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Bun B Tearfully Takes The Stand, Some Conflicted If He Ate The Cheese!

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Bun B Tearfully Takes The Stand, Some Conflicted If He Ate The Cheese!
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Bun B Tearfully Takes The Stand, Some Conflicted If He Ate The Cheese!

Jun 18 2024 | 00:59:43


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Welcome to Doggie Diamonds No Filter, your go-to channel for raw, unfiltered hip-hop news and interviews! In this episode, we delve into the emotional courtroom moment when Bun B tearfully took the stand. With some questioning his actions, debates are ignited over whether he 'ate the cheese'.

Join Doggie Diamonds as he breaks down this intense situation with his expert analysis and insight. Watch as Doggie Diamonds discusses: The details of Bun B's testimony. The reactions from the hip-hop community. The broader implications for loyalty and snitching in hip-hop culture. Don't miss this compelling episode where we get to the heart of the matter and explore the complex dynamics at play. Tune in, share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to subscribe for more exclusive content and deep dives into the hip-hop world.

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Just contact me at Doggy Diamonds on Instagram. Let's go. I ain't got time to sit here all night, so I just want to talk. I just want to kick it really quick with my people, with my folks. If it's your first time here, might get a little rough around here for you. You got to get some used to over here because we, we play a little different over here. You know, I know y'all used to them other chat rooms where it's just all clowny and big red noses and big black shoes and, you know, it's a little different over here. Little different. So I want to talk to y'all tonight about what's going on in the Internet, what's going on all over social media, speaking in relation to rapper bunby taking the stand, so many of you might not know the backstory. So let's give y'all some clarity and give y'all some backstory. First, I have to restart, of course, because this always wants to bug out when I'm on YouTube. So let me give you some backstory. Then we could discuss this together as a community. Okay? We could discuss this together. We go give our input. Some of you dudes who never been outside, who never stole nothing out the store, who's good kids, I commend you. Some conversations is not for you. Okay? I'm not gonna go talk to a Rhodes scholar about certain things or about college about certain stuff. Certain things I can never talk about because it's not my politic. So if you feel like this conversation is going to go about street stuff or anything, you're not a street guy. You cannot knock street people if you've never been one. If you was one and your mentality has changed or still the same, then you could kindly indulge in the conversation. Other than that, if you've been an ass dude, salute to you. But stay out of certain stuff because you're not going to understand it, okay? You're not going to understand, and it's not for you to understand, okay? Just like it's not for me to understand calculus, all right? It's not for me to understand certain things, so stop commenting. MJ MBK, thank you for supporting my independent voice. Certain things is just not for you. Your comments are not needed. Sit back and maybe you can learn something because all y'all do is go to YouTube University and look at memes and stuff and you think you know about the street, was going on in the street, what happened in the street, and I'm telling you, it ain't what you think because unless you lived it, been through it, got through it, and still here, you don't know. Stop reading stuff or listening to people who describe stuff from the standpoint of them always being victorious over here, I'm gonna tell you about my wins and my losses. So like I said, let's get into some backstory. So browsing through hip hop DX today and it says bun b tearfully testifies against armed robber who held his wife at gunpoint so this is coming from Houston, Texas. Bun B was seen getting emotional as he testified against the armed robber who held his wife at gunpoint inside their home five years ago. Appearing in court on Thursday, June 6, the UGK legend spoke about the ordeal, which happened in April 2019, and said, it still affects our life. The Texas rapper testified for around 20 minutes during the sentencing hearing for Damonte Jackson, who previously pled guilty to aggravated robbery. Bun B opened up about the emotional impact that the robbery had on his wife, Angela Queenie walls, saying this was entirely new Trump traumatizing incident. This is something we still deal with to this day. There are times where she gets closed off, she can't communicate, and I just get so angry all over again because she didn't deserve this. She didn't ask for this, he continued. While holding back tears, the rap veteran added that his wife never stepped foot in the house again after after leaving the following day as she was so traumatized by the robbery. Bunby also recounted the events of that night where his wife answered the door thinking it was a delivery driver, but was instead greeted by a masked robber. He detailed how he heard the robbery from a different floor in the house and that Jackson was holding a gun to his wife's head. Button then said that upon hearing the commotion, he grabbed his gun, but his wife told him, don't come downstairs, he's gonna kill me. He added, she was very panicked. She was borderline hysterical. She just did not want me to go out the door and face the person with the gun. By this time, Jackson had made his way to the garage and was sitting in the car when Bunbie fired several shots at the intruder, with one hitting him in the shoulder. The two continued exchange gunshots before fighting on the floor of the garage, with Jackson managing to escape. But Bun explained that he chased after Jackson and caught up with him before taking off his mask. I wanted to know who was that behind the mask. I wanted to know if it was someone I knew personally or someone that knew someone I knew personally. Just the idea of seeing my wife in that state. I wanted to know who had done this to her. Sentencing for Jackson is expected to continue on Friday, June 7. Following his emotional court appearance, bun B defended his decision to take the stands writing on Instagram not like I owe an explanation, but had everybody already pled out, that was sentences, but speak your mind. Speaking on Instagram Live, he also claimed that Jackson legal team were trying to get some sympathy regarding his sentences and felt compelled to speak up in defense of his wife. So ladies and gentlemen, that is the backstory. That's what took place. So all around social media, you have individuals saying he's a snitch. He took the stand. You have some people saying he's not. You have some people who's never been in the street giving their opinion, and I don't think they should give their opinion because you don't know what a snitch is or what ain't a snitch. Me, unfortunately, I've done the dumb street things. Amir Prescott I appreciate you. I've done the dumb street things in my youth. I did things that I had no business doing based off being a product of the environment that I was living in. Unfortunately, some inner cities, young black men are forced to either be in it or be a part of it. On the opposite side. I chose to be in it, basically like most black men chose to be in it because they were scared. So the inner city is so predatory that either you are going to be the predator or the prey. You take your pick. If I had it my way, I would have grew up playing video games, watching wrestling, being a complete nerd. That was my goals and aspirations to be. I was an intelligent individual. But it was so much going on outside when I walked out my building that some people didn't allow you to just go to school, go to the store. This is a common thing in our community. So this is why these things happen. This is why these conversations take place. You have a lot of young black men who get put on by older guys who are traumatized by the community, and all they do is pass trauma and past problems and past stupid shit. Bun b, in my opinion, my opinion. And people not gonna agree with me. People like to say, oh, you harboring this? You taking up for this. That and the third, in my opinion, bun B told what happened. The kid already pled guilty. Already pled guilty. Already was going to jail without Bun B's testimony. He didn't testify against the kid. That sent him to jail. The kid already pled guilty and is going to was. That was at his sentence. Well, he's going to be sentence, sentenced. So in that situation, he told what happened to his wife. Now, if we're in a situation where we don't speak up for our woman, our woman woman. Your one woman and your children, who is going to speak for them? Who is the protector of the family? He came outside, he fired his hammer, he hit the dude, whipped his ass, and was able to take the mask off after seeing his wife traumatized. Had that have been me and I was in the situation, I would have did the same exact thing. I would have aimed at his skull. I probably wouldn't have stopped hitting him. Seriously, I probably wouldn't have stopped hitting them. Now, as being a person that's licensed to carry a firearm, I'm not allowed to. And walk away. I'm not allowed to do that. I have to stand there and wait for the authorities to come and say, hey, I was scared for my life. So he lost his. That's how it goes. But when somebody comes into your house to harm you and harm your wife, they deserve to die, period. Period. There is the rules is out the window. Cause you broke the rules of no women and children. Now, because Bunby is a rapper, people think these rules don't apply to rappers and street guys and former street guys. Now, I would say Bun B has to be about 51, 52 years old, right? I will say, moving forward, if I hear bun b talking about how he's in the streets, if he talk about any hustling, if he talk about any harm in people, anything considered to be street underground criminal activity, I will not respect it. I will not respect it. And also, when we get a certain age, it is our duty to denounce what we used to be a part of. It is our duty to take the youth that's coming behind us. No diddy. And let them know I was young and dumb, and I paid the price for being young and dumb. If you want a future, if you want to stay out of prison, if you want to live, don't follow what I did, because I did this. And I did this. I did that. It's not my duty to continue to rap about it, to keep perpetuating it, to keep showing you that this is my life. If I know when it all boils down, I'm going to go to the authorities. I don't like that. So for people saying, pimp C wouldn't, you don't know what pimp C would have did. We don't never know what people will do until they end that situation. Everybody say what they wouldn't do. But look what you do every day. Many people make a complete ass of their self every day. You make a complete ass of yourself. You embarrass yourself, you embarrass your loved ones, you embarrass your family. You embarrass people that love you every day. Because you don't love yourself, because you're trying to perpetuate an image that has gotten us now nowhere. It hasn't. You got people who think they got 1ft in the street, 1ft legitimate. You got hypocritical people that when they get mad, they get drunk, they get belligerent, they get high. Yeah, and the famous thing that a lot of people like to say, I'm a street nigger. Cause I'm a street nigger. Cause you know me, I'm a street nigger. So for the life of me, I like all of my people who watch me and hear me. The next time you hear somebody say that, ask them, what is a street nigger? Can you define street nigga to me without that being synonymous with stupid? Just say, hey, I'm stupid. Just say that. Don't stop saying, I'm a street nigger. Just say, hey, I'm stupid. I'm 40 plus years old. I'm living my second childhood, and I don't know how to grow up. Just say that. Stop giving these names and these titles to justify that you are stupid. That's that. Once you get a speckle of gray in your beard, once your hairline start going back here, once you have children, once you have people that you have to be responsible for. When is it not about you and your ignorance? We all were ignorant. Why? Because we didn't know better at one point. When you know better, you do better. I sometimes think how disgusted I am. Disgusted I am at some of the shit I used to partake in and some of the people that I used to be around. I'm disgusted. But I'm telling sometimes. Oh no. Oh no. Keep them away from me. I know people who did not grow up yet. It's 2024. It's 2024. You have individuals who still think it is 1994, carry themselves like it's 1994 and expect you to understand the language of 30 years ago. Now the lingo hasn't changed. They still drink forties in the bag, they still eat chinese food, they still eat hairy chicken wings with mad duck sauce, and they still think that they are going to make it. As the street pharmaceuticalist, it's not a word, but I was wanting to say that I stay away from them people who's a rat, who's a snitch. It is not my politic. Why? Cause I don't commit crime. So I don't care who do what. I stay away from everybody anyway. So I wouldn't know what nobody did. I actually expect everybody to tell in this day and time. I actually don't trust nobody that they gonna stand tall. People sit down every day. I watch people sit down. I watch some of the most stand tallest people sit down for social media. I watch people play they self every day. If a motherfucker will pillow talk for some ass, you don't think he gonna talk for his freedom? Look what people do for likes and posts and wanna be on platforms and they want shoutouts and stuff, and look what they do for that. Look how people play they self every single day. So you mean to tell me if you play yourself for free when you're in a situation where the boys is telling you, hey, you looking at 39 years, you don't think they going to give you up? Look at your dm's right now, whether it's Facebook, whether it's TikTok, or whether it's Instagram or x, aka twitter, look at your dm's. Look what people say to you. You think people gonna stand tall? I expect everybody to tell. I don't. Listen, listen. Don't just do what you do, cause I already know what you're gonna do. Just do what you do. Cause I already know what you gonna do. But because you're a rapper and a street. Oh, you supposed to hold it down. Ain't nobody gonna hold nothing down. Nobody's gonna hold nothing down. Nobody holds it down. Now, nobody holds it down on the simplest things. So when them people sit before you, cause you know, when some of us sit before them people, we show our teeth. And officer, you see all of that. But if I go outside tonight and I go to target and I step on somebody's shoe by mistake, I can possibly lose my life. But when it comes to other things, people don't got no smoke. They only got smoke for people who look like them. And when it comes to the other people, they tell on people who look like them. So the problem is, leave all that stupid shit alone. Leave that shit alone. That mentality is what sets us back. You trying to uphold something that's only in movies. Listen, some of the most heinous, gangster harmful people have told, would you sit before Sammy the bull and tell him, yo, you are a rat? Would you do that? Would you have sat before Alpo and told him, you are a rat? You won't do that. So what difference do it make when you live your life a certain way and you away from all that stupid street criminal shit? I don't even know what's going on outside. I go outside, I be like, yo, I don't even know half of these people no more. Who are these people? I don't know. These people don't care. I'm just going to and fro. I might shake a hand or two. I might say, what's up? I might do all that sometimes. But most of the time I keep it moving because my mission is different from theirs. Their mission is prison or the morgue. That ain't my mission. I luckily escaped that. Some of my friends, some of my loved ones, some of my family did not escape that. So me being the age that I'm at now, escaping that, why would I be trying to go back? Why would I be trying to perpetuate that? Because if you really, really was in that, if you really was immersed in that, that is some of the most traumatizing shit that you ever could have lived through in your life. When you came outside every day not knowing if this is your last day on earth, I seen it firsthand. If you've never stood before someone and seen the flashes and heard something that sound like an m 80 pointed at you a few times, you look at life different. When you get away with that, when you get away from that, you look at life different. When you find your best friends under sheets. When some of your homies is in prison longer than they been free, it hit different. It hit different. Bun b gonna do what bun b feel like he have to do. If we. If we stop being stupid and start thinking stupidity is cool, we wouldn't even worry about who's a snitching or rap, because we all upstanding people who don't partake in any of that. When we see men cry, we think everything is funny. Or he was crying on the stand. If somebody is talking about their wife being, see, that's how I know. I'm telling you, I'm gonna be real with you. Some of you just pay for box. So there's no love and compassion or passion in it. You pay for it. So you get your service, and that's it. It's like a bag of chips. You buy the chips and you eat them. You don't love the chips, you just eat them, and that's it. But when you have somebody that's been your partner, that is your life partner that you took vows to that you care about, seeing them hurt hurts you. So that's why that man was sitting there crying, because he was reliving the trauma of what happened to his wife, and he cannot remedy it. What his wife was going through, the only way that he could have remedied it is by what he did. But she's not the same. She shook up. Have you ever seen somebody you love scared? Have you ever seen your baby scared? You ever seen your baby cry? You ever seen your wife cry? Your girlfriend cry? You ever seen them cry out of fear? And one of the biggest things that you want to be as a man is the protector for your family and your loved ones. And when you can't protect your family and your loved ones, it hurts you. Your biggest fear as a father, a husband, a boyfriend, is being afraid that you not going to be able to protect them. As a man, though, because y'all love to say, as a man, as a man. Well, how about that? As a man, that's in a man's nature to protect. If something happened to your child while you not around, only thing you gonna do is you gonna see rage. Who hurt my baby? I don't care if your baby is 25. That is still your baby. So this discussion and people being conflicted or whether he's a rat, what difference do it make now? What difference do it make? Me, I don't partake in it. I'm not around it. I don't even know nobody who do it anymore. Respect. And I get so much respect from my peers. They don't allow me to be around it. They don't even want me involved with it. If they get in my car, they will say I am dirty. You know why? Because they don't want to jeopardize me. That's when your people love you. Your people don't get in your car with crack in their pocket. And then when the cops come, they kick the crack in the car and you're the driver. They get in the car with a burner and then stash it under the seat. So when the cops come, they play stupid. Your people who love you say, yo, I'm dirty. So give you the option to say, listen, I don't want that in my car. I cool. Your people love you. They never going to put you in a position where you have to tell on them, or you might tell on them, or they might tell on you. They know what they're into, they know what their outcome is. If you are upstanding citizen that live your life like a citizen, they will never jeopardize your safety and your freedom. Ever. Ever. Sometimes when people run their mouth, I want to go outside and be dumb. Sometimes I'm not allowed to. I'm not allowed to from my peers, my older cousins, and people who love me. Hey, you chill. You chill. You can never crash. You can never crash. You're not supposed to crash. You're not going to crash. I won't let you. But no, everybody know everything. Everybody know everything about the street. And you only know it cause you read it, saw a documentary. That shit ain't like that. Because everybody tell you about the wins, but they don't tell you about the L's. They don't tell you about how some of us been crying for 30 years because our best friends has been killed. They don't tell you that. They don't tell you about the hunger, the torment, the fear. They don't tell you about that. Everybody tells you the glorious side. Everybody tell you how they came out on top. But then they have alcohol problems, they have drug problems, they have problems with gelling with other people and being around people. Some people are straight up out of their mind behind this street shit. But they won't tell you that. They can't keep a girlfriend, can't keep a woman, can't keep a husband. All the shit that's glorified is what fucks us up. And then when they come and remedy, because they're going to remedy it for you, right? So when they come and remedy it and they say, you know what? I don't give a fuck about this neighborhood, okay? Y'all dump your blunt guts. Y'all leave y'all liquor bottles out. Y'all do all types of shit. You spit, you piss. You shit on the floor where you live. So what we gonna do? We gonna come clean all this shit up. But guess what? In cleaning it up, we want y'all to get the fuck outta here because y'all always fucking shit up. And then you say, gentrification. Gentrification. Well, you had it first. What did you do when you had it? You fucked it up. You pissed on your floor where you live at. But you don't think there's nothing wrong with that. Cause everybody else is pissing. We don't. We don't. We don't own nothing here. Well, how could you own anything from. First step of ownership is owning yourself and being accountable for yourself and for you idiots just coming in the room. Pay attention. Hit rewind. So this mentality that take place in our community, this mentality that so many people that want to live by who's not really from it, because anybody who's really from it can't stand that shit anymore. You know what crack smell like? You know what cracks smell like? You ever heard the cries of somebody getting they ass whooped every Friday night cause people are drunk. You ever heard. You ever seen somebody get hit in the head with a fucking bottle? You ever seen somebody get slice cut if you ain't never seen none of that shit, stop talking about this. This shit ain't nothing to glorify. It's not cool. I'm telling you, it's not cool. Many people are scared. So to get over, they fear. That's why they're always so drunk and high. That's why I preach sobriety. Because some of the stupidest decisions you ever made in your life. You were inebriated, you were high, or you were drunk, that's it. Ever seen somebody shoot up in front of you? Do you ever seen somebody with their head and look like chopped meat coming out their head? This shit ain't the movie. This shit real. So before some of you people who never experienced it give your opinion on shit, you should just be quiet. Just be quiet. And it's unwritten rules to stupidity. Believe it or not, that we try to uphold that. Nobody upholds who was upholding it. Nobody upholds these unwritten rules. This. Listen, this society we in is the most cheatingest, drunkest, highest dicking each other in the asses. Sneaky link prostitutes. No accountability. Stab you in the back, killing your friends. Shit that I ever seen. That's all we see. Just think about that. That's all we see. That's why I say, not if, but when. Cause I don't even put nothing past nobody. I'd be like, yo, look, I know you gonna sell me out, but listen, I'ma somehow try to lessen the blow, all right? Cause I know not if, but when. Know why? Because I wear shades. Know why? Cause your views. Know why? You should have been here. Know why? I don't even know why. We all got the same 24 hours. I don't look at nobody else. Play the fool. My food might get cold. I'm worried about how I'm gonna feed myself. I don't have the same addictions as other people. Many of you don't have the same addictions. So if everybody is so well off and everybody's doing so good, why the fuck are you worried about other people and what they doing? Why the fuck are you worried about what other people doing day in and day out? And it's people you know that you treat like that? It's people you know. I say it a billion times. People will learn you, study you just to harm you. Why is it that people will go all out they way to earn your trust just so they could break it? I would never do that to you. Says the person who do that to you. Nah, not me. I ain't like that. Says the person who's exactly like that. I love my comrade. Says the motherfucker who won't love me and show me to all this stupid. Who's a rat? Who's this? Let them have their conversation. That's not our conversation. Ain't for us. People who think like that, watch where they end up. Watch where they end up. And then when they end up where they're gonna end up for having that mentality and acting like that, they're gonna hope that somebody is merciful on them. So now they say, yo, man, he got 40 years. He didn't deserve 40 years. Well, what is your penalty for coming in somebody's house with the intent on harming them? Oh, you know what? Let's give him two years. How about you leave people the fuck alone? How about you don't come in nobody's house? How about you don't look at somebody else's woman, look at somebody else's car, look at somebody else jewelry, sneakers, or their daughter earrings, and say, I'm going to take that. That's why I didn't like when that other fucking bozo used to be with me and say, the wolves is out. The rats is. I mean, the wolves is out. The wolves. The wolves is out. So now me, a hardworking individual, you, a hard working individual, decide to get something nice because you earn it. And you got to worry about a fucking wolf that don't earn shit. All they do is take. Well, guess what? I got a silver bullet with all these wolves name on it. I got a silver bullet for all the wolves. That's why I walk away. That's why I walk around the way I do. I don't invite it, I don't want it, I don't want it. I don't want to invite it. But guess what? Come over here with that shit. If you want to. You could come over here, but I bet you you won't leave the way you came over here. I bet you that mentality, grown ass fucking men in they 50 talk about wolves is out. And don't wear this and you can't have this and you can't have that. Who wrote the rules about what you can buy for yourself if you earned it? Because some stupid nigga street shit is trying to govern what you want. Oh, why you bought that car? Why did you buy that? You shouldn't have bought that. Says the nigga who don't got shit. Because if you like nice things and you see somebody else with nice things, what you gonna do? You gonna say, yo, I know you brushed your ass for that. Congratulations. Real people congratulate people. Yo, that hat. I was in subway one day. I like subway salads, whatever. I don't get that tuna or none of that shit, but I like subway salads. And I seen this dude in there, and I look down at his feet. He had on some harachis that was white with gold and purple. His shirt. He had on a Lakers shirt. He had on a Lakers hat. And I looked at him and said, yo, bro, he don't know me from nowhere. So automatically when we speak to each other, we're standoffish. I know how to diffuse that. I talk for a living, so I know how to diffuse any of that. I said, yo, bro, you bodied them sneakers with that hat. If you had a scene to smile on his face because somebody congratulated him for actually putting it together, he was like, yeah, man. Now the conversation was good and inviting because I complimented, yo, bro, you bodied that sneakers with that hat. What? I'm gonna look at him for knowing that shit is flying. Be like, I should take his sneakers. That's what these dumbass 50 year old n do. That's what these 40 plus year old dudes do. They don't know how to look at somebody and say, yo, yo, body that. But they wanna talk about love, community, black love, and be the biggest haters, biggest motherfuckers poisoning this thing are ours. He ain't uplifting nobody and helping nobody. I said, yo, bro. He was like, yo. And then he was so happy to be able to speak about his journey, his journey on obtaining the shirt with the hat, with the sneakers. Cause the hat was white and the shirt was white. I was like, yo. So I walk around, when I walk around, I'll just be like, yo, that shirt, yo, you did your thing on that. You did your thing on that shirt. And they be like, yo, because all you want when you go outside is you want peace. If you go outside for war, then you need to stay your ass in the fucking house. How could you walk past a little baby drooling, eating a foot, and not smile and not say, hey, baby, how can you do that as a human being, walk past an innocent little baby eating a foot? Because all babies don't have no shoes on. I don't know, baby. Babies don't like nothing on their feet and not say, hey, baby. How could you walk past a grandma or auntie? And I say, hey, grandma, you need help. How could you do that? Some of y'all are just evil. But you able to come on YouTube and sit in places and profess how much love and how you love people, but you don't show no love to nobody want you. Ice man, I appreciate you. Babies are funny to me. They remind me of a point in my life where I didn't have a care in the world. You can remember when you didn't have to pay no bills. All you had to do was play and eat and get dirty. Adulting is overrated. But now, as adults, we want to go sometimes to a place where we don't have to worry about nothing. All this street rules, and I'm a street nigger. Listen, you a street nigger. Please stay away from me. Cause you gonna go down and you wanna take me with you. That's the mentality of some people. You know what? You escaped. Come on back. Come on back over here. That's the mentality. It's not crabs in the barrel. Crabs don't belong in the barrel. They already displaced, so of course they're going to act out when you displace you're going to act out. I wasn't the one who, who was pissing in the elevator. I never did. I never did that. I never pissed in the elevator. Never. I wasn't doing all these things because I knew it was wrong. If your heart, if you know something is wrong, I'm not. Listen, one thing about me, I wasn't a follower. I was influenced when it came to violence. But be real with you, I was influenced because it was either kick ass or get your ass kicked. That's just what it was, unfortunately. But when I was old enough to get away from that. Get away from that mentality, I did it. Look, I was able to change my life so much that these dudes really think I'm a smart guy, that I'm not really from the streets. You know how good you got to rebrand yourself to do that when there's some people and say, see me and say, hey, man, you. You still such and such? I haven't drank liquor in 22 years. 23 years. Liquor I haven't drank in 23 years. Never smoked in my life because I read books, because I know how to do graphics, because I sit here and work on my artwork, on myself and exercise. You think I won't fuck you up? You think I won't fuck you up? We don't forget that. But I guess I gotta be ignorant. Like, remember when I did that show, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I'm not stupid. I'm sorry that I know how to say disrespect and not direspect. I'm sorry I don't say direspect. I'm sorry that I say disrespect. I'm sorry that I pronounced some of my words. I'm sorry that I like getting my hair cut. I like having my face grown. I'm sorry I wear deodorant. I'm sorry I ain't got no white shit in the corner of my mouth. I'm sorry I ain't got no yellow shit caked up in my teeth. Because that's what people think. Makes you a street guy. Dysfunction. Shout out to Bunby. Held your family down, protected your wife, protected your home. That's what you supposed to do. And I know why I'm not likable. You know why? Because I'm too logical. I don't have to pretend. I don't have to pretend. I don't have to come up here, do no signs with my fingers. I don't have to wear certain colors. I don't have to project to be a part of anything. But me, my doctrine is logic. My religion is logic. If it don't make sense, it's stupid. And you're not going to make something stupid make sense to people who's intelligent. So you could fool fools, but you can't fool intelligent people. And I'm not here to fool anybody. I'm not on here begging for cash apps. I'm not on here doing none of that shit, thinking that I'm trying to give you something that I don't even follow or do myself. I was a gifted student. Dumb street shit made me not go to school. I didn't go to school. I cheated myself because I let the community cheat me. So if I know I was cheated as a youth, why would I cheat the youth behind me perpetuating the shit that cheated me? So when we had the youth group, I used to go in front of them and say, hey, I didn't go to school like you. This is what I did. But it was hard some days. I was in the staircase all day. I've been homeless before. I been through a lot. I didn't tell them all about the highs. I didn't come there showing money and jewelry and all that and say, hey, this is a reward for not going to school. No, it wasn't a reward because it was a hardship that a lot of people hang up from. A lot of people can't survive. That's why I put on social media. Hey, when you go through what I been through, I hope you hold up the way I did. I hope you hold it down the way I did. But we still sitting here, and you're gonna have bozos who never look at context. People don't look at context. People look at titles of videos and want to respond to the title. They don't even know context. They just want to argue. And of all you dudes will be coming in the comments on the videos. I don't look at everything sometimes, but if I catch you talking slick and I look at your comment history and is always saying something negative to me, I'm gonna get you the fuck up out of here. Gonna put you out your misery. Obviously you don't like me, right? So you have mental illness. It's people I don't like. I don't like people who like people I don't like. Did you know that? I don't like people who like people I don't like. Oh, you fuck with them. Okay, so I don't fuck with you because there's no way you can fuck with me and them. That's a contradiction. Oh, you think they're funny? Oh, you're entertained by them? Okay, I know where you at. Mentally, we're not on the same wavelength, of course. We vibrate low sometimes, you know, can a nigga get a table dance? Certain shit, you know, I like shit like that sometimes, you know, but. Oh, that person is smart to you. That person dropped jewels to you. Okay, don't listen to me then, please. I don't want you over here. This is. You gotta go away. I am the mirror. I'm going to show you you via myself. I'm going to say to you, that makes sense to you, I don't want to hear emotion. I don't want to hear. I'm saying, though, I want you to be able to say to me how that makes sense. Does that make sense as an adult, as a grown ass man, grown ass woman, that makes sense to you? And a lot of people, they get angry, and that's a cop out, because they don't have any logic. They don't even know how to actually even build. That's why I don't like the word bills. Good build. No, it ain't no bill, because at a point in time, he wasn't building nothing. Some people are not builders, they are destroyers. So my thing is, I'm a hold a mirror up to you. Oh, that's smart to you. You think that's. You think that's smart? What do you get from that? What do you, what do you accomplish from that? Nowadays? You got people, you could tell them, hey, man, don't step on that puddle. I think it's a current going through there. I gotta see for myself. Okay, then. You hear, yo, come help me. Nah, I already told you it is. My late great aunt, Aunt Peaches said if you had took my advice, you wouldn't need my help. That was like one of the greatest quotes I ever heard in my life. She didn't say it to me, though. She said it to my dumbass sister. If you hadn't took my advice, you wouldn't need my help. I know. Hov gotta say, hov gotta tell you. Y'all don't want to listen to diddy no more cause of the allegations. But at one particular point, y'all was with that. Take that, take that shit. Y'all was with it. And when I was speaking against that, oh, you a hater. Cause you not up. You should be where academics is at. You should be this. You broke. Why do. Why, why do why do people judge people by a bank account that they never saw? Why? Because some people wear their clothes. Some people throw slum on. Some people have fake rings, fake earrings and all that. That means they rich. So you think the jewel is something you put on your neck or put on your fingers or put on your ear. That's what you think the jewel is. The jewel is up here. And the application of the knowledge you acquire, that's the jewelry. That's the jewel. How do I not be dumb again? So that's the lesson for tonight. If you was a street guy, you was in the streets. You know how traumatizing it was? You lost some of your life to the juvenile system, to the adult prison system. You lost some of your life. You lost blood, you lost limbs, you lost skin, you lost loved ones. You lost family. You should be saying to yourself, how can I. How can I not be dumb again? You know what's worse than a young fool? An old fool. But at least when you young, you got an excuse. A puppy doesn't know what a grown dog knows. Cause they're a puppy. They still discovering. So, in youth, that's why youthful crimes are punished a certain way. Way. Because you don't know any better. But how are you a old fool in my hood and them niggas don't got my number? Ah. Nope. Yo, I got so much love for y'all. I hope nothing never happened to none of y'all. I hope y'all live forever. But listen, dude, what? What do you expect from what you doing? What do you think is going to happen? You're going to change the odds. You're going to be Tony Montana. And in the end, Tony Montana is dead. You don't talk about part two with Scarface. You just think you're going to get the money, push it to the limit. You all at. But you forgot about the gun dude was walking with in the inn when he blew his back out. No. Did he? No puffing. We talking this street shit. There's no future in that. No future. So, with that, he did what he chose to do. It ain't for me to care. I'm more concerned about individuals. I'm more concerned about 50 cent going to the Capitol saying, we need equality in the liquor music business. Cause to me, that's n. I'm more concerned with that. That bothers me a little bit more. We need equality in the liquor business. Yeah. The thing that got us all fucking crazy. Now, we need equality in the STEM program. Now, we need equality in science. And arts. We need equality in liquor. Isn't that ironic that a person that don't even drink, that don't even drink, who's made songs about drinking and don't even drink and openly admitted to deceiving you, they don't drink or smoke, but it's okay if you do it. When we know some of the most dysfunctional things that took place in our neighborhood was behind drugs and alcohol, we need equality. That's like say, hey, man, we need in on this crack thing. But I know, I know you always gonna have people do their emotions. They at they city job, some. Listen, let me, let me. I'm a close on this note. Have you ever been affected by certain things and you know the harm of certain things? Then you. Then you look at it different. If your mother, your father, your grandmother, your grandfather, your uncle, your cousin, or you yourself has been an alcoholic and you've seen the effects of alcoholism, you look at it different. You look at it different. It's not the same. It's not. Sometimes an adult decision to do. It's a disease for some. You do know that, right? I go, oh, I'm not allowed to talk about stuff like this on you. I might have went too far already. Hopefully YouTube, don't get mad at me. You know, I'm not allowed to say certain shit like this or no more, but I'm just saying it's a disease. It's not something you just do and have fun. You got people who go to restaurants and order a drink before they eat. It's a disease for some. It's the truth. So I. Y'all, let me go check out my interview with Rick Gonzalez. That's available now. I'm working on this daddy o interview that's fire. Oh, my God. I love this interview. Oh, my God. I just gotta find two parts and then I'm editing it. I'm working on it right now. I could. I could play any of this interview right now, which I should just share. So any part of it is just fire. I could play any part, right? I'll skip anywhere. Let's skip right here, wherever this is, and anything he say. Yeah, yeah. What it is. People should. Yeah, yeah. What are these people? It's your boy. Uh uh. Bro, what are you doing? What are you doing? Why are you playing? Yeah. Yeah. What it is. Why are you. Oh. Cause I'm supposed to play down here. Okay, my bad, my bad. [00:56:17] Speaker B: At time, they just fell in that same thing with me of hardcore. [00:56:20] Speaker A: You know what made me like the gravediggers because I got to hear fruit. Right, right. Fruit Quan is one of my favorites. Oh, where are you? James Brown. That's on. [00:56:29] Speaker B: That's Bobby. Yeah, that's Bobby, but it's James. [00:56:31] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, at the end of the day, was that king records, right? Yeah, yeah, that's, um. Even. Even. I think Kane dissed James Brown on, um, young, gifted and black. [00:56:41] Speaker B: I didn't hear that. [00:56:42] Speaker A: He said, so. Don't tell me you real. We sample records. Who you want to fight? You be home with all. We didn't fight to bring back alive obesity. We appreciate it. You wouldn't see, I'm a Kane fan, so I know all the Kane shit. You know what I'm saying? [00:56:52] Speaker B: Yeah, I mean, we just wanted them to know what was going on in our. [00:56:56] Speaker A: This is where I asked him about talking all that jazz. It was destructive, how y'all felt about full force doing that shit, though. [00:57:02] Speaker B: What you mean? [00:57:03] Speaker A: They was static. They was with him. Like, I don't know, man. [00:57:06] Speaker B: I just. I mean, I understand where they was coming from, but to me, full force, and that was my boys. In my head, they always a disco outfit. When I hear some of the things I think about that they made. Right. So the James thing was, I. I understand what it was trying to. [00:57:22] Speaker A: We're talking about James Brown as a producer. [00:57:25] Speaker B: I would have went somewhere else. [00:57:27] Speaker A: Yeah. Cause. But they did Utfo. They did. Yeah. [00:57:29] Speaker B: I would have went somewhere else as a producer, period. Like, I would have had him in a rehearsal studio just figuring out who we using for drums and hell, yeah. You know what I'm saying? Cause I just don't think it makes sense. [00:57:39] Speaker A: So you could sample that. Of course. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So when you look at the family tree of stetsasonic, right, y'all have de la, right? Cause that's Paul. And then you have a group called the Gravediggers. Yeah. How did you feel about the gravediggers? [00:57:56] Speaker B: I didn't like. [00:57:57] Speaker A: Oh, that's it. That's all I'm gonna give y'all. So shout out to the gravediggers, rest in peace. To poetic. He gives the interview was dope. It's like, one of my favorite interviews. Stetsasonic. Daddy o is one of the goats. Did y'all know that's daddy o? You ever seen Sig before? That's what we talk about. That. That's daddy oh, voice. Mc gusto is daddy oh, voice. Did y'all know that even a polyo string cheese commercial, I'm in my forties so y'all might not know about that, but, yo, yeah, so I'm working on this right now. I want to have some of this out for y'all. I got some more. A rasheed, this. Like I said, I love. I love this interview. I told y'all, the vault is open. If you follow me on social media, the vault is open. All I'm doing is putting out all this content. So I appreciate y'all, man. Um, as always, hopefully the cliffhanger. I gotta leave it at the cliffhanger. So, um. You know what? I'm gonna drop that tomorrow. Daddy o speaks on how he felt about the grave diggers. Man. We could. We could do that. We could do that right now. I would do it in front of y'all, but I gotta go. Um. But, yeah, that's daddy o stetsasonic. Legendary group, the big brother, um, East New York finest, Brooklyn Ghostetzer. So, yo, man, hopefully y'all have a good night. If you felt like anything I said resonated with you, please share this. Please hit the, like, button. Also come back even though you're in the chat. Leave a comment the comment helps the, um. The how it, um, you know, propagates throughout YouTube. The, like, button helps all of that. So it could be more noticed for a lot of people. Yo, with that, I'm out of here, man. Until next time.

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