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Foxy Brown Key Witness In Tupac Last Night In Las Vegas

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Foxy Brown Key Witness In Tupac Last Night In Las Vegas
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Foxy Brown Key Witness In Tupac Last Night In Las Vegas

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Welcome to Doggie Diamonds TV, your go-to source for unfiltered hip-hop commentary and groundbreaking news! In this episode, we dive into the shocking revelation that Foxy Brown might be a key witness in the Keefe D Las Vegas trial regarding Tupac's untimely demise. Join Doggie Diamonds as he breaks down the details and implications of this unexpected development in one of hip-hop's most notorious cases. Tune in as Doggie Diamonds covers: Foxy Brown's alleged involvement as a witness. The latest updates on the Keefe D trial. The historical context of Tupac's demise and its impact on hip-hop culture. Expert analysis and insights from Doggie Diamonds Don't miss this explosive episode that uncovers the layers of intrigue and controversy surrounding Tupac's case. Watch, comment, and subscribe to stay updated on all the latest hip-hop news and exclusive interviews!

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: What's up, everybody? You already know I got on Pamela Lee. I see. You know I already got on the Tupac hat. We got Coley in the building. What's up, Rob C. In the building. No, I. In the sun. Coley Nicole. Yeah, listen. So, you know I got on Tupac Hat. So we going, you know, whenever this hat come on, it's gonna get crazy. So what's up, everybody? I wasn't gonna go live today. I had a lot going on. But I was like, you know what? Y'all ain't been on yesterday. I think the last time I was on was. I don't even know. So I was like, let me go on, talk really quick. Let y'all know some stuff. I gotta refresh. Of course, at a certain time of the stream, it makes me refresh. I don't know why I gotta ask YouTube why that happens, but I guess they'll tell me one day why at a certain time in the stream, I have to refresh. So that's what I did. Because I don't see myself going, like, being live at the same time. So I don't know what's happening. So the live stream didn't shut down for some reason. It just freezes at a certain time. So I have to fix it. But we good. So. Okay, this is a deep dive. Okay. I'm gonna put some pieces to the puzzle together to let y'all know what's going on. You know, I like to go show y'all. Just refresh our screen. Just refresh. Because I have to refresh, too. I don't know why. I'm gonna figure that out, why that happens. So just hit refresh. I'm still here, y'all. So Angie Dickerson in the building. We have Tisha in the building, we have TK. Oh, no. TKC. See, when I try to read with these shades on, it's not a good look. But I gotta put these shades on cuz they just be too bright in here. That's why the stream looks so crispy. I need the lights. I. Let me be quiet. Let me get to what I gotta get to, cuz I ain't really getting to it, but I need them likes to go up. There's a few people in here, and the likes ain't liking, you know what I'm saying? I need y'all to like it. All right, so scrolling the Internet, looking for something to cover some hip hop talk. So I came across this article on hip hop DX. So I'm gonna read it to you. And then I'm gonna put some pieces together for y'all. Then I'm gonna get the hell up out of here. I so according to hip hop, DX, and other news outlets on the Internet, Foxy Brown reportedly eyed as key witness in Tupac an alive trial Foxy Brown is reportedly being eyed as a key witness in Tupac's an alive trial later this year. According to the US sun, prosecutors want Foxy to act as a witness in the case, as they believe she can provide evidence that Keefie D was in Las Vegas the night of the rap legends unaliving, something he denies. See, first he bragged about it, then when it got spooky for him. Now he's denying that he did it. He's denying he was even in Las Vegas that night. So that's his defense. Keefe real name Dwayne Davis, has claimed that there is no proof that he was in Las Vegas on September 7, 1990, 1996. But according to the publication, the Clark County District attorney office is building a list of witnesses they believe can prove that the former Crip was in Sin City. See, first he was clout chasing, bragging, then when he got nabbed for it. Now he's saying, I was just playing, see what clout chasing get you. Anyway, Foxy allegedly saw Keefie Djdeh in Vegas and even interacted with him before Tupac's, unfortunately, later that night. Keefie D has previously copped to meeting Foxy on the night that Tupac was unalive. In his book Compton street legend. He wrote this in the book. He has a book called Compton Street Legend, but has since claimed that anything he boasted about the late rappers unaliving was false. In his autobiography, he wrote, as I walked up to the driver's side window, I noticed that the rapper Foxy brown was in the car with Zip. Eric Vaughn. Zip is the same person, but everybody calls him Zipp, so he remember that name. So he instructed her to step out of the car and motion for me to jump in. Zipp had a hidden compartment that he opened up, reached in and pulled a black 40 glock out. He turned to me and said, it's time to get this money. Zipp handed me a 17 shot, which I promptly put down the back waist of my pants. I hopped out the car, held the door open for Foxy to get back in, closed the door, and they pulled off. Prosecutors are now alleging speaking with Foxy in attempt to convince her to testify at the trial. QVD trial for the Tupac was originally set to begin last week, but now has been delayed until November 4. The delay is a result of Keefie D's new lawyer asking for more time to go over all the discovery materials related to the case. So why is this important now? I want you to go right here. I'm going to go right here, and I'm going to tell you why this is important. In his biography, he wrote, as I walked up to the driver's side window, I noticed that the rapper Foxy brown was in the car with Eric Vaughn Zipp. So he instructed her to step out of the car and motion for me to jump in. Why is that important? I'm going to tell you why that's important right now. That's important because his name was allegedly tied. Zip, that is, was allegedly tied to the person that Puffy paid to make this happen. Diddy. That is. That's the diddy tie to all of the Tupac situation in Keefie D. It was via zip. This is not what I'm saying. This is all public information. How I'm going to put it out for public information, it's already out there. So, as you know, as you know, with my interview with Gene Deal, originally, when I originally did the interview, before he went anywhere else, he said, I saw the check that was paid for the Tupac hit and who got paid for it in this interview, you can go back and look at this on doggy Diamonds tv. This was four years ago. I did this in this interview. He never said the name. I kind of didn't want to know the name. I didn't want that on my platform, like saying the name like that. Who got paid for that? Because I didn't want to be called in for no witness or nothing like that, or, you know, any footage getting confiscated. I just was just thinking ahead. I think stuff like that actually happens. So after I did this, this went very, very viral. Still going viral now to this day. I saw the check that was paid for the two pocket. And who got paid for it? He didn't say the name, and I didn't ask him who, who it was. Again, I did not want to know. That's just, you saw the check. Like, who gets paid in the check? But he explained why it was a check because some people were saying, who gets paid for the check? This is when I was doing the interviews in the Viacom building. The Viacom building houses bt MTV. And I think vh one soul, I was in the building. This one, I used to do my show in there. So after this went out. You know, my number one fan did an interview with him later on, and this two years ago. Now you can see. Hold on, hold on. Let's. Let's. Let's make this plain, because people be thinking they won't be. Be wanting to give me my credit for innovating stuff. This was four years ago. As you can see down here. This was two years ago. Gene deal on seeing Aaron Eric von Zip with the $1 million check, allegedly for the Tupac unalive. So in this interview, he disclosed that he saw the million dollar check and who got it. So this is why this is deep. So in with my interview, he said he saw the check four years ago, but then when he did an interview with the little homie, he admitted who got the check, and it was a million dollar check. Now, what makes that deep is because in many situations, Keefie D. Said he got paid a million dollars or was allegedly supposed to get paid $1 million for the situation, but he didn't get paid. And Zip allegedly debted them on the bread. Zip allegedly debted them on the bread. So what had happened was, this is all public record. This is nothing. I'm making up no jaguar wright stuff, no speculation. You can watch the interviews for yourself, and all the information is out there. What happened was when people do stuff, they'll pay you this, but this is for that. But I'll put it under this. So this is the case. What happened. So when he said he saw the check, he saw the check. But from what was said, zip debted them on the check. He never gave them the money. He never gave Keefie d and them the money. He debted them, which is what this war was said. So Foxy Brown being there, I can't say she was there. I can't say she wasn't there. But he says she was there. So I just find it ironic that he says she was there vividly. Like foxy brown. Out of all people, why would Foxy be in Vegas with Zip? Well, everybody in New York, we all know each other. Zip was a major player in New York, you know what I'm saying? On the streets. So the probability of her being out there with him, you know, who knows? But for him to be so vivid that the particular unaliving weapon was given to him that day, and he recalls her being there, you just don't make something like that up. You know what I'm saying? That's like, yo, man, I was over there. I was about to do this interview, and I had to duff this dude. And nard war was there. And you be like, nardois, huh? Why would nard war be there? You know what I'm saying? So what happened was. What had happened was. I gotta stop saying what happened was. So there's also something out there called unalive rapid, right under live rap, where Keefe explains it. Cause this man has been talking for years. I just think people thought he was capping, but he was telling stuff. And a lot of people was documenting it and talking about it, but we thought he was capping until they picked him up. So they not gonna pick him up unless they have evidence. And one of the biggest things that they was using for evidence was his own big ass mouth. He wrote about it. He was in documentaries, he did the art of dialogue, he did Vlad, he did all these interviews and he kept reiterating it. So again, I can't see him saying Foxy Brown, like, you know, respectfully, we haven't seen her in years. She hasn't put out music in years. If you go to her social media, she doesn't post pictures of herself. She's not at event, she's not on the scene. So just for him to just pick her name out the hat, you, you be the judge, you decide whether it's believable or not. And then for him to be so vivid that she was in the whip with him, he told her to get out. And then he told handed me to burn him was like, yo, time to get this money. So Sony Piper said, what was foxy? What was Foxy doing out there? I mean, we traveled. It was the mic, remember, this was the night of the Mike Tyson fight. Mike Tyson, Bruce Selden. So everybody was in town. This is Mike back for the heavyweight championship. We from Brooklyn, so everybody was in town for the Mike Tyson fight. This is Las Vegas. So it's not like she was out there chilling, you know what I'm saying? It ain't like she was out there. So, um, it, you know, it happened. And one thing I'm going to say, I will never call Gene a liar. You know, I'm saying, I don't. I don't know Gene to lie. I'm gonna be real with you. I don't know him to lie. I've had conversations with Gene on the camera. Oh, stop repeating myself. You ain't got to worry about it because I don't even like your name anyway. Your name is stupid. Get that person out of here. Type that. Um. I don't know Gene to be a liar. I've had private conversations with Gene and I've had public conversations with Gene, and I can't say that he's lying about anything. I can't say he's lying. And I know people who know him that would have said, yo, he a liar. That said, nah, I don't know him to be a liar. So, um, I can't say he's lying. You know what I'm saying? I can't. I can't. I can't say he's like, you'll get. You gotta go, too. You gotta go, too. Cause you. You talk a lot of stupid shit. Get that Carrie individual out of here, too. So the reason why I talk about this stuff, because it's in the news. Um, and, you know, it's funny, um, a lot of times when we speak, or some of us speak, they come down and they talk about, oh, you talking about this again? Yo, it's in the news. I'm not. I didn't just make this up. I didn't just come up one day and say, oh, let me talk about this. Let me just fabricate stuff. No, these are new, uh, uh, uh, these are new occurrences that's happening with this situation. So her being wanted as a witness is crazy. It's just. It's just crazy at me. Crazy to me. So I feel like, um, she could vindicate him or she could come there and say, yo, I saw him there. Now, the deep thing about it all is, um, zip is deceased, so he can't be called for nothing. Zip is deceased, so his name was going to be thrown around, and he can't be held accountable for anything. Or, you know, it's nothing that could happen. Thank you. Lacan, jitter. Lace and jittle. Jason little. I love. Yo, I used to talk. I used to talk backwards. So I love the name lace and jittery. I love that. I used to be, like, potty skipping. That's all. Notice topic, you know? But anyway, um, yeah, so, um, the probability of her being out there could have been possible because it was the Mike Tyson. Bruce seldom fight. This is. Mike Tyson is fighting for the. For the championship again against. And that's like that fight. You remember, the Bruce Selden fight? Like, Bruce Selden took a dive or whatever. I ain't even. Anyway, so she could have been out there. Zip was a major player in New York City and around the globe, as we find out, he was a major player. And all the players was in Las Vegas. Everybody's. That's how it happened to Tupac. Everybody was at the hotel, everybody was at the. I think it was at the MGM granddaddez big ass hotel. This is Mike Tyson. And it was, yeah. So everybody's gonna be there, so don't be surprised if more names was there. And the weird thing about this situation also, and we got to think about this, and this is why this is a hard case to solve, to try and all that, because so many players in the situation of the tupac thing are deceased. Of course, Tupac is deceased, right. Zip is deceased. Gaddafi is deceased. So Gaddafi was a witness. He's deceased. Tupac is deceased. And Zip was. Is getting blamed for a lot of his disease. And one thing that tripped me out about the whole zip situation is that how they started talking and bringing his name up after he passed away, though. But his name was brought up a long time ago though, too. It was an article written by somebody and they described all of these exact things that happened. Cause I think Keefie d just been talking for a long time. And what y'all gotta understand too, a lot of times, a lot of times these dudes talk because interviews became their way of making money. So Keefie Djdehdeh, I was supposed to do an interview with him before because I have his book, but he wanted to charge me. I don't pay for interviews. I'm just be real with you. I refuse to pay people for interviews. I refuse to pay people for interviews. I think, um, it messes up the integrity because I feel like when you pay people, sometimes they liable to say anything because you paid them, you know, so that's why you get them, you know, them Jaguar wright fabulous stories and Orlando Browns and all that. Because they get, this is how they earn their income. So if they don't have a story, if they don't have something new to reveal or act like they exposing something, how are they gonna earn their income? So I don't. I won't pay for an interview. That's just me personally, for those who do that, do it. You know what I'm saying? People like mess. People don't really care about the integrities, the truth of the matter. They just want clicks views and a story. So people are pay, I just won't pay. You know what I'm saying? Because one thing you're not going to do, you're not going to sit before me as a custody. And I just paid you mad bread and you just sitting there saying anything. You, you like Jaguar saying, oh, I did this. I did. Oh, I saw this and said, no, you didn't you know, so, um, I me, maybe I have too much integrity when it comes to this. Maybe I should just get my views on Jaguar. Don't be correct. I'll say this again. She's don't be correct. It's a lot of stories. This is what y'all gotta understand, right? It's a lot of stories that are on the Internet that might not have, you might not have heard it. Some stories have been said so much that if anybody can sit before you and say, I heard, and it would sound like the truth because the story is out there. But many people be talking from the firsthand accord like they know they was there and they be lying. And Jaguar is one of them. I mean, it's just the truth. We all could speculate. We all could say this is happening. We all could say this is gonna happen. I mean, according to her, Jay Z has something to do with Big L's demise. Like, it's just, again, a broke clock is right twice a day. So at the time you look at the clock, it might be the correct time. You could say, what time is it? You look up at the clock, it's 12:00 a.m. and you can ask somebody passing, they said, it's 12:00 a.m. so the clock is right. But if you don't pay attention and then you go look back at another 12 hours, it's 12:00 p.m. the clock is right. But what about the other 22 hours? So what happens is people start conflating stories based off of you looking at them, their track record of being right. So now you start thinking everything they say is right and people be capping. And I'm telling you, people be capping. So that's why I don't interview them. That's why I don't want them on my platform. Because it ruins my credibility for having a liardeh on my platform. And I pride myself on having credible, you know what I'm saying? I having credibility. And I pride myself on giving y'all the truth. I don't pride myself on just getting on here, just chatting because it sound good. I don't pride myself on just giving you a story. That's why when I do my lives, a lot of times I go to sources. A lot of times I read. I read with these damn shades off. Be fumbling. But I like to show you where I'm getting it from. I can't say I heard it because that's when it's gossip. It's not gossip when I'm actually reporting. So according to what journalism is, it's reporting from a source. If a person didn't see it firsthand, then you can't report what you heard or what you think if you don't have a source. That's why I read things to y'all every night, you know, that's why I say according to such and such. You know, I use hip hop DX a lot as a source because I like. I like the website, so that's why I go to the source. So that's why I do that a lot of times. So every time you notice I do a live, if I'm not just talking and just, you know, talking, you know, about street stuff, I go to a source, I say, well, this is what this said. So a lot of times people will be like, oh, you're talking about this again. No, I'm not talking about this again. They're talking about this again. This is in the news. And because you didn't see it, it's not me bringing it up, but people see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear. And sometimes people want everything from everybody, but they just don't want it from you. So anybody can do what I'm doing, and they'll accept it, but because it's you, they'll be like, oh, nah. So that's why. That's why I read stuff. I try to give y'all the source. You could look it up for yourself. Because I don't ever want to say something to y'all. And y'all be just sitting there like, where is he getting this from? No, this is where I'm getting it from. Cause I didn't notice. Just like y'all didn't know that. I was surprised, just like y'all. So I'm like, damn. Foxy brown, tupac, Las Vegas, zip. What the hell is going on? So that's why I'll go to sources, incite sources. And it's not only, um. And see, when you do a deep dive and you look at sources, it's not there. This is from here. You know, it's. It's all over. And the funniest thing, we don't look at, um, print magazines, and we don't look at websites no more. We look at Twitter and we look at Instagram and we look at Facebook. So if it's not on one of those outlets, we don't see it, but it's all over. I could put Foxy brown tupac in the search, and it's going to come up on the source. It's going to be on all over. But how often do we visit them sites? So sometimes people think I just got up and just made something up. No, I go through the Internet. I don't just look at X as my source, or I Facebook as my source, or Instagram is my source. I don't follow the shade room. I don't know what's on the shade room because a lot of those outlets don't really have a lot of credibility to me, you know what I'm saying? And they're doing this, they're just compiling everything in one space. Me, I look all over the Internet when I'm looking for stuff to talk about, and when I don't have nothing to talk about, I just won't talk. I wish that won't come online because I don't want to waste your time and be wasting my time as well. So that's why I'll go through different sites. You know what I'm saying? I'll go through here. Go through here. Because even respond, keep going back here. I don't know why I keep going back here, but I just want to. I just want to have y'all understand. Even this is on hip hop DX. Reason why I know this is here because this is my favorite site. I go to this site every day. But according to the US sun, right? So they're using the us sun as their source. But I have to say, according to hip hop DX, because I'm using them as my source. So this is called citing your sources. If you can't source up, if you can't source up, don't say nothing. They got a thing with signed in them channel. They be like, source up or shut up. But they didn't say shut up. They say, shut the f up. So according to the sun. But look, this goes deeper into, if you look at the sun, they, when you see things in blue, this is the source of where they getting it from. So why is, why, why is taking so long for justice in the Tupac case? So they break this down. You know what I'm saying? So it's a lot of reporting, but I know people don't like to read. People don't like. He wrote that Foxy Brown was present. Oh, okay. He wrote that Foxy Brown was present during the meeting with the now deceased New York City socialite and party planner Eric Zipp Martin. But he was called von Zip. And he goes into, so this is the source. So he said in this chapter, it's in the book. The main event, Davis wrote that he met Martin, who was with foxy Brown inside of a high end Mercedes Benz. While not specified about the location, it appears that the meeting happened at the MGM grand casino, close to the valet drop off. So when you look at this, this is very detailed. So for him to have these details like this, he's either telling the truth or he's one of the greatest fucking liars of all time. Either or. Cuz he got details. You hear what I'm saying? He's saying the car they was in and everything, you know? And, um, like I said, foxy brown, out of all the names you could pick up, like, yeah, man, I was there with foxy Brown. So that's why it's important to cite your sources. That's why when I see people say stuff, when I see people do stuff, I be like, yo, they capping? Because you can't say where you getting it from? And a lot of stuff on the Internet. I just want y'all to know this is very important. So when you see me calling somebody a liar, that's why I be saying they're lying. Because they can't tell you the source of anything. And then they act like they were there, but they wasn't even there. It's so many rumors and gossip and so much stuff on the Internet. Again, I know people who argue with me. I had somebody arguing with me today about little Kim when I said, that's my childhood friend. You're a fan? You're talking about my somebody that I know. No, no, no. Like Inga. I mean, foxy brown. I. No, no, no. These people. So again, I'm not gonna just sit here and say, I heard. I think I'd be like, no, I know certain things about people, and there's a lot of stuff on the Internet that I don't even indulge because I don't break people. Trust me, knowing them and everything is not for the Internet. Listen, let me tell y'all something. The stuff I know about people. Whoa. If I was on that type of time, I've never been on that type of time. I've never been the type of person that'll sit here and tell people's secrets and what I know or who was sleeping with who, who did this to somebody in the street. I've never done that. That's not what I do. But I will deal with a source. You know what I'm saying? I will deal with a source. I will go such and such, you know what I'm saying? Like, I grew up with Foxy Kim, junior mafia, biggie. We all from the same neighborhood. Um, Foxy is from cross Atlantic. She's across Atlantic Avenue. She's more like in the park Slope side. But we're from, we're across Fulton. So she's, if you go by Atlantic terminals, which is on Atlantic and Carlton, you go straight up. She's on that block on St. Mark's. So it's like Carlton and St. Mark's. That's where she's from. Every year they have a, um, a basketball tournament every summer, which is probably coming up soon to one of our fallen comrades. And I said comrades. And it's funny because his name is comrade. So rest in peace to Conrad McCray. He played very, very. Let's look up Conrad McCray. McCray. Conrad McCray. He's from my neighborhood. He made it from college. Highly touted college basketball player and made it to the Houston Rockets. Was in the rucker, a lot of stuff. But he passed away and they have a basketball tournament. Gavin Anton, like these is my friends. Me and Inga used to go to summer camp together. Let's just say that summer camp, we were little. So that's how long I've known her, you know what I'm saying? So I be having a hard time calling her foxy sometime because she was anger longer than she was foxy. So, um. Yeah. Uh, so the connection also is allegedly, according to Keefe D. And you could watch that on murder rap. Diddy is the one who paid the bounty in the first place. So that's his connection to Keefie D. So if Keefie d ends up being convicted, if Keefie D ends up being found guilty, then, you know your man is going to get, um. You know, your man is going to get called in all of this because it's out there, it's on record. I think it's called murder rap. I think look that up. Um, and even the detective who was, I believe his name was Russell Poole. Um, I think he. Did Russell Poole pass away, if I'm not mistaken, he did, but let me look. I think Russell Poole passed away, too. He was the one who put a lot of this case together and solved a lot of stuff. And I think he might have passed away. Yeah, he passed away as well. Russell Poole was one of the head detectives in this situation. So we could go to his Wikipedia Reggie Wright, Russell Pool. Anyway, Russell Pool was one of the biggest investigators because quiet is kept. Russell Poole. Poole was discussing a cold case murder investigation with Los Angeles county sheriff's homicide investigators when he was stricken at their Monterey park offices, investigators performed CPR before Poole was rushed to a local hospital, but a short time later, he was pronounced dead. So he was, uh, one of the lead investigators in the biggie situation, but quiet as kept. And it's an open secret. Um, it might be a connection, and as time comes out, it's a connection between the Tupac situation and the biggie situation. A lot of the same players is involved, and it ain't who you think. That's all we can say about that. That's all I'm gonna say about that. I don't want to buy calling me in for nothing out allegedly. It's a lot, it's a very big connection. Um, yeah, very big connection. Because as I spoke about in previous situations, Tupac and Biggie was very cool. It was people who drove a wedge between them two. They didn't have no issues with each other. And for some reason, Tupac was more angry at Diddy than he was biggie. Biggie was just a casualty because he was the money maker for Diddy, but he was very, very angry at Diddy for some reason. So as more time goes bye, the connections is gonna come out. We gonna see, like, wow, it was all elaborate, playing with a lot of stuff, and there was a lot of people involved that you, like. Holy, you know, I'm saying. So that's why you keep seeing names like Greg Kading. You keep seeing. And remember the night that it happened, Gene Dale was there. Gene Dale was there. He was right there. Certain people were right there. And Pamela Lee said, right, if you solve one, you solve the other one. So, um, at the same time, Keefie D. Might be the fall guy. Might be the fall guy. So, um, yeah, it's, it's, it's very messy. Um, unfortunately, these two young men lost their life, because, as we really, really think about it, um, 24, 23, 25 is young. Very, is very young. Um, but at that time, when you were on top of the world as an artist, it doesn't seem like you're young. You know, you seem like a veteran. You know, you're on top of the world. Tupac is on top of the west coast. Biggie is one of the tops in the east coast. And to me personally, I always felt like Snoop Dogg was bigger than Tupac. I felt like Snoop Dogg definitely took a backseat to Tupac, because remember Snoop Dogg? It was no anticipation like Snoop Dogg, but they had the west coast doing they thing. William Finley, I thank you for subscribing. They had the west coast doing anything. And these was kids. So, you know, if you knew now, now that if you knew then what you knew now, imagine how life would be. So we talking about 25 year olds, 24 year olds whose making millions of dollars. It's very, very, it's very, very messy. And it's a lot of names that have been omitted from stuff. And it's a lot of people, that name should come up a little bit more. But that's why they stay quiet. Every now and again they pop up, they say something, but it's a lot of people. And I, and again, I want to go on record and say Tupac was not coming to the studio to see Biggie. That's a fact. So Tretch lied. A lot of people lied. And I tell them that shit to their face. You lied, Tretch lied. And according to different sources, Tretch was even on the outs with Tupac when Tupac died. So what would he know? But these young Mendez got caught up in. You got to remember too, the east coast west coast thing was marketed and promoted. A lot of people ate off that. Remember, this is print magazine time. The print magazines ate. There was no blogs, there was no websites. The print magazine ate MTV News. All of this shit ate off that. They ate. They made a lot of money, and they pumped something that didn't really exist. And I never really disliked nobody on the west coast. I mean, we was. Come on, we was pumping. We was listening to the chronic and doggy style. One of biggie favorite albums was the Chronic. This is a fact. So when they kept saying the east coast west coast thing, if it's a west coast thing, and we got beef with the west coast, why would foxy brown and them be in Las Vegas? Las Vegas and California is right there, you know? So it was a lot of people pumping it because it was a lot of money in Ithoodae. It was a lot of money in it. And in that situation, this records hit different back then because, um, it was a lot of sales that was done. It was, it was sales. This is the days of half a million dollar videos. These are days of a hundred thousand dollar videos. Now. Somebody grab a rebel or certain things, right? And then they just film. You get what I'm saying? This is, this is high production back then. Look at California love. They had Roger Troutman out there. They emulated the whole mad Max thing. That wasn't no cheap video. Look at hypnotized. A lot of these videos was big budget, was a lot of money to be made. And I feel like these two young men was pumped into it to make money. And I want to, I want to own. Show you something else, if I may. Show you something else, if I may. Let me, um. Let me see something really quick. Hold on. This is very important as well. Um, if I can find it. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna be able to find it really quick. Um, let me see something. Hold on. Give me a second, y'all. Let me see if I can find it. If I have it. But if you get a chance, if you never saw it before, one thing. This is a very, very interview. Very, very deep interview. It's an hour and 28 minutes. It won't take that much of your time. Yeah, this is a very, very deep interview. And, you know, I asked him a lot. You know what I'm saying? I asked him a lot. Like, I didn't leave no stone unturned in that interview. But it's something that I need y'all to see that's very, very important pertaining to Gene. Well, this is, look, this is one, right? You could look at that title. I'm not even gonna say it out loud. Also, um, you see that title now, look, this is another one. Um, I'll give you this as well. Hold on. View your channel. I have to go to manage videos and I'm gonna type in his name because I want to find this particular video. I said, I have my phone by me. All right, this is one that I wanted to show y'all. This is one of my shorts that I made. Um, let me show you. [00:42:13] Speaker B: That night I wanted to do the presidential thing. Yo, Keefie Dietnam had came up into the party. [00:42:18] Speaker A: So when he says the president. Oh, man. Hold on. When he says the presidential thing that. [00:42:24] Speaker B: Night, I want to do the president. [00:42:25] Speaker A: I'll explain that in a minute. [00:42:27] Speaker B: Yo, Keefie Dietnam had came up into the party, I said, yo, keefy. Yo, big, big. You know Keefe, just like that, they gave each other dap. So Keefie d, that night I wanted to do the presidential thing. Yo, Keefie d'am had came up into the party, I said, yo, keefie. [00:42:46] Speaker A: So the reason why this is important as well, because the night of Biggie's last night, Keefie d came into the party. So again, Keefie d still around now, if the relation is zip, Keefy d, that has nothing to do with big. That has nothing to do with biggest that has nothing to do with him. So that's why I posed the question on the video. He came into the party, but who invited him? Who invited him into this party? You know, let me find one more thing for you. This is very, very important. And me and Jean is gonna re up and do something else, too. We spoke. I know y'all be paying attention sometimes, so, you know, um, is this the commercial? Maybe I'll show this. Cause it's a specific part I want y'all to see, but I just can't find it. For the life of me, I've been. [00:44:22] Speaker B: Totally honest about everything. I said. I don't gain nothing from this. Got you nothing from this. But I watched that boy lose his life, man, for nothing, when we already know not to go, not to be there. Now everybody can sit up here and talk about this, about business, okay? He was doing business. The same business he took care of in LA. He could have did it in New York. What different business he did? Went to a radio station. He hung out with Drock, Sally Richardson, and all that stuff like that. They stayed going all day. I knew what was up, but I thought I had gotten drock air enough for Drock to be like, nah, man, I'm not doing that. I'm not taking my man to this party. Cause I already told him, ask them that question. He know. Even before we left Andre Harrell house the night big got killed, I said to big Lucy's tune and Drock, these. Yo, these dudes are trying. These gonna kill us tonight, bro. Somebody gonna get. Go die tonight. And he said, lucy said, go ahead, jing. With that old cop, you think you know everything. I wasn't trying to get at puff. [00:45:32] Speaker A: Gotcha. [00:45:33] Speaker B: I'm trying to let people know the truth. Don't lie and say you didn't know. Because Suge Knight tells you, y'all ain't got a problem with me. Y'all ain't got no problem. That don't mean you got ain't. You ain't got a problem. But I'm not gonna let you lie on the dead. [00:45:48] Speaker A: Mm. [00:45:49] Speaker B: You understand? You know, I'm not gonna let you. You know. And he did the same thing with Wolf. You know, he's a big part of why wolf ain't here today. But people don't understand it. Puff said, I don't care. Pac got a. [00:46:03] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. This is the part right here. This is the. This is the part right here that I wanted for y'all. And this is in this right here. This is very, very important. Listen to this. [00:46:10] Speaker B: I don't care if Pac got a dot. I don't care if big got a dot. [00:46:13] Speaker A: Hold on, hold on, hold on. [00:46:14] Speaker B: Stand it. Puff said, I don't care if Pac got a die. I don't care if big got a die. Suge Knight could go to jail. All I care. I'm tired of living my life like this. Something gotta change. [00:46:29] Speaker A: Whoo. See, y'all missed that trailer that only got, like, 5000 views. Boy, I was nice with that. That's the part I wanted y'all to hear. And ain't it funny that all of that came to fruition? All that came to fruition. Pac unfortunately gone. Biggie unfortunately gone. And Suge went to jail. That's exactly what happened. So that's what I wanted y'all to hear. That's what I was looking for. I thought I had it somewhere. But, I mean, you know, unfortunately, this is a movie that's playing out in front of us. And you hear that music in that trip. Oh, man, I being here editing. But anyway, yeah, thank y'all for appreciating me. Um, that's what I wanted y'all to hear. Wolf gone. Cause we. We always leave Wolf out of it, right? Wolf ain't here no more. And, um. Yeah, man. So it's happening now before our eyes, and a lot is going to be revealed as time goes on. A lot of thing is, is, uh, happening before our eyes. A lot is happening before our eyes. And again, you solve one, you solve the other. Jason King, I appreciate. You solve one, solve the other. So this is, this is what's, what's going on. But if you get a chance on one of the moderators, put that full interview in the chat. Because, again, I asked him everything. And I believe, you know, I got a lot of information out of him because, you know, when I do interviews, I let the people talk. I ask critical questions, but I also let them talk and shout out to Gene for granting me that interview. And I thought it was really, really dope. So, yeah, that's really it, y'all. So let's see how all of this take place. I don't know if Foxy is gonna be a witness. She might still be over on, in the crib over there. You know, I know she had a daughter. She's not really on the scene. But I'm just, like I said, I was just scratching my damn head, you know, general. So said, do you think Gene deal was enabled in some of the situations by being a witness? So let me, um. Let me let me. Let me say something about the gene situation that a lot of people get wrong, because I asked them. I asked him and watch the interview. I asked him that he was warned that they were gonna come for them, right? He was warned, if I'm not mistaken, by unique mecha audio. Called him. Shout out to unique mecha audio. Unique mecha audio called him from federal prison and said, yo, Gene, vest up. This is in the interview. But, you know, you can't really say so much on the phone. So when. When he got that call from unique mace all in the interview. So I'm nothing. Just saying stuff. When he got the call, he told them, yo, they gonna try to make that move on us tonight. When he told them, they didn't believe him. Now, people, many people wanna blame Gene and say, yo, you was the bodyguard. You was there. How you let it happen. How bodyguarding works. He was never Biggie's bodyguard. He was never Biggie's bodyguard. His job is to make sure Puffy doesn't get hurt. Unique mecca audio was in jail. Everything comes from jail. Let's just say that everything we. Well, anyway, everybody knows everything. And when you in federal prison, it's not the same as state prison. You know everything that's going on. Cause you could be in a whole nother state from. But let me stick to the story. So he was never Biggie's bodyguard. He's Puffy's bodyguard. So, unfortunately, when you're one person's bodyguard, you don't. Whatever happens to somebody else, I'm not saying it's not your concern, but your job is to. This is, as Gene called it was his principle was Diddy. His principal wasn't Biggie. Remember, Biggie got his own entourage. His dues is out there. So his principle is Diddy. Diddy hired him. But when he went to them and said, we need more security, they said no. So they was out there. Watch the interview. You'll get. You know, you'll get a lot. And also, when he said he wanted to do the presidential, what he was saying was he wanted to ride on the top of the car. So the presidential thing is this. Remember when presidents used to ride the motorcades? Used to have the secret service on the top of the. On the side of the cars? That's called the presidential. You ride on the side of the car. So any potential threat, you can stop. Puffy wouldn't let him do the presidential thing. He said no. So it was a lot of faulty, weird stuff that. That took place. Allegedly. Somebody ran through the light. They didn't take the light. It was a lot that happened. Um, and unfortunately, the end result was the end result. Um, a lot of people are sad. A lot of people. Life has been changed, and it's an ongoing thing. It's almost been 30 years later. Um, yeah, so Gene wanted to do the presidential, and like RJ said, it, hang off the side of the car. So if you're hanging off the side of the car, remember, he's licensed. You hanging off the side of the car, nobody could come up to the car. Any potential threat that come up to the car, you could. You could, um, neutralize that immediately. Diddy told him no. So, um, it happened the way it happened. Um, yeah, it's just, you know, again, it's just messy. You know what I'm saying? It's just really, really messy. And a lot took place out there. But, you know, like I said, big was my childhood friend. Also. Inga, my childhood friend, little Kim, my childhood friend. We all from the same, we all from the same neighborhood, grew up around each other. Although Inga is younger than me, Biggie, and little Kim is older than me, Biggie's older than all of us by some years. I think Kim got me by two years, yet Kim got me by two years, and I got foxy by, like, a year and a half. So foxy was the youngest in all of this. But, you know, she was outside. I can't say she was a street girl. She doesn't come from that background. Her brothers wasn't street guys. They were basketball stars. Basketball was their life. Shout out to Gavin, that's my bro. You know what I'm saying? I remember one time I was somewhere, and I ain't gonna say who, but a certain group of dudes, they was gonna front on Gavin. And I'm like, nah, we ain't doing that. You know what I'm saying? And shout out to Gavin. Shout out to Anton, the older brother. Anton is my guy, too. They all look alike, too. And, yeah, Gavin became pretty boy, the rapper. So we was able to see each other. The dopest thing about my neighborhood, we was all able to see each other's rise. But then division had came, um, unlike we had out, unlike, like, Queensbridge, Queen Bridge. If you don't know anything about Queensbridge, that projects is big as hell. It's 96 buildings. 96 buildings. So that's why they have all that talent. Started with Mc Shan, though. We gotta pay respect to the architects. Shan started it all. Then you had Molly, then you had Shanta, you know, but Shan, that's the house that Mc Sham built, in my opinion. But now, my neighborhood, we have blocks. We all side block people. We're not projects. We're all side block people. Fulton street is the. Is a main street. So Fulton street runs from downtown Brooklyn to notion Avenue and beyond where from considered to be downtown now it's called Clinton Hills. But when we was there, it was the star they call the Clinton Hills now, but when we was there was called bad star at our time. So I'm on this block. You have, uh, biggie two blocks over. You have little Kim on the back blocks on this side, and then you have inga across Atlantic. So, in my neighborhood, the people who moved to my neighborhood, Erica Badu moved to my neighborhood. Common moved to my neighborhood. J ru moved to my neighborhood. Afoo ra moved to my neighborhood. Easy mo b moved around there. Tech from smith and Weston moved around there. Aguilar used to be in the hood. Iron Solomon moved to my neighborhood. And Hakeem green, weird ass, actually moved to my block. But, um, you know, I'm saying, um. So it was a lot of people. There was more than that. Um. Damn, I used to see dream Hampton a lot. Um. Damn who? It was a lot of people that was just in my neighborhood. Um, and some other people. Oh, Benny boom lived in my neighborhood. Um, AJ from 106 and park moved around the corner from me, you know. Um, and this is the time where it was very, very wild. You know what I'm saying? Very, very wild. But it wasn't wild to me because I was out there, you know what I'm saying? I was. You know, it wasn't. Wasn't a big deal to me, you know what I'm saying? But tech used to come to the crib every day. I used to crack you in Madden. You already know tech. He used to use the Panthers. Remember when I think his name was Bianca. Bianca Tuca was on the Panthers when the Panthers was like, an expansion team. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, he used to use that. And I call Hakeem green weird, because he's weird, because when he lived on my block, I made sure, and my family made sure nothing happened to me. And he thinks I'm a Trump supporter, so he blocked me. So what I do, I erase all his videos and I disassociate with him. He's a weirdo. Because if you know somebody in real life, you don't play weird on the Internet. You just call somebody. Yeah, Carl Thomas lived on Clinton Carl Thomas might have lived in easy Mobi building. Carl Banks used to be April walker. All of them is from my neighborhood. So again, if you know somebody personally, you call their phone. You don't play little political games on the Internet over, oh, you like Trump and all that? Listen, I never said I like nobody. All I said was, don't lie on somebody. If you're gonna discredit somebody, discredit them with the truth. When you try to discredit somebody with a lie, you lose your credibility. That's all I said. But you know, people funding come from certain political parties or what they trying to do. So they gotta save face for the Internet. Bozo. Complete bozo. So fuck him. Oh, I was supposed to. Supposed to say. I supposed to say, you know, I'm saying so since silly shit like that, and this is a guy I know, had on my platform plenty of times, somebody I corresponded with, he's on, went on the record and said he moved on my block. I made sure he was good. So again, I was. And again, I was outside. See, it's something about the Internet that y'all never know truthfully, who I am, what I am, and all that. Because that's not for the Internet. And that's corny. I'm grown, you know what I'm saying? I'm a grown ass man. How I live my life at 25 is not how I live my life. Now. I don't think the same. I don't carry myself the same. None of that applies to me as the young 25 year old man, 22 year old man. And now, you know what I'm saying? Get to the content. You just got here. If you want to get the fuck out of here, I can help you. So don't ever in your life come into my chat and tell me what to do. That's another thing I don't rock with, because the story is done. I covered that a long time ago. Don't come in here on the hour, say, get to the content, get to your mother. Anyway, I ain't go off in a while, but I just felt like it, you know what I'm saying? So, yeah, my neighborhood had a lot of people, but you know, when you see Erica oded Prez moved around the way, it was a lot of people that moved around the way, you know what I'm saying? But you know, yeah, because you gotta understand, you know, Segway and I'm all for that, you know, when we dealing with politics. And I'm gonna keep it real. I'm gonna keep it real with you. I'm going to keep it real with you. I almost did some sucker shit the other day, and I self checked myself. I analyzed myself. I seen somebody that I know on X, aka Twitter, put Biden 2024. Now, I don't particularly agree with that. And I started to unfollow them because they typed that right. And then I said, you'll be a real sucker to do that. Like, you know, this person, just. Just because of their political beliefs and what they stand for. You gonna unfollow them now you being a bitch. So I didn't. I didn't unfollow them. That's the type of person I am. I'm critical, but I stand my criticism. I also hold myself to the fire. So if I unfollow somebody behind the political beliefs, that'd be some weak shit. No, ODB is from down the block. Mike Tyson and them is from Brownsville, but little fame. My brother used to ride, to ride bikes together. You know what I'm saying? Like I said, I love Brooklyn. Mayno is from the other side, but down, no string. You know what I'm saying? But I. But I checked myself. I said, what type of bitch ass nigga would you be to unfollow him for his political beliefs? That's some sucker shit. You know that, dude? You know what I'm saying? And that I don't see when people. I allow people to be individuals. You don't have to think like I think or be like me. So that's why when people be like, yo, I lost all respect for you. Let me explain something to you. So if you respected me 99 times and then I did something one time, and you don't respect me, you lost all 99 off of one. You see what I'm saying? So sometimes I just keep scrolling. Sometimes it doesn't apply to me. I shouldn't be angry. I shouldn't be mad. I shouldn't be triggered by anybody else's thoughts. That's how they feel. I don't live my life a certain way. I don't subscribe to certain things. So I just move away from it. You know what I'm saying? I move away from it. So I see stuff. Like, I see some girls I got a lot of respect for. I'm very, very critical about twerking and that orange filter. A lot of you ladies, I'll be looking orange. I don't know what that's about. The filters are. You're not orange. So sometimes I wanna. But I be like, yo, don't be, don't be. Shout out to all the followers coming. Shout out to y'all, the subscribers, you know I'm saying? So, um, you can ask me, you know what you can ask me if you hit the super chat. Hit super chat and ask me the question, and I'll answer you. How about that? Super chat is open, too. So is the cash app. I'll be giving y'all great shows, too, man. But again, um, see, for me, I do a lot of self. Yes, an orange filter. I don't want to put nobody on blast, but there's a lot of times I'd be doing a lot of self checking. I'd be like, yo, now that's don't. Don't be no sucker. You understand what I'm saying? I'd be like, yo, don't be no sucker. Don't be no punk. Because then you just like them. So if somebody do something to you that you consider to be some sucker punk shit, if you do it back, you know, you a suck on the punk now, too, right? The best thing to do is just disassociate. I'd be like, I I see what it is, you know, I'm saying, I like, I see what it is. You know what I'm saying? I just don't deal with people and, you know, you have the right to deal with who you want to deal with and not deal with who you want to deal with. Don't ever think that you have to deal with something you don't have to. Sometimes for your sanity, sometimes for your peace of mind, sometimes for your mental health, because, you know, everybody's talking about my mental health, my mental health, you know, which is a very overused buzzword. Just don't deal with certain things. That's how I be sometimes, you know, you see a lot of people come on. They do lives every day. Some people have great topics. I watch them, too. But sometimes if I don't have nothing to say, I'm just not going to just sit before y'all and just talk and talk and talk and talk. I like to give y'all topics. I like to give y'all insight. I like to give y'all different things to ponder, to think about. You know what I'm saying? That's what I like to do. And I got some great interviews coming up. If you didn't see my top fife clip, do it. Let me explain something else to y'all too, before I go. Um, so I was taught by YouTube rep, and this is one to grow on. I shouldn't be giving this to y'all, but I'm gonna give it to you. Not y'all, not the winning team. Remember, we the winning team. My chat is the winning team. YouTube, as I was taught, has three algorithms. They have a live algorithm, they have an upload algorithm, and a short algorithm. So being that I do so many lives when I upload now, I'm not in the algorithm. So sometimes you'll see me upload videos and the views will be very, very low because it doesn't really propagate the way the lives do. So that's why the views is low. Shorts, they like shorts because people could go down the rabbit hole in the shorts. So shorts do good numbers, but shorts don't pay that much. But the money, the real money maker is your uploads, if you notice, I'm not dissing them and not even angry at them. Vlad doesn't never go live. Some of the big channels, they never do live. So Vlad never goes live. Say cheese. They never go live. They do upload because they're in the upload algorithm. I'm in the live stream algorithm. So that's why my lives do 10,000 better, but the uploads don't. So what I'm trying to do now, I'm trying to find a way to get back in both of them because I was in both of them. So as I overload with content, I just need y'all to ride with me. That's why hitting the like button is important. Because if you like what I do, it's not about me. Take me out of the equation. Take me personally out of the equation. How you feel about me, don't feel about me personally. If you like the information I give you, if you like what I've done for the culture, if you like what I brought to you for all these years, like, because of that, because if you don't have me, who you left with, I was gone for two months, so now I'm back, but I was gone for two months. And who was you really left with? You know? So, um, that's why that takes place. So sometimes people always looking at other people, view your views, your views. I don't talk about people views, you know, um, you know what I do on a lot of channels, I just hit the like button because I know how it helps people. I just hit, like. And why would I watch something and not hit, like, if I'm watching it, just hit the, like. It's just proper etiquette. It's almost equivalent to walking into somebody's house and wiping off your shoes, you know? So with that, yo, I am who I am. Salute to y'all, um, as always. So let's see how this unfold. Let's see how this plays out. Um, easy mo b. We had a long conversation. He said, um, that I should have did it live for y'all. So I'm gonna make that happen. Um, shout out to my big bro, easy mo b. Listen, let me tell y'all something. Let me tell y'all something, man. Reason why I love this the way I love this. And sometimes I might come off kind of passionate. And the passion sometimes is confused with anger. Jaded, bitter or grumpy. I really love this, man. Like, I really, really grew up in this. Like, I really grew up. I started when I was, like, twelve as a dj. And by the time I was 15, I was already touring on the road, 15 years old. It took me off the street, right? But my big bros is like, pete Rock and Easy Mo b. And I could call Pete Rock, I could call easy Mo b. I could call Raheem from the Furious five. I could call Scorpio from the Furious five. And these people pick up the phone and we talk. Like, yo, sometimes I have to pinch myself and say, yo, fucking life is great, man. Like, you could. You. You Pete, right? Like, I call Pete right now, he gonna pick up, bro, what up? You know what I'm saying? I'm like. And sometimes it's, oh, Eric sermon. Like, these is my big bros. And I could just call him. He like, yo, what's good? And they never going to say, I don't want to talk. Then I could call the West Coast. I could call MC eight, I could call glasses Malone, I could call Bishop Lamont. I could call. Who else over there? Rick Rock. You know what I'm saying? There's, like, people I could call and just talk hip hop. Like, sometimes we just talk, yo, if you could be a flyer on. That's why I say I gotta bring it to y'all. Cause if you could be a fly on the wall, what you would hear? You be like, oh, shit. You know what I'm saying? Oh, wow. But I said, I just. Oh, doctor period. Shout out to doctor period. Doctor period. Did a lot of mop stuff. He did antiop, he did more murder, more. More money, more murder, more homicide for Nas and AZ. He did broken language. He also did Hama. For Cameron. He did a lot of music. And Foxy Brown started with doctor period. That's why I ended it with his name. Foxy Brown did not start with Jay Z. Foxy Brown did not start with Nas. Foxy Brown did not start with trackmasters. She started with doctor period. Foxy Brown was in there. Smooth the hustler numbers in there when they were there. Doctor period was her first producer. So we think it's Jay Z. We think, no, that's doctor period. Foxy Brown wasn't even her name. We'll get that story told one day. Matter of fact, I'll call doctor and set that up. But we're supposed to sit down face to face because I want to do a little bit more face to face interviews with people. But, yeah, I'm just giving y'all some hip hop history. Foxy Brown ain't no niggas. He did not start ain't no nigger. That's not the beginning. So a lot of times when people say, Jay Z, Foxy, no, she already had shit she was doing prior to even knowing Jay Z. But prior to knowing Nas is doctor period. Ask him. Yeah, smooth the hustler. According to him, he said he wrote the ain't no nigga verse. It's on the Forbes dvd channel. One of my interviews. Damn, I got so many interviews out here. But I like the way dudes be renewing my history. It's dope. So. Yo, man, I gotta run. Um, I got some clothes. You know, when you go to the gym a lot for my gym people, um, you have to always wash clothes. Cause the clothes be sweaty and stink. So I wash clothes, like, every two, three days. Yeah. Shout out to the homie, gav. That's the bro. You know what I'm saying? That's my brother right there. You know I'm saying? Yeah, but foxy brown come from doctor period, the same place doctor period started. Mop smooth, the hustler, and trigger pap pools. Foxy brown. And it might be jinx the juvie, too, all started with doctor period. So put some respect on that man name. You know I'm saying? Doctor period. Look him up. Tell him I sent you. Go to his instagram and tell him I sent you. Legendary producer. But sometimes we be on the phone, we start talking beats. We be on the phone for, like, three, 4 hours. And, um, that's like, you know, that's. That's, like, my favorite conversation, producer stuff. Um, so that's why I want y'all to watch this type fife interview and others, because there's a lot of producer stuff, um, that we discuss in there. And we start talking about, um, you know, uh, the intricacies of production, you know I'm saying? So. Yo, man, salute to y'all, man. All the music that you hear on this channel. Doggie Diamonds did this. I'm my own producer. I make my own beats. I do my own graphics, I do my own lighting. And I only do this because I love this shit. UK in the building. Shout out to the UK. You know I'm saying? So, yeah, um, Gavin is credited for hate me now. Absolutely me. You know what I'm saying? But I appreciate you all, you know what I'm saying? Oh, shit. The pyramid. But the pyramid. I was, like, 300 pounds at the pyramid. I'm not the same dude. No, OC is from Bushwick, but that's my bro, too. You know what I'm saying? Buck wild. God damn. I ain't called Bucky in a while. I got to call Buck Wild. Buckley.

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