggie had a personality that if you met him, you was drawn to him because he was a rapper's rapper. Like, he was the type that you get around him, and he wanna rap, he wanna hear what you got. So being around him, you was definitely gonna be on your pen. You gonna sharpen your pen. You know, you gonna rap. So I think Diddy Fair was Pac was a little bit more educated in the culture of the game and the business, although he went through trials and tribulations as well, as well. But he can say to big, yo, you such as such and such and such. And I know big was green. I didn't even know what publishing was. Easy. Mo b was an OG. He wasn't green. You know what I'm saying? Um. Damn, man, I wish I had my other phone by me. I would call Mo right now, but I don't want to put him on the spot, but I'm going to have a conversation with him. We gonna do that. Um, I think Pac would have warned biggie of some stuff and told him some stuff. As far as business, easy. Mo B got cut out the picture after a while too. Remember now ask yourself this. How does the man who did damn near the majority of ready to die album, he did the what he did warning. Give me the loop. The title track, ready to die. He did that ain't right. He did a lot of music. How is he cut out of the equation? You know why he was cut out of the equation? Because when flavor in your ear remix came out, did he put his name first as a producer? How even the what beat did he used it for? Mary J. Blige, I'm going down remix. Listen to Mary J. Blige. I'm going down remix. It's the what beat. And all of this stuff is starting to say, produced by Puff Daddy. But he didn't produce it. Technically, he is a producer. But see, what happens was we started conflating producer with Beat maker. And they wasn't the same at one point. Then you started having super producers who was beat makers and a producer. So that's how you got the Kanyes, the Timberlands, the swizz, and certain people like that. But it wasn't always the producer. And the beat maker wasn't the same person always. Because it would say, produced by Barry White, right? Let's use Barry White. Produced by Barry White. He ain't playing their instrument. So you had string section, you had trumpets, you had keys, you had guitars, you had bass, but he produced the record. And then when it got to hip hop, you had the same thing. Because if you listen, if you look at one particular point on the record, it would say drum programming by such and such, bass play by such and such. It would have broken down who added the components to the music? It would say who. Who added the components to the music. And then you had hip hop, where now you had super producers who do everything. So when you see produced by Puffy, we started confusing him with what we knew to be the Timberlands and different people. Even. Doctor Dre is a producer, but he's not always a beat maker. I don't know if y'all know, but you listen to 50 cent in the club, DJ Quick, got something to say about that. That's all I'm gonna say about that. But it says, produced by Doctor Dre. You could research that. And that doesn't take anything away from Doctor Dre, because he's still a producer. So that's what I'm saying. Technically, Puffy is a producer, but he's not the beat maker. And he was taking credit as the beat maker and the producer. But look up Mary J. Blige, I'm going down. Remix. It's the what beat. Who did the what beat? So Easy Mobi got cut out of the equation. Easy Mobi has an interview out there as a recently, where he says, yo, he put his name before mines, and he had a problem with that. And I remember this, man, this is fucking like 19, 90, 94. Me and Easy Mobi had the same house phone numbers. This is before cell phones and beepers. I didn't have no beeper growing up, till I was able to get my own people. But I had a house phone. I think our numbers is off by two numbers. So people used to call my house like, yo, could I speak to mo B? And I'm like, this ain't mo b and vice versa. Our number was so similar. So, um. Easy. Mo b got cut out of the equation. So anybody who was giving Biggie any game, they got pushed out the equation because, listen, I don't know if y'all know Biggie couldn't drive. He didn't drive, right? Mo B had a green acura legend. This is when legends is Acura. Acura still costs a lot of money, but he had a green Acura legend, right? He parked his car on my block was. We had a parking lot. So I would see mo b every day. Mo b every day going to get his car. Because this is where he parked his car, in the parking lot. So he would in mind. I told you, I'm on Waverly. You got Washington, you got st. James. Where Biggie is from, what he would do, he would get his car, get biggie. They would go to the studio. So that's how ready to die was created. That's how ready to die was created. It was created head on. No puffy. Because we were all in the same neighborhood. So that's how I originally tracked a demo for warning. I always tell the story how I tracked the demo for warning in, like, 93, 94 or something like that. And a lot of records that y'all heard now, we been had those records like, you know what I'm saying? King of the blends. Thank you for supporting my independent voice with the super chat. So easy. Mobi got cut out the equation. But I remember him talking to Biggie about his publishing. And I just don't wanna call him and put him on the spot. I wanna forewarn him, and I want him to speak to you. And him being able to speak candidly out loud about publishing and what really took place, because he was there. And, you know, it ain't cool to record phone calls without somebody knowing. That's not what I do. You know what I'm saying? That's my big brother, too. Somebody who watched me make music, you know what I'm saying? So the music that y'all hear and stuff, he was there watching me do this stuff when I was 15. You know what I'm saying? I was a kid doing this music. So a lot of the music that y'all like from me, I been doing this, you know what I'm saying? But that's the big bro. If I call him right now, he'll pick up the phone. You know what I'm saying? So don't you understand that it was really no problem between Pac and big? Because Mo B produced Pac. So if it was a conflict with big and Pac, Mo B would not have messed with Tupac. That goes to show that they did not have a problem. He did temptations, and he did if I die tonight and LG Moby brother did running. You understand what I'm saying? So when you hear mo b drop some shit, that's the same easy Mo B. He worked with both of them. And his brother LG, who did ill outs all that ill out scratch music. That's easy Mobi brother who did that music. That's easy Mobi brother, who did all the ill scrout ill out scratch. Even I know about hip hop for a while. It was a group called the Boogie Monsters, where they had a record call recognized thresholds of. Recognized thresholds of negative stress. That's easy Mobi brother who did that music. Easy Mo B and his brother did the jizza album word from the genius. So if Pac and Big had beef, Mo B would not have chosen Tupac over big. That's facts. We from the same neighborhood. We all live in the same neighborhood. We all see each other. So all that where my homies and I'll take her and all that. That was all lg experience. That is Easy Mo B's younger brother. This is real. And again, I know y'all love other people, y'all love other channels. But when it comes to hip hop talk, doggie Diamonds did this. Can't nobody on this shit fuck with me. And I'ma curse really quick. You know why I know? Cause I was there. I was in these studio sessions. I was there. So it had to be somebody or something that drove a wedge between them. And this is the problem. And when we think about it, this could be the problem. Maybe Biggie wasn't certain. He wasn't privy to certain information pertaining to Pac that took place with Diddy. And this is all speculation. And the legend, I am speculating in the legend right here, maybe he wasn't privy to certain information. Because, you know, puffy move, slithery, right? Maybe he wasn't privy to certain information. And Pac thought Biggie knew. King of the blends. I appreciate you. Maybe he thought Biggie knew. So maybe he thought. Maybe he thought Biggie was team puff and down with whatever might have taken place. That was foul. So that's what drove the wedge. Because even after the quad studio thing, Biggie went to the hospital to see him. He went to the hospital to see him. So if you set somebody up to get hurt, you gon go to the hospital. To see him, he wasn't. I'm gonna be real with y'all. Big wasn't no malicious dude like that. He wasn't no dude. Like, we move different in Brooklyn. Like, we. Yeah, we grimy as hell, but we don't have covert, grimy shit. This is how Brooklyn is. If we don't like you, you kind of know. Did y'all notice when I don't like people, I don't act like I like them? I just be like, nah, I don't like them. That's Brooklyn. We don't hang with you all day and then do something to you at night. We not hanging with you. We not hanging with you. That's just how Brooklyn move. So I know for a fact when Pac died, he cried. When he. When Pac got hit up, he cried. It really, really hurt him. And he didn't understand why he was being attacked in the situation. Again, maybe it was something that took place on Diddy side that he didn't know, and Pac maybe thought he knew. And you riding for him. Cause again, I'm going to go back to, against all odds, puffy getting played like a bitch. To hide that fact. He did some shit he shouldn't have did, so we riding for that. He never dissed Biggie in against all odds. Y'all don't find that peculiar? That he got this scathing diss record where he's dissing street guys who are dangerous, but he never diss his so called biggest rap adversary in this big song, but he diss the executive. He dissed the label owner. Y'all don't find something strange with that? Y'all don't find something strange with that? Y'all don't say, hmm? Why do you talk about puffing that record? Hmm? That told you right there. See, I think Pac was leaving breadcrumbs everywhere. But now the vibe interview. Pac was mad at the vibe interview, too, because at the end of it all, why was Puff so involved with these two? These two men with homeboys, they hung together. Why was you so involved with the vibe interview about you, Diddy? Cause he was mad as hell. When you look at Pac's rebuttal to the vibe interview, he was mad as hell at Puff again, you call him a thug and all that shit. He was mad as hell, I'm telling you. Big was so confused that he didn't understand, like fuck I do to this nigger. Respectfully, you know what I'm saying? Why was Diddy in the vibe? Why was see again with him being all in the. And I'm telling you, Pac and Big used to be together. I'm telling you. And big couldn't drive. He couldn't drive. So you would have to take him to meet with Pac. Let's see if my man. Hold on. Hold on 1 second. Hold on 1 second. I could call a homie. Damn. I don't got your number in this phone. Nope, it's in the other phone. I gotta, I gotta start going live with the other phone. But, um. Yeah, it's, uh, uh. It was a lot of lies, a lot of deceit that took place. And I think Tupac and Biggie was casualties of greed, jealousy and hatred. And them two young men lost their life and died as enemies when they were friends. Now let me tell y'all something about big. Big was very paranoid. Big was very paranoid. Big wouldn't come on my block down Fulton street because we was kind of wild. He was there for a couple of unfortunate incidents. Just being an innocent bystander. Let's just say that, um, so when he came to my crib, he would take Gates Avenue, call my house phone, yo, I'm coming to the crib. I ain't coming out foot and I'm going down gates. This is facts. You ask anybody, this is facts. Um, he didn't want to be around no danger. I didn't understand how the fuck was he in LA? Like, like, who convinced him to go to LA? Who? But now this truth start coming out. So if you watch my interview with Gene Dale, which you should rewatch a lot of times, there's a lot of breadcrumbs in there too. He didn't have no money, so he got Lord to Los Angeles to write Diddy album. Because remember, Diddy was supposed to be Biggie's first artist. Diddy was supposed to be Biggie's artist. Biggie was writing his album. So he went out there to write Diddy's album. Now, he was out there for a long time. Nobody knew that he was out there. He didn't really do press. He didn't go out. Listen, I know him personally. I know he's not gonna put himself in harm way. He, he's not gonna put himself in danger. He didn't even do it in the neighborhood. So you think he's gonna go to the backyard of somebody that he hates? He didn't hate him. Now, y'all don't find it peculiar? You don't find it peculiar that where your man got assassinated, you lived there? Why does Diddy live in LA? Why does he live in LA? When I go to Lake, I be like, damn. Kept my man out here. This still resonates with me. Like, damn, it kept my man out here. You moved out there. Oh, really? Yeah. I don't find that strange. You know who know a lot, they ain't said nothing lately. And I know you watch me, bro. Mace, we ain't doing no DM's. Mace, it's time. We don't care about no memoir. We don't care about no record. Mace, it's time for you to set the record straight. Cause you know something? You ain't really saying what you know. Mace, you still a bro. But, Mace, you know, Mace, you was there at the end of the aftermath to all of that, and you left. You left something spooked the shit out of you. And if you go back to 2015, you can look at my video and it says, diddy is foul. But always talking about, God, I did that in 2015. Everybody is giving you bits and pieces. And imagine if Gene Dale had been quiet. Really think about that. Because after a while, people's like, oh, I'm tired of this nigga talking about Diddy. Imagine if he had to stay quiet. He applied that pressure. He applied that pressure and revealed stuff that came to fruition. No Jaguar Wright shit. Gene Dill is the truth. And I've heard from people that was like, I never known him to be a liar. But imagine if he had stayed quiet. So do we care? Because again, we had conflict. We had conflicting thoughts. At one point, we was like, yo, why. Why they coming for him and all this? But then you start reading shit you like, yo, then you start putting shit together. Then you start putting shit together like, yo, hold up. Did you ever see my interview with Gene where he talks about BMF and Diddy? How did. How. What happened with Wolf? Y'all be missing a lot of shit sometimes, and I don't care. You know, respectfully, I know a lot of shit be going on. I know sometimes. But y'all listen when I do it, please. And I'm not even tooting my own horn. Just know doggie diamonds did this. Please pay attention, because when I do an interview, it ain't nobody rehash interview. I'm the first, right? And I'm going to extract information that's priceless and timeless. Priceless and timeless. Not sitting around rehashing people's story, not giving people credit. People sit down with me and respectfully, I think I know how to ask questions to extract information. Why? Jaguar ain't been telling nothing for decades. Please don't bring her up. Cause she's cap, seriously, let me explain something to you. A broke clock is right twice a day. What about the other 22 hours? So don't. Don't conflate her. Please don't put her with Gene. Gene was there and he's seen stuff, and he walked away. He was never fired. And I'm gonna make this about him. You know what I'm saying? I ain't gonna make this about him. But, um, I'd rather get somebody's firsthand account than somebody just sitting there talking that know how to talk with conviction. And I just want to have the conversation and knowing and why. Don't. Come on, man. Did the theatrics come on. Went to fucking acting school or something like that. I'm not, I'm not jacking that. I'm not jacking that. Let me get you the fuck up out of here, fam. But, um, me and James gonna do something again soon. Um, easy, mo b. Me and him, like I said, that's the big bro. Me and him, we might sit on the phone for like, two, 3 hours. The last time me and Mobi was on the phone, he was on the phone for like, two, 3 hours. And he said, yo, why you ain't put this on your show? And I was like, yo, I never thought about it. You know what I'm saying? I never thought about it. But I think more is going to come out soon. Oh, and Biggie was definitely leaving. Bad boy. Yo, let me, let me, let me give you all something too. Something to ponder really quick. Something to ponder. Biggie didn't want to do a bunch of albums. He didn't want to do that. If you look at his interview with Joe Clay on Rap City, he said he wanted to do a few more albums, write for junior mafia, get on the executive side. And he wanted to do a clothing line and open a restaurant. Please go look at that interview. When he passed away, who started a clothing line and opened a restaurant called Justin's in Manhattan? Who started Shawn John. Biggie already had Brooklyn, man, hold on, man. It. Hold on because y'all gonna piss me off. Not y'all, but you know what up, dolly pretty black. I'm live on YouTube right now. I gotta ask you a question for my audience. When wasn't Brooklyn Mint? Brooklyn Mint was before Sean John, right? [00:49:00] Speaker B: Yes, it was. [00:49:01] Speaker A: Okay. What year was y'all putting that together? [00:49:05] Speaker B: Oh, damn. Damn, she got me on that one. Oh, it was way before Sean John because um, this dude named Willie. You know, I used to hustle over on 27th in Broadway. You remember Rockman for Cambridge. [00:49:19] Speaker A: Right, right, right, right. [00:49:21] Speaker B: Yeah. I was also with him and dapper Dan over there. So me and Steph on fat brother. [00:49:25] Speaker A: Burger. [00:49:26] Speaker B: Burger, burger, yeah, me and Burger used to be going back and forth. So one time with the 7th street, I went up there. I see. Actually, this dude came off focal street. So he came with a van. He came by the barbershop on St. James and he had in the van somebody called D Rock and him, they came. So the nigga, he was trying to. He was from Manhattan, so the nigga was trying to sell that shit on the street. We took all the shit from him. So that's when I went to the joint and I was talking to Willie that used to do Brooklyn net. So then I started fucking with him. And I took. Me and Stephon went there. We took about 20 shirts. I came back five minutes later, he said, black, you saw all the shirts. That's when I had got down. When he was doing with Hill and them. [00:50:11] Speaker A: You said, who? Lauryn Hill? [00:50:13] Speaker B: Yeah, Laura Hill. He was doing the Fuji shit. [00:50:16] Speaker A: Fuji. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [00:50:18] Speaker B: But Brooklyn men was way before Sean John. Let me see what year this was. You caught me off guard. [00:50:23] Speaker A: No. [00:50:23] Speaker C: Why? [00:50:24] Speaker A: Black? Cause I'm live on YouTube and I'm telling people that Biggie idea was to have the restaurant and the clothing line. And the nigga puff stole that shit from him. [00:50:32] Speaker C: What happened? [00:50:32] Speaker B: Doggy, right? Buff took all big ideas because big was gonna have the big pop of restaurants. Yummy. He had the Brooklyn men. I still have stickers with Brooklyn. I still have the Brooklyn in banner, all that shit. But you know, puff came with just things or whatever you. [00:50:52] Speaker A: I mean, black. Listen, black, I'm gonna call you later. This is pretty black. This is one of the OG's of Fulton street. Black. Wish your arm ig. Give them your ig. [00:51:02] Speaker B: My instagram is pretty dot. Black dot tv. [00:51:06] Speaker A: Okay, I'll make sure that's in there. I am a call you later, black. Yeah. Facts. No, I told him that, but I said, let me call everybody in Brooklyn. [00:51:17] Speaker B: That got a boy, even tab. We was just talking about anybody that got a Brooklyn mixture. They got one for me. You know, they first started the basketball tournament. [00:51:26] Speaker A: Facts. Facts. [00:51:29] Speaker B: A lot of dudes is capping on the Internet. They don't. They don't even know, bro. [00:51:34] Speaker A: Listen, now, if y'all look at his pictures, a big with him and big. But this is. This is OG Fulton street. Right here. Like we. I'm a bring pretty black on a platform. We gonna talk, talk, talk. [00:51:46] Speaker B: Yeah, we gonna talk. The true story. I can't tell it at all, because, yo, doggy, I'm gonna tell you something, right? [00:51:54] Speaker A: Mm hmm. [00:51:55] Speaker B: They had. You remember doctor Dre at lover and Lisa G? [00:52:00] Speaker A: Yes. [00:52:01] Speaker B: Thing on the radio. What's up, y'all? What you got to say? Who on the mic with, at least? Andre. [00:52:05] Speaker A: Uh huh. So they. [00:52:06] Speaker B: They had this thing called hot night Jamaica. I was playing with the phone, and I want a ticket. So I went to Jamaica. The first one, they had this line, Ed, Jamaica. They don't have it no more. I didn't know Lisa G. Was a little skinny. [00:52:20] Speaker C: White. [00:52:20] Speaker B: Me, big ceeze. All of us was on the same plane, whatever it was. Patrick, Annie, camozzi, Rayvon. Missy Elliott wasn't even on again. Aaliyah, all of them. I think I have some photos and stuff. But now Brooklyn meant vignette, you know what I mean? That was in the makings. And he wanted the big pop of restaurants. But you noticed that puff had got. What's that? [00:52:45] Speaker A: It was Justin's. Justin's. Justin's. Yep. [00:52:47] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:52:47] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:52:48] Speaker B: So all that, he folded on him. You know what I mean? So, yeah, I would like to really do something with you, man, because it's a lot of things in the air. Some people got mad at Clark Kent, right? [00:53:00] Speaker A: Clark Kent told the truth. But I don't even want to bring that up. You're not. We gonna save that. Let's save that. Clark Kent told you black. [00:53:06] Speaker B: You know I got receipts, man. [00:53:08] Speaker A: Facts, facts, black. I'll call you later on. Peace. Yep. Aye. And let me tell you what his name is in my phone. Everybody know who pretty black is from Fulton Street. Little Kim was getting the clothes. He. Listen, all. All listen. All I gotta do is go through the phone and call people. I'm telling you, I was there. I was just younger than everybody. You know what I'm saying? But I was there. Outside. Outside. Now I just call him randomly. I just call him randomly. Look at my baby, Zuri. I just call him randomly. Yo. That's all I wanted to say. Groovy Styles wasn't even. Didn't even have nothing to do with none of that. He was wearing stuff just like they was wearing walk away. They was wearing a bunch of stuff. But, um. Yeah, that's. That's pretty black. Um, a first pin comment. Matter of fact, let me find his own. His Instagram, cuz. Y'all gotta fuck, cuz. He got all the pictures. He got all the pictures. A lot of them pictures y'all be seeing, um, that y'all be seeing on a lot of these, uh, on these. Here we go. Here we go. I show y'all his. When you follow him, tell him that I sent you the OG right here. Look pretty black. This is Nelda. Rest in peace to Nelda. Him and jadakiss. Any of these old pictures that you be seeing on stuff. Look, here we go right here. Throwback Thursday. Sleep in peace. Big. Them chumps came after the fame. That's him. And big, big had on Carl Kanai right there. So I'm a call people that could real. If I look at the old pictures. Nelda was a staple in our neighborhood. She was the original before little Kim fly getting money, jewelry, that was Nelda. Rest in peace to Nelda. So a lot of people be capping, and a lot of people be talking this, that, and the third, they be lying. Oh, you seen him a video? Where? Hey, that's the hood a. We. We all. Listen, we all from the same neighborhood. All of us. You know, I'm saying all of us from the same neighborhood. So, I mean, a boy, y'all, tonight. But I wasn't even gonna go live. I got coached into going live tonight, no pun intended. And, um, I just had to give y'all some of this truth because, uh, uh, Nelda is in brunch. Damn. Mister Warbucks, who the hell are you? You gotta. I don't know who you are. She is in runs house video. Mister Warbucks, you from around the way? You just said Nelda was in runs house video. You gotta be somebody from around the way. I knew big when he was fat Chris. Yes, definitely. It was. Well, it was three Chris in the hood, right? We had country Chris, who was from out of town, who's locked up right now. We had another dude named Chris that lived on my block. Okay, here we go. Pretty black just sent me that. Anyway, so he said, um. He said, um. He sent me that, bro. So we had three Chris. We had country Chris. We had another dude named Chris who lived on my block. When he talked, he used to have, like, mad saliva in his mouth. So we called him slobbermouth Chris. And then we had fat Chris. It was three Chris's. That's how we differentiate them. Cause it was three of them. We got country Chris, slobbermouth Chris, and Fat Chris. Hold on now. I'm gonna call somebody else random real quick. Watch this. Watch this. Yeah, I know all I'm doing is finding the number. I could show you at the same time. I'm not texting nobody. I'm just finding the number. Hopefully you pick up. He probably sleep. Got work in the morning. Yo, I'm live on YouTube. So we had three. How many Chris has we had in the neighborhood? I just told you dance, but you already know. [00:59:07] Speaker C: Yeah, three. Fat Chris, country Chris, and slobbermouth Chris. [00:59:12] Speaker A: I'm live on YouTube. I just told them that. But see, you know, it's so many liars that I be calling people live to verify what I be saying. Cause I don't. You know, we don't lie. But I just like to do that just for. Because I just called pretty black live, and he was like, puffy stole all the biggie ideas, but I had told them that. And, you know, I don't really speak to pretty black all the time. And he said that live on the camera. [00:59:37] Speaker C: Right. [00:59:37] Speaker A: You know what I'm saying? So he was like the Brooklyn mint in the restaurant thing. Big already wanted to do the restaurant and all of that, so Puffy stole all them ideas from him. But, yeah, we had three Chris and. And. And who was who name who the Chris is, was. [00:59:57] Speaker C: Chris was awful. Waverly. [01:00:00] Speaker A: Mm hmm. [01:00:01] Speaker C: Country Chris. I forgot what block country Chris was from. But he used to hang on Waverly. In fact, Chris was from St. James, but hung out on Waverly because everybody used to be on wavelength. [01:00:11] Speaker A: So fat Chris became who? Biggie slobber. Oh, Chris lived down the block on a member. He lived on. Yeah. Oh, you know Parker. Exactly. We go. You go by the name Parker? [01:00:26] Speaker C: Yeah, we call them Parker now. And Country Chris is still locked up. Ot says, like the eighties. [01:00:34] Speaker A: Right, right. [01:00:37] Speaker C: Yeah, I mean, that's the story. I mean, I don't know how folks could doubt it when you got so much evidence. You got Kim saying that the very first time she ever said a rap was in your crib. First time she ever recorded was with you. Then you also have the picture that everybody see of big, and only they cropped out. But you're in the picture, right? You're in the picture. It's Big Oli. You sue, J. Nino, Tucker, a few other. [01:01:09] Speaker A: Damn. Well, then a lot of them is deceased. Damn, I didn't realize Tucker was in there. [01:01:14] Speaker C: Yeah, that's Tucker crouching down in the army fatigue in green. Green army jacket. [01:01:21] Speaker A: And Honey man said he took the picture. Honey man told me he took that picture. [01:01:27] Speaker C: Okay. [01:01:28] Speaker A: Yeah. Honey man was like, yo, I'm the one who took the picture. [01:01:30] Speaker C: Only big brother, right? [01:01:31] Speaker A: Only big brother. So missing you. Only that he talked about his man. Oh, that's only. He's in that picture, too. [01:01:39] Speaker C: So if y'all don't tell documentary, I like the relationship between big and old, right? [01:01:45] Speaker A: And if y'all don't know, Tad has a podcast called the OG Wisdom podcast that's on YouTube as well. And his podcast partner is see gutter. So if y'all don't think the real see gutter. So if y'all don't think we all intertwine, y'all are crazy. So again, I'm not going to get up on hand cap, but we going dispel a lot of stuff that a lot of people been saying. Cause it's gonna. It's definitely. It's definitely gonna happen. You know what I'm saying? And you told a story how you said, I was in the little room, and I told. You said, I told you everything that I was going through. How old was I? [01:02:25] Speaker C: I don't know, about 1516. I don't know. It's teenagers then. [01:02:32] Speaker A: Cause everybody don't be. They be saying, I'm 50 years old, but I'd be trying to tell everybody younger than everybody. Like, I'm the. I am the youngest. I am the youngest. [01:02:42] Speaker C: You know what's so funny? I saw somebody recently, and he was like, yo, I didn't know doggie was a fam. I said, y'all keep forgetting he's younger than me, right? He's younger than me. I said, and when we was wild and he was in the studio. [01:03:01] Speaker A: Yep. [01:03:02] Speaker C: I said, he was. He was honed in the craft, you know? And I think people miss the value of that, because as everybody get older, they look at their life like, damn, where did the time go? But, I mean, your credential, your cultural impact on the whole joint should speak volumes, right? Because it ain't cat. You was there, right? Came it through the door with track masters, right? Like, literally 15. Most people don't even know what track masters look like, right? [01:03:33] Speaker A: And I would. And I tell people it's for them, right? Hold up. Who put the studio. Who put my studio together? [01:03:42] Speaker C: It was. It wasn't tone. It was, um. Was it Frankie or. [01:03:46] Speaker A: It was. Both of them was Frankie and Poki, right? [01:03:49] Speaker C: Franken Pole. [01:03:50] Speaker A: And what pope, what poke had on him that twisted us. [01:03:53] Speaker C: Yo, he had the thing on his way. He's like, hold on. Yo, you police. [01:03:57] Speaker A: Word. [01:03:58] Speaker C: So I was like, nah. He said, yo, I got this legit. He said, once you own the business, and carry a certain amount of money you can get a license to carry. [01:04:07] Speaker A: Right. [01:04:08] Speaker C: It's like, wow. We didn't know that. [01:04:09] Speaker A: And this is. That's 94. Yeah, that's 94. [01:04:13] Speaker C: Yeah, we. No, I think it was. [01:04:15] Speaker A: Was it 93? It was 90. It was 90, yeah, it was. Yeah, it was 993. [01:04:20] Speaker C: Yeah. Like 92. 93. Yeah. [01:04:23] Speaker A: Now, now tell the. Tell the people, if you can, what was big coming to the crib before I had the studio, what was I doing for him? [01:04:34] Speaker C: Cutting on the two. He came when you got the twelve hundreds prepared. 1200 techniques. Twelves. And look, this is before he even had a deal. Cause we just knew he was gonna be big. Cause when you was cutting, the way he was saying this shit is dope. Was he just had that rhythm. I mean, the world finally got to see what we saw and grew up with. [01:04:57] Speaker A: Right. [01:04:58] Speaker C: Talent that he had. When you was taking him to shows. [01:05:02] Speaker A: I just told him that earlier. I said, the limbo used to come get me and I used to go get him. [01:05:08] Speaker C: I mean, Nino can attest to that. Nino Brown could attest to that. [01:05:11] Speaker A: This is what I'm saying. [01:05:12] Speaker C: Because a lot of people don't know. As silent as he is, he was there for everything. [01:05:16] Speaker A: He was there for everything. [01:05:17] Speaker C: Look, big said, ask Nino. He know. [01:05:20] Speaker A: Yep, yep. You know, but I know you gotta. You gotta get up in the morning and shit on my. Holla at you later on. [01:05:27] Speaker C: No doubt. [01:05:28] Speaker A: All right, later on. So if y'all don't know, that's my first cousin. Born and raised, innocent, black. Still. Damn, I started pretty black. He gonna be talking to me all night now. But pretty black gonna hit me with all these receipts. He gonna hit me with all these receipts. That's Brooklyn men again. He had everything. You know what I'm saying? I was on the block. I was there on the block when he met Pac. That's what pretty black is telling me. When he met Pac. Because I told y'all, my man Henny Lokes brought him through. That simple. Yeah. So, um. I ain't y'all, man. I ain't mean to keep y'all all night and tell y'all these long stories. But I need to do a documentary myself. Cause I got a lot of stories. But it's good stories, some bad stories, some horror stories. But I was there as a little kid there. You know what I'm saying? Like, I was really, really there. And I do this from time to time. To separate myself, to differentiate me from other people. Because, you know, a lot of people could sit in this space and do this. But I was really there. And I ain't got no horror stories where anybody accosted me or did anything to me. I was just there wiling as a little dude, you know what I'm saying? I was there. So I seen the beginning of everybody's career, especially foxy Brown, Lil Kim. I was there. Biggie Junior mafia tech used to come to my crib every day. Tech introduced me to resident evil, rest in peace. My brother Shawn Price was in the crib. Agalar was there. Hold on, let me see if I got agalar number, and I ain't gonna call him. But again, you know, I'm saying, um. That's it, man. Just know doggy Domus did this. I'm not some youtuber. I'm not some. Just some guy on YouTube. I create content. This is content. Please share this video. Please hit the like button. Please go look at a lot of the old, older videos. Just scroll through and then look at the videos that I just released. And I'm releasing more. I got eight more. Aa Rashid. I just put up a spado video. I got little Kim in the hood. I got Nori, me and nor. Look, I'm telling y'all, like, what I'm doing, just ride with me. Just. Just enjoy this journey, because I'm going to be able to really, really document and show you stuff from the culture. You know what I'm saying? Now, I didn't know no Rochelle, that she lived on Fulton in the eighties. Dated Oliver. Only one I knew Rochelle was my aunt Rochelle. She had a brother, my uncle Junie, and her grandmother, Miss Wilcher, and my cousin will. That's the only rochelle I knew from the hood, you know what I'm saying? So if y'all could get them likes up, we had over 900 people in the room. I am Fulton street to the core. Waverly and Fulton, with political ties with Staten island as well. That's why I was able to shoot the Winter War video. That's why I did the milk the cow video, and that's why I got a lot of Wu Tang content coming soon. As you can see with this tape, say, you can see what that say. This is a mini Dv. You put it in the camera and you put it on the thing. So, yo, it's a lot going on, man. Everybody who sent me a super chat, I appreciate you. Everybody sent me a cash app. I appreciate you. This is very impromptu, live. The methadone clinic is almost my block. The methadone clinic is right there. Waverly and Fulton. I didn't know Dexter. Isaac is an OG. I didn't know Dexter, but he did live in. He is. He was in the hood, but I didn't know him because some of them are older. Like I said, I'm the youngest. You know what I'm saying? I'm the youngest. So I was around a fly on a wall. Pretty black is pretty black. Might be in his sixties. Tad is in his fifties. I'm the youngest. You know what I'm saying? I was just the youngest dude who was always in the studio. And when they was wild and I would come out and wild out and go back in the studio. But my thing was to practice on the turntables every day. That's what I did every day. Hold on, let me see something else. That's what I did every day. I just practice on the turntable, you know what I'm saying? That's why I'm here today. That's why I'm able to document the culture and I respect the people who came before me. Like Ralph McDaniels. I always praise and show Ralph McDaniels love and a lot of respect. Because although we don't do the same thing, he inspired what I do. I just was able to do it digitally, you know what I'm saying? So, yeah, I'm not. These dudes is way older than me. And I don't know, again, because maybe I've been around so long, maybe because my soul is old, people be like, yo, ain't you like, 50 something? No, I'm actually not. No, I am the youngest. You know, I'm saying, I am the youngest. So, um, I appreciate y'all, man. Make sure you, uh, shop doggy diamonds. Tv is the merch. I'm working on a lot of stuff. Please bear with me. I'm putting out content like this every day. So if you not subscribe, make sure you subscribe. Make sure you, um. I see the subscribers going back up. Everything is, you know, everything is looking great. So I appreciate y'all, man. I appreciate y'all. I can't say it enough how much I appreciate y'all. And, um, thank you, Tori and, um, Howard. Thank you. You know I'm saying? And, um, that's what it is, man. Yo, I don't even know what else to say. Um. I just want to hear my intro beat one more time, too. Could. If I could, one more time. I love this. Hold on, hold on. I just had to hear that. This may be a couple of bars. Gotta subscribe make sure you subscribe. And remember, doggie Diamonds did this. Hit the like button. Make sure you subscribe. This is doggie diamonds, man. If you appreciate what I do, if you appreciate how long I've been in the culture, giving you culture, giving you quality interviews, please support. Remember, a lot of these dudes are carbon copy. I don't have to disrespect nobody. The proof is in the pudding. You know what I'm saying? I'm really of this, really from this. You know what I'm saying? So, yeah, I come from the turntables. Remember he said I was in the crib on the turntables? You know, I'm saying, I was always on the t. I was always. That's where I come from. Thank you, Henry Blanco. That's. That's Henry Blanco. If y'all don't know, he used to always be in the room. Thank you, bro. You know, I'm saying, for support of my independent voice. So I got a go. Let me get back to editing. I could show y'all this. This is what I was doing on the other screen. So let me show y'all something really quick. This is the other screen. This is the nori content that I had. So I was here, you know, I got to put the logos. I got a change. I did a new intro for y'all. This is the new intro. I just did this. This is the new intro. That's the new intro. Of course. This outro is different, though. I want y'all to know that this outro is different. The beat is different. I used a different part of the beat for the outro. So check this out real quick. So I'm sitting here, as you can see, all of this. I'm lining all. I gotta line all this up. So I'm actually here editing. And then you can see I did the artwork for today. You know, I'm saying, this is the artwork that I did. So I'm here on photoshop, also on Sony Vegas editing, and then I'm on the program going live for y'all. So again, yo, I work, work, work, work very, very hard to make this happen. So again, and I do all my own graphics. You can see me on photoshop. You can see me doing a lot of stuff. You know what I'm saying? So, um. Yeah, I work a lot and I work hard. I walk 4 miles today. I'm at, um. Let me see. Let me tell you how many steps I did today. Oh, I did 11,000. Hold on, let me see if I could show you. And I had to take the watch off for a little while because I got a shower, of course. So, man, yeah, I did 11,700 steps today. You know, I'm saying I walked. So, yeah, I don't be playing. I'm not playing. I didn't come here to play. So sometimes when you see me being serious a lot, I like to do things in just. But I don't be playing. This is serious business. I take this serious. And you could tell in my output, in my work, I take this serious. So let me get back to editing. Make sure you follow me on all social media. Make sure you follow the doggie diamonds tv Instagram page. A lot of stuff going on there. Doggie Diamonds TV Instagram page, yo. Yeah, that's it. I'm out. Until next time.

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