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Jay Z Wasn’t Loyal To Beanie Sigel (Revisited) Or Was He?

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Jay Z Wasn’t Loyal To Beanie Sigel (Revisited) Or Was He?
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Jay Z Wasn’t Loyal To Beanie Sigel (Revisited) Or Was He?

Jun 17 2024 | 01:12:39


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Welcome to Doggie Diamonds No Filter your go-to source for unfiltered hip-hop commentary and exclusive insights! In this episode, Doggie Diamonds revisits the heated topic of Jay Z's loyalty to Beanie Sigel. Was Jay Z truly disloyal to Beanie Sigel, or is there more to the story? Join Doggie Diamonds as he breaks down the history, the drama, and the facts behind this controversial relationship.

Explore the complex dynamics between Jay Z and Beanie Sigel, delving into their Roc-A-Fella Records days and the events that led to their fallout. Doggie Diamonds provides an in-depth analysis, shedding light on both sides of the story and offering his unique perspective on the matter. For more exclusive content and to stay updated on the latest in hip-hop, be sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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[00:00:00] What's up, everybody? I go by the name of doggy diamonds. This is Doggie Diamonds tv. This is Doggie Diamonds no filter podcast. Couldn't find a hat to wear, so I didn't wear one. Plus, I got my haircut, so what I need a hat for? So if I put on a hat, I started without one. You know, when your hairline is still intact, you guys show it, you know, sometimes. Sometimes you gotta show that hairline, man, because, you know, some people be hat fishing. I ain't one of them hatfishes, you know. [00:00:28] Plus, I'll be wanting to show you how much I look like my own character. Richard over there. Up there. Not this dude right here. This dude doesn't exist no more. It's the dude up in the top corner, flashing and blinking. Yo, what's up, y'all? Um, so you're probably wondering why I'm talking about this. This is something that took place all the way in 2003, but then it was revisited in 2021, and it's revisited now in 2024. And you know what's funny about this culture that we in? I've done interviews. People have done interviews, and we have people that spoke about things before, but it seems like everybody. So, for example, if a person. Let me restart really quick. [00:01:15] Let me restart. I don't know why this does this. I got to figure this out. But anyway, so, um, when a person does different platforms, it seems like no matter what was said on the last platform, a person won't say, yo, I heard you said this. On this, they won't ask new questions. They will ask the same questions over and over. [00:01:47] So we could hear the same questions and answers on seven platforms. I don't. I don't me particular. I don't like to do that. If an individual did an interview somewhere else, I don't want to rehash that, not unless we're bringing people up to speed, just in case something new occurred or anything, then I would do that. But I personally don't like to. You said it on this platform, that platform and ever. I don't like to do that. But for those who do that, fine. Because sometimes history does need to be revisited. [00:02:18] Oshino. Shout out to Oshino, who I've done an interview with before, is on the channel. [00:02:26] Did an interview with, say cheese and hip hop. DX. You know, that's my favorite site. So I was browsing through there, and they covered it. [00:02:34] So they titled it Jay Z, slammed by ex Rockefeller rapper for betraying Beanie Siegel, an attempt Merc case. [00:02:45] So Jay Z has been criticized by former Rockefeller rapper Osino for turning his back on Beanie Siegel and his attempt case in the mid two thousands. In an interview with say cheese estate property alum aired his grievances with his former boss for refusing to vouch for beans during the trial. I came to court for Beanie when he allegedly, boom, somebody. Oh, sheena, recall, Jay Z got on the stand and they said, are you gonna be responsible for him if we let him go? Jay Z said, no, I was there. This ain't hearsay. This was me in the courtroom. He added, I was just thinking, why did he come to court for them? Why did he come to court for them? If I got a homie and all I got to say is I'm responsible for him, for him to get out. I'm saying, every time the judge is trying to give him an out, and he said, no, ain't nobody say nothing. Nobody flinch. Mind you, I'm a jail. [00:03:44] So I'm looking around like nobody not saying nothing, like it was normal. Maybe I'm too street in my thinking, and maybe he's being more responsible, but I was thinking, man, these boys is different. [00:03:57] So he did that. You could watch the say cheese interview for yourself. It's like 13 minutes in this interview. I don't know what the title is. So also, Beanie took when he did his drink Champs interview, he said Seagull recently sat down on an episode of Drink Chance. And this wasn't recently, this was 2021. [00:04:23] And discuss how he felt when Jay Z vouched for him in court. Jay Z vouched for him in court. [00:04:32] This keyword, Jay Z, vouch for him in court. [00:04:37] When he was faced with the federal weapons charge, an attempt in 2003, though he did vouch for Siegel, he also told the court that he was not responsible for him. [00:04:50] Siegel shared, I never been crushed like that in my life. That effed me up. That took me, that took away a lot of s that I had thought we had. Like, that's big, bro. I believe at that time, Jay was thinking that I was unpredictable. I was bugging. I know I was out of pocket. I was uncontrollable. [00:05:14] So this is what I wanted to talk about. And this is why this is very important to talk about, because here it is. [00:05:23] I know the easiest thing to do on social media, the easiest thing to do for people who have podcasts, is the bash the top guys. Let's talk bad about Jay Z. Let's talk bad about diddy. Let's talk bad about about everything. You're going to get views. You're going to get like, why? Because some of them deserve it, and some of them, we've heard stories, and we like gossip. [00:05:51] We like to see gossip. [00:05:57] We like it. [00:06:00] So it's easy to say Jay Z didn't vouch for Segu, although he did. It's easy to say he wasn't loyal to him, although he was loyal to him. Let me explain something to you, and I'm gonna keep it real with you. What did Beanie say himself? He was uncontrollable. So if you ask doggy diamonds, is he gonna be responsible for another man? How the fuck could I be responsible for another man? [00:06:39] How could you be responsible for another man? [00:06:43] How? [00:06:46] So you telling me a guy who smokes, drinks, sips lean pop, perk thirties, I gotta be responsible for him, and I don't do what he does. The only way we're together is because he signed to me and he raps, and so do I, but I gotta be responsible. And at that particular time, Beannie Siegel was 29 years old. He wasn't no kid. He was older than NBA Youngboy. And these guys that we call kids were young men. [00:07:21] So my thing is, how is people being mad at Jay Z for saying, he not going to be responsible for. He vouchsada. He vouched for him, but I ain't going to be responsible for him. If, say, that's like saying, hey, put your house up and be responsible for him. [00:07:49] And if he wants to jump bail or do anything, you lose your house. [00:07:58] Now, this is what I find. [00:08:02] This is the society that we in right now. Who likes for you to hold the mirror up in front of them? Who wants to take accountability? [00:08:12] See, y'all ask a million and one questions. Why doggy diamonds don't do this with this person no more? Why this person ain't around no more? Did doggy diamonds have a falling out with this person? Listen, it is what it is. Whenever you try to hold somebody accountable, they will stop talking to you. [00:08:32] I never stopped talking to nobody. I never stopped communicating with nobody. But I do hold people responsible for their actions. When you do something ill advised you have no business doing, they will stop talking to you for what they did to you, not anything you did to them. [00:08:50] But you're left with the questions of why you do this. Why did this happen? Why did that happen? Well, said individual did something they had no business doing more than one time. And I spoke to them about it, and instead of them taking accountability and saying, I'm wrong. They get angry and separate themselves from you, leaving you holding the bag of what happened. You have a falling out with everybody. Listen, I don't have a falling out with a lot of people. I have a falling in with myself. A lot of dudes, especially men. Men in 2024-2322 act like complete bitches. [00:09:37] Not even the female. [00:09:39] Just feminine. [00:09:41] It's certain, certain things you cannot do when you're representing somebody's name and brand. You can't do certain things when you representing somebody. Name and brand. You have to be, you gotta have a hurt. You have a have to, you gotta. How am I trying to put. You have a, you have to have a certain code of conduct when you represent somebody else. It's not about you, it's about somebody else. When I was a part of Forbes DVD, I was being made to believe that what I was saying on Twitter, not the interviews I did, not the million and one interviews I did, not all the graphics I did, not all the dvd's I did. [00:10:24] What I was saying on Twitter was hurting the company. So what did I do? I started my own shit. I ain't gonna hurt the company. But nobody can control me because I know what I'm doing is not hurting nothing. If anything, it's helping it. [00:10:41] And we see where that went. [00:10:44] We see where I'm at today. [00:10:48] So nowadays when you say to a man, yo, you can't do this. [00:10:55] They don't, they don't say, you know what you write? They get mad, they get angry. [00:11:07] So that's why I wouldn't have been responsible for him either. Get out. Maybe he need to go sit his ass down for a little while. Maybe he need time out. Maybe he needed timeout. I don't give a fuck what he in jail for. I didn't put him in there. I wasn't with him. I don't condone the dual ways and actions. This is rap. See, when people say, hey, maybe I'm just too much of a street nigger. Maybe you are. You know why? Because the street nigga, the street mentality, that street shit is fucking us up. [00:11:44] I don't give a fuck how. That's not the way you pronounce somebody name. You think I give a fuck about that? All the shit that I'm saying tonight, you worried about a nigga name, pronounciation? [00:11:56] You know how many people say, oh, she know in his fucking face? And he don't say, that's not how you pronounce it. And you ho ass niggas coming in my chat. That's not how you pronounce his name. [00:12:14] Anyway, he didn't take the stand and say something against his dude, if you heard what I said, he vouched for him. But when they asked him was he going to be responsible for him, no, he's not my child. [00:12:35] He's not my kid. [00:12:37] Seriously, I'm not going to be responsible for another man. No, I'm not going to be responsible for another man. How could we be responsible for any men today if they don't want to take accountability? Look at your brother, look at your homie. Look at. Everybody wants to be this street guy. Everybody wants to live by these street rules. Who's a rat? Who's not a rat? They still wanna live like that in 2024? They still talking about stupid street in 2024 all up and down your timeline. Who's a rat? Who's a snitch? Who told, who did this? Who did that? How is it any progression in any of that? Cause for the most part, if you still in the streets is trying to profess to be some street guy, live by some fucking street rules, just really think about that in 2024, Chief Red hot, I always appreciate you just think about that in 2024, we still talking about I'm street. [00:13:57] The fuck is being street? Let's just be honest. Could we be, what is a street guy? [00:14:04] That sound like somebody irresponsible to me? That sound like somebody who justify all types of bull on a day to day basis while the world is just going and evolving every day. We still stuck somewhere that we was at 20 years ago, 25 years ago. [00:14:27] I'm a street guy. So trying to live by codes and morals, that was implemented by people who break them. You do know that, right? [00:14:39] You do know that, right? Everybody who implements these codes and morals had broke them. [00:14:46] Everybody want to be la costra nostra, Omer to the cold. [00:14:55] They broke those codes. [00:14:59] They broke those codes. [00:15:02] You know pillow talking is ratting too, right? You do know that, right? You do know if you sit and lay in the bed with a woman and tell and talk about another man in a negative way, you a fucking rat. Oh, I seen that. He got a lot of girls, but that ain't ratting, all right? [00:15:24] I had a homie that I was rocking with that was smashing the chick that wanted to let me live. I ain't even want to live with the chick. He gonna tell the chick he got a girl. [00:15:36] Oh, my nigga, you beating already. Leave me out of this. Why am I in your bed and then did the chick come back and tell me, how much of your chick is she? [00:15:49] He got a girl while y'all in the bed? I came up in any way. [00:15:57] But you ain't no rat, though. So let me get this straight. Help me understand. If you're willing to tell on me for some, what would you do for your freedom? [00:16:15] Remember when you could tell somebody something and they wasn't gonna tell nobody? You knew it. [00:16:25] That's why I said, loyalty is a myth. Now, a listening ear becomes a running mouth. Cause everybody got somebody that they trust. [00:16:34] I trust you. But you trust him. [00:16:37] But he trusts him. And he trusts her. [00:16:40] And she trusts her. So now, before you know it, ten people know your business. But you told a person you trust, but they trust somebody different outside of you. [00:16:50] But if you don't want nobody to know nothing, just don't say shit. [00:16:55] Look where we at. Have you ever seen a time where you got grown ass men acting like little women on social media? Cause you ain't like, they post, where people will pick up the phone and call you and say you had posted. [00:17:14] Posted. How many times do you hear posted in a day where people will call your phone and say, you seen what? Such as posted. [00:17:24] Actually, I didn't. [00:17:28] I didn't. Was it something I should have saw? Go check. They post, go look at their post, and call me back. So I'm supposed to find my phone, go through social media, look at a post, try to meet you with the anger or be startled or whatever the case may be, and then say, yeah, man, they had posted? I think not. [00:17:52] I ain't doing that. [00:17:55] I'm not doing that. [00:17:57] I had a homeboy, former homeboy, who I used to be. Used to be on the channel a lot that I interview a lot. Nigga mad at me because I wouldn't be angry at certain people with him. [00:18:10] I don't know how to be no ho. [00:18:14] I don't know how to just, you mad? I'm mad. Let me be like, what you mad at? And I'm gonna say to you, you don't think that that's stupid, that's. That's cool? Being responsible and accountable. Yo, you. You think that's a good reason to be mad? Why you mad at that? [00:18:31] No, because they had posted, posted. [00:18:41] But again, say something about Jay Z. [00:18:47] You're gonna give views. You guys gonna be in the title. [00:18:50] Say something about certain people is gonna be in the title, in all this paperwork, in all his paperwork. And I'm not a Jay Z sympathist or apologist. Either. But I know bullshit when I see it. [00:19:07] I know bullshit when I see it. [00:19:11] Do I trust anyone? I don't trust a soul. [00:19:16] I don't trust nobody. [00:19:21] If it's probable, it's possible. [00:19:24] Do you know that people fight to win your trust so they could break it? [00:19:30] Think about the people you met, whether it's friends, whether it's business, whether it's personal. [00:19:42] And you talk about life experiences with people, and you tell people how things happen in life. What is the first thing wanting to tell you how they're not like that. And I would never do that to you until they do it to you. [00:20:00] Just really think about that. Everybody want to tell you, oh, no, that's foul. I would never do that until they do it. And then you sitting there scratching your head like I thought you said you would never do that. [00:20:17] They won't do it until they do it. [00:20:22] You train your assassin. People will study you. Your likes, your dislikes, your triggers. What makes you happy, what makes you sad. That's what people do. [00:20:35] And they study you. They check your social media, they check all your posts. They check everything. They know everything about you. [00:20:44] And then one day they strike. [00:20:48] And we ain't gonna talk about family. [00:20:51] We not even gonna talk about, I could be here for 3 hours if we gonna talk about family. Cause this is the difference between family and relatives. Some people are related to you because they're related by blood. That don't make them your family. Your family is a motherfucker who, when is the last time somebody called you and asked you, did you eat? [00:21:12] Yo, did you eat today? What you ate? [00:21:17] When is the last time somebody called you and asked you, did you eat? [00:21:27] Think about that. Did you eat what you ate today? [00:21:34] Have you tried such and such? [00:21:38] I say this all the time. When is the last time somebody called you for opportunity? [00:21:42] They call you for all types of shit. They never call you and say, yo, they're hiring such and such. Yo, they're this, that, and the third. Yo, when is the last time somebody call you for opportunity? [00:21:54] Yo, you braid hair. They're having a hair convention. I will put up the money for you to go in that convention. [00:22:04] Yo, you make some banging ass pillows, I will put up the money. How much would it cost to get your pillows out there? More. When's the last time I said something to that? Something like that to you. [00:22:19] Yo, you rap. [00:22:22] What is going to take to get your shit to the next level? You nice. [00:22:26] You don't hear that. [00:22:28] Only time I hear that is when I say it to somebody else. [00:22:32] Nowadays, you give a nigga opportunity. Look at everybody who I gave opportunity to. Where they at now? On YouTube talking shit about me. Just really think about that. Nobody gave me no fucking opportunity. I gave it to them. Nobody shared their platform with me. I shared my platform with them. [00:22:51] I always was who the fuck I was. [00:22:55] And you want me to be responsible for irrational, bitch made ass dudes who act like little girls who have alcohol problems, who have addiction problems, who have mental problems? I'm supposed to be responsible for that. And I fight my demons every day. I quit drinking over 20 something years ago. Never smoked in my life. All I want to do is exercise, mind my business, and eat right. And I'm supposed to be responsible for somebody irrational? [00:23:28] Why? Cause they're my friend. We're supposed to be loyal. Street shit. [00:23:36] Aye. [00:23:38] All right, if that's the case, everybody's so loyal, right? [00:23:47] Why you not with your first girl? [00:23:51] Why you not with your first boyfriend? [00:23:56] Why you and your family don't talk over some stupid shit? [00:24:05] They only responsible for the child that you helped create until they don't want to listen. [00:24:14] I had a cousin living with me that I looked out for. [00:24:24] They couldn't even keep a job at Wendy's. [00:24:28] They had to pay no rent. You had to pay shit. Own room, bathroom in the room. [00:24:34] They had to pay no bills. [00:24:37] They would meet. Cuz, get your act together, nigga. Sit in the room, smoke 900 cigarettes, drink liquor all day on the phone talking shit. I know y'all seen me sometimes live looking like, why is this nigga making noise? [00:24:51] And I'm doing my show. I don't live with you, nigga. You live with me. [00:24:56] I'm trying to help you. [00:25:00] Then the nigga leave and say, yo, now I'm leaving. That nigga need time for itself. You know what? I do need time for myself. Need you to fuck away from me too. [00:25:12] But has something had to happen, and I'm in a situation where they want to ask me, will you be responsible for him? No. You know why? Cause he ain't even responsible for him. [00:25:25] The shit that a motherfucker need to do to fix themselves, they won't even do. [00:25:33] Just really think about that. [00:25:40] Buy a nigga a bed, buy nigga clothes, buy a nigga everything. [00:25:47] Sit in the room, smoke 900 fucking cigarettes. And you don't smoke. Your cribs smell like cigarettes. Then you go in the room. You go in the room. This motherfucker was falling asleep smoking cigarettes. And the bed is all burnt up. [00:26:03] Nigga was falling asleep. In the bed, smoking cigarettes. [00:26:08] You pull, you look at the COVID that you bought and it's holes in the COVID So you pull a fucking tip and this nigga pissed in the bed. [00:26:21] How was you living like this in my shit? [00:26:29] And that's who these are type of people that we supposed to be responsible for? Nah, that's family. Nah, that's your bro. [00:26:40] Nah, nigga, you live a shelter. Life where you need to be is in a shelter with people just like you. And some people in the shelter is gonna try to get they self together. Cause they don't belong. They just fell on hard times. They could have burnt me alive. [00:27:04] Then I go to bed. Go to sleep. [00:27:08] Then the motherfucker taking my gun, playing with it on like a little kid. I find out, nah, that's your family, though. Is it really? [00:27:19] Cause I was they family. What a mine. [00:27:22] I was their family. Were they my family? [00:27:26] Jeopardizing me and the shit that I built. I built. I don't have no mother, no father, nobody to call. I can't call nobody for help. If I fall off, I'm gone. [00:27:37] You see, I was. I wasn't stressed out because I know how to budget my shit. I know how to live my life the way I live my life. But when I lost my monetization, you didn't see me with gofundmes and all this shit. I wasn't on here complaining. Every day. I just fell back. [00:27:54] If I had to listen to some of these bozo ass. Yo, you need to get a job. You niggas who never did nothing, never put nothing on the line, telling me what I gotta do based off of what? [00:28:07] You didn't see me crying and complaining. Yo, they trying to. [00:28:12] They trying to silence certain shit eyes, y'all. Shit, I know how to move now pull back a fucking mattress. [00:28:20] Where my phone? [00:28:22] I got it in my phone. [00:28:26] Falling asleep, frying chicken. Oh, yo, I fell asleep. No, you're drunk. [00:28:34] Come out the room smelling something burning. Yo, this motherfucker trying to burn me down. And my shit that I paid for that I invited you in because my aunt passed. [00:28:51] What are we really talking about? I'm not being responsible for another man, ever. Ever. It's my biggest mistake, being responsible for somebody who's not my son. [00:29:01] Never. Especially somebody older than me. [00:29:07] Motherfucker can't even go to work at wendy's, falling asleep, frying chicken. [00:29:17] I'm in the fucking gym, nigga. Watch me go to the gym every way. Watch me eat a certain way. Watch me drink water. Could you buy me a beer. So, hypothetically speaking, right? I stopped drinking in, like, 2001, right? But before 2001, I guess I would say I was an alcoholic because I drank a lot. Maybe I wasn't an alcoholic by the standards of a bum ass nigga on the corner drinking, but I drank a lot. So what I did was I conquered the demon of alcohol and I stopped drinking. So you watch me drink, right? And you watch me stop. You watch me have 20 something years of sobriety. You asked me, can you go get me a beer from the store? So what happens if I say, yo, I want a beer, too? [00:30:00] You're not even supporting my efforts of sobriety. It's all about you, and that's the niggas we supposed to be responsible for. [00:30:10] What else you want me to do for you? Jay Z gave the n a record deal, gave the nigga money. Fucking put the n on records, put him in front of the world. And then now I have to be responsible for you. Now, what else you want me to do? Blue Ivy wasn't even born at the time. Neither was Sia, neither was Rumi, neither was, uh, uh, uh. [00:30:35] Oh, it's only. [00:30:38] It's only three of them. I thought it was four of them for some reason. Yeah. [00:30:44] It ain't what you gotta take. You gotta look out for your fucking family. Even my own sister. [00:30:50] My own sister, fuck it. They don't watch me anyway. Let me just talk about y'all. [00:30:57] My sister called me. [00:31:01] Her lights about to go out. She didn't ask me. [00:31:05] Hey, younger brother, little brother. I am the youngest. Our parents are gone. [00:31:12] Our older sister and brother is gone. Only me and her. [00:31:19] How the fuck, in this day and time is your lights getting cut out? You know why? Because you never worked a day in your life. You live off the system. [00:31:32] You watch me. We started the same place, same mother, same father, same struggle. [00:31:39] You watch me. [00:31:41] I can't. I'm a man. I can't just go get food stamps and public assistance and live off the system and have babies and put them on my budget. I can't do that. I get out there and get it. Watch me struggle. [00:31:54] Watch me make it happen. You don't call me and say, hey, I need your help. You call me and say, my light's about to get cut off. [00:32:08] This is the account number. Why do you call me? Cause you ain't what she say. I ran out of options. I don't have nobody to call. [00:32:19] Who the fuck could I call? [00:32:24] But what do I do? My niece is dead. [00:32:28] He don't deserve none of that shit. What I do, she gave me the account number. She didn't say, can you pay it? [00:32:36] He gave me the account number. Call me. This is the account number. What I do, I go on the account, I pay the bill. [00:32:43] Pay the bill, fuck it. But then when I go, look, it's not $173. It's 500 something dollars. So you, Ben, ain't paying this shit. [00:32:55] You 50 years old. What have you done with your life? [00:33:00] I am the younger brother. They all got me by years. I am the youngest one of the youngest in my family. [00:33:08] Can't call nobody for shit, but everybody calls me. [00:33:14] Imagine being the one in your family that everybody calls but you can't call nobody. Everybody calls you. [00:33:22] You got to set it out for everybody. You got to make sure everybody lights is paid. You got to make sure everybody car is working. You got to make sure everybody college tuition is paid. You got to do that. So I just pay the bill. [00:33:37] Chick don't say to me, thank you. [00:33:43] We have a discussion about something. [00:33:47] What she do? She hang up the phone on me. You know when that was? It was last year. I ain't speak to her in a year. [00:33:54] So the time before I spoke to that, I paid her bill. [00:33:58] The time after that, we had a discussion about me holding her accountable for something. She hung up the phone on me. [00:34:13] But that's your sister. [00:34:19] The fuck that I do wrong. [00:34:24] Rarely do I tell people no. [00:34:29] Rarely do I tell people no. [00:34:34] You understand what I'm saying? Rarely do I tell people no. [00:34:39] I told this homeless guy yesterday, right? [00:34:43] So I got out the gym, I was starving. I said, yo, let me get some broccoli with garlic sauce. You know what I'm saying? I love broccoli with garlic sauce. [00:34:53] Fucking able bodied homeless guy look younger than me. I'm just fucking leaving the gym. [00:34:59] Leaving the gym starving. [00:35:03] He's standing out in front of the little strip mall, begging everybody. Begging old ladies, old black women. You know how mad that shit made me? I see these old ladies getting out, and he's begging. [00:35:17] That shit bothered me. [00:35:20] It bothered me. So me mind my business. I ain't saying nothing to him. [00:35:26] I go get my grub. Now, me, I don't like eating fast food in the house for some reason, because I hate to discard it. Something about it goes in the garbage. I don't know. I don't like that. [00:35:37] So I sit in my truck and eat. [00:35:40] So I know he look like Dan. This dude got a nice truck. He eating. [00:35:47] Why this nigga walk to the side? Of my truck and say, yo, what's up? [00:35:54] I said, yo, you don't see me eating? [00:35:58] Yeah. I just said, yo, listen, fuck away from me. [00:36:06] I rarely do that. [00:36:08] I rarely do that. [00:36:10] But I was like, yo, fuck away from me. [00:36:14] I seen you begging them black women, them elderly women. I seen you begging them with your hand out, and you gonna come over to me, yo, what's up? While I'm eating your stinking, funky ass fuck outta here. [00:36:33] Then he gonna walk away. Shit. Unbelievable. Meanwhile, he's on the cellphone. See, I know people who are destitute who need your help. I do not mind helping anybody who needs my help. [00:36:44] Are you stunting on the phone? [00:36:49] Yo, get away from me. But then he walked past looking at me, shaking my head. I said, yo, before I put this shit down, what's gonna happen is I'm gonna get out this fucking car and fuck you up. That's what I told him. Get out this car and fuck you up. [00:37:12] So you better just go ahead. [00:37:16] He's shaking his head, walking, laughing. I'm like, see, this is the shit I'm talking about. Able bodied men always talking about what another man don't do for them. [00:37:28] I told them, listen, I will devastate you. I was out the gym too. What I did yesterday, I did back. [00:37:34] I was feeling strong yesterday. I'm like, yo, I will get out this truck and fuck you up. [00:37:45] I wouldn't listen. [00:37:47] I'm the type that when I go to places to eat, sometimes I buy everybody food. Yo, what you want is on me. [00:37:57] Especially if I see a grandma. [00:38:00] Even if she got it. You know, grandma's beholding. But even if she got, I just felt like I did something good for the day. Grandma, what you eatin'what? We eatin'grandma, whatever you buy. You know what, grandma? It's on me. We'll get whatever you want. For real? Yeah, get whatever you want. [00:38:15] I got it. Listen, I want this. And whatever grandma eating, I. Sometimes I go places. Yo, y'all hungry? [00:38:23] I don't never deny people food. [00:38:27] Never. But you an able bodied motherfucker standing out here begging these old black ladies, and you on a cell phone. [00:38:37] Nah. [00:38:40] You get your ass beat out here fucking with me, I'm just gonna rib shot you one time. [00:38:50] One time. [00:38:54] But see, now, it boils down to what you not doing. You know how many times I listen, let me tell y'all something. This is the house that doggie diamonds built. [00:39:05] Nobody ain't giving me no brick. [00:39:08] Nobody gave me no cement. Nobody gave me nothing. To build this shit. [00:39:14] You know who helped me? The people. I gave content that the people liked and the people support me. But these fucking niggas, I know. No, none of them. But everybody feels entitled to my. Ain't it sad when people ask you for something and don't even support what you do to get money? [00:39:31] Think about it. Hitting a like is easy, right? [00:39:35] Sharing is easy, right? [00:39:39] How much that costs? [00:39:41] They don't even do that. [00:39:44] Your own people, your own family, be like, what's your YouTube again? Cause I was telling somebody, you got a YouTube? You got a big YouTube. Yeah, my cousin, my brother, my homie, my friend got a big YouTube and you don't even know what it is. [00:40:02] I don't expect nothing from nobody. You never heard me say people be like, yo, don't you know such and such? Yeah, I know them. So why you don't? Because I'm not into asking men for anything. [00:40:14] I'm gonna get it. [00:40:16] And I don't feel no way when nobody don't give it to me either. [00:40:20] You don't think I see people, super chats, people setting it out, sending them $100, $200, people who don't floss about they money in your face? I see people giving it to them, and they got these little slogans after they get they breath. I seen it before. I don't care. I don't have no requirement. Yo, y'all gotta hit me in the super chat, yo. You gotta cash at me. I have no requirement. It's for the people who wish to support me. Cool. [00:40:46] But I don't have no requirement for people. [00:40:51] I have no requirement. [00:40:53] I know what it is. [00:40:56] I'm gonna get it regardless. I know all these. I know all these rap niggas. You ever see me on any of their pages? You ever see any of them retweet? You ever see even the niggas I interviewed? I don't expect no expectations equals no disappointments. I don't expect anybody to do anything for me. I just don't expect it. So nobody has to be responsible for me. You know why? Because I'm responsible for me. [00:41:22] I'm responsible for me. And truthfully, I am responsible for me. [00:41:28] I'm a grown ass man. [00:41:31] I'm a grown ass man that was responsible for me with responsibilities. [00:41:36] If I don't pay this Internet bill, guess what, it's going to get dark in here. If I don't pay this cell phone bill, guess what? It's going to get dark. Ain't no looking around the room, yo. Ain't no, Gofundmes ain't none of that shit. You know, sometimes I wanted something, and I wanted to, um. [00:41:55] I wanted to put up Gofundmes and shit to say, damn, maybe the people will help me. Nah, you know what? [00:42:01] Nah, I do it myself. I get it. [00:42:08] I just knocked the type. I never had no parents, so nobody was obligated for me. That's how I felt. I always felt like anybody who did something for me, yo, they was looking out, and sometimes I'm over. [00:42:21] Well, how could I say this? I'm overthinkful for people who helped me. I'm just so thankful for people who helped me. Like, damn, you thought about me? [00:42:33] Cause I'm the type, yo. I think about people. We live in the same crib. I go out, yo, don't you like this here? I thought about you. [00:42:44] You live in a crib with people. [00:42:47] They come in the crib. Did they get you any food? [00:42:51] They know you like these donuts. They went past the donut shop. Did they say, damn, you know what? Let me go in there and get a donut for her. Let me go get a donut for him. I know they love this. [00:43:02] My little niece, every day of that baby life, I bought her a surprise. [00:43:09] That's why she got so many toys. But I always. [00:43:14] She was a little, like, one and a half years old, and she would see me and say, you got me a surprise. Because that's what I did. Surprise. Every day when I go out, I'm always going to think about you. I'm always going to bring you something. [00:43:33] Just think about that. When, motherfucker. But they want you to be responsible for them. And you don't do shit for me, and I don't want you to. [00:43:41] I never asked you to. But because I asked you, don't do it. [00:43:46] Think about it. You gotta tell people to hit the like button 500 times. You gotta tell people to comment. People will look at you like a fish in a fishbowl and not partake or interact with what you're doing. [00:44:00] So again, I'm not on no fucking fit. I'm not on no street. Just listen. The street shit decimated us. [00:44:13] It bodied us. [00:44:17] And people still trying to uphold it. [00:44:20] I just seen something today with Bun B on the stand. [00:44:26] So bun B is a rat now? Were he talking about his family being violated? Somebody robbing his house? So bun B is a rat now you see it. [00:44:37] You'll see it. [00:44:40] You'll see it. This is where we at. Everybody's a rat. Everybody's a snitch all up and down my fucking timeline. I'm a street nigger. You are. [00:44:49] You are at this time. [00:44:52] All the things you could be in life, you just chose to be a street nigga. Cause now it's a choice. See, that's what Kanye was saying. People didn't understand what he was saying about the situation. When something is going on for 400 years, 500 years, after a while, it's a choice. So. And people will say, yo, this is not a choice. Okay? So if you was in a relationship for eight years and you was abused for seven of them, you didn't have a choice to leave at any given time. No. You might not have believed in yourself and believed you had a choice, but it's a choice because you can always leave. We always have a choice. Regardless to what. We have a choice. We choose to stay. In situations, sometimes you can't see yourself out of it because you lack the esteem or the mental ability to leave, but it's a choice. [00:45:44] That's what he was saying. So when people be like, oh, I lost all respect for you. Oh, I'm blocking you. So I didn't ask you to stay here. There's your choice to watch me or not. It's your choice to fuck with me or not. So a billion people in the world. First of all, it's like, people. You know, it's billions of people in the fucking world. You do know was the point where I didn't know you. We could go right back to that. I have no problem. [00:46:11] I have no problem with going back to not knowing you because knowing you has been detrimental to my motherfucking mental. Okay? You have been a piece of shit and a pain in the ass for the most part. So if the bad has been outweighing the good, let's just go back to me not knowing you. [00:46:29] Seriously, let's just go. Yeah, I don't know you. Yup. Block me on everything. Let's not correspond. None of that shit. Because I find in today's time, people think people can be replaced. Ever since that Beyonce shit came out, you must not know about me. I could have another you in a minute. Matter of fact, he'll be here in a minute. Think about how somebody could have got boomed out of that situation. Or how she said that everybody is irreplaceable to people in their mind. Let me tell you something. I'm not replaceable. I'm not. You know why? Cause I give a quality of life to people that nobody will ever give you. And you know what? It is. Sometimes I care about people more than I care about myself. And then I realize, yo, you know what? Some people are meant to be pieces of shit. Some people are meant to be bums. Some people are meant to be whores. Some people are meant to be crackheads. That's just your destiny and your fate. You don't want nothing for yourself. Why do I want something for you that you don't want for you? And why am I getting mad? Cause you don't want it for you. Why am I getting mad? Why am I angry? Because you don't want better for you. [00:47:35] Why am I angry? [00:47:37] Why am I hurt? [00:47:41] You wanna be a statistic. You wanna be a consumer. You know how many times I sat here, night after night, telling people shit, putting my platform on the life on the line, them shitting on my platform, doing all types of shit for people to make jokes about me and shit like that, when all I did was try to fucking help motherfuckers. [00:48:00] You know what? Hey, you know what I say? Some, not all gotta die. [00:48:10] Just is what it is. [00:48:14] I'm not being responsible for nobody, ever. I'm not being responsible for nobody. I tried. [00:48:26] Everybody who I was responsible for wasn't responsible for themselves. And then when you try to hold them responsible, they get mad. [00:48:37] They get mad, yo, you can't do that. You can't be doing that. That ain't right. [00:48:45] If y'all was a fly on the wall for some conversations I had with people, you'd be like, what? You would look at them totally different. [00:48:54] But it ain't up for me to say certain shit about certain people. It's up to me to say, yo, you know what? I'm over here with it. I'm gonna do this. [00:49:04] But my affiliation with you is no more. [00:49:09] Any record of me dealing with you don't exist. Not on my part. [00:49:17] Trying to help every fucking body. Nah, let's. Let's. Let's do this. Let's do that. [00:49:27] Think you can replace somebody? [00:49:32] One thing about that grass, huh, traveling man. Um, well, that conversation didn't come up, so I don't understand what you're saying. [00:49:48] Let me ask y'all something, too. How come when we talking about some things, y'all talk about something else that has a similarity, but we're talking about you being accountable? Saying, what about you? [00:50:03] Doesn't take the focus off of you being fucked up. [00:50:08] So if you're telling me something about me, I can't say, what about you? [00:50:13] We'll get to me in a minute, but let's deal with you real quick. [00:50:27] That's called being accountable. [00:50:30] In this time, nobody wants to be accountable or responsible. [00:50:38] So I know why people be mad at me. I know. I get it. I'm telling you, I completely understand why I'm not 1000% a likable guy. I get it. I know why. Cause I hold the mirror up. I hold a mirror up. I remind people of their failures. [00:50:55] I remind people that we all have the same 24 hours in the day. But what I chose to do with my 24 hours, I might have prospered from. And instead of you changing your 24 hours, the direction of your 24 hours, and what you do in your 24 hours, you get mad at me. I get it, I get it. I understand. [00:51:19] But you won't be mad. Stay mad. Matter of fact, get in line, size, order, single file. You get in the front, you short, you get your big, tall ass in the back. All y'all be mad together in March. [00:51:32] Matter of fact, y'all get mad and just sing an old negro spiritual together. I don't care what y'all do. [00:51:40] That doesn't make me better than anybody. But at the same time, I'm not here. I'm not infringing on you. I don't give a fuck what you do. Why do you care about what I do? What I got, what I drive, what I eat, who I date, whatever. All I've encountered since I was a little baby boy with motherfucking the big ass afro was. I got people angry and mad and hating on me. And I'm like, the fuck you mad at me for? I don't want to be with you. I don't want to wear what you wear. I don't want to do nothing you do. I don't want to smoke what you smoke, drink what you drink. Date who you date. Go. What you go. I don't like. I'm not no sneaker head. I'm not none of these things that y'all. I come on here. Plain ass black t shirt. [00:52:22] I just got a bracelet that I wear, that I've been wearing for years. I got an apple Watch. I'm not trying to outdo nobody. And niggas be mad. You know why? Because you don't have this many people don't possess this. They don't possess passion. They don't possess discipline. All they possess is emotions, not discipline at all. [00:52:44] You should be mad at you. [00:52:47] That's why people will come sitting and say, you know why I'm mad? Cause you mad at you. You mad every day, all day, you know, sometimes I come on here, I laugh, I joke, I bullshit. I have fun. I'm still gonna say some real shit, but I wanna have fun. [00:53:01] Yo, I'm mad because. Not on my watch. Oh, I gotta stop this. [00:53:10] Please. [00:53:13] All that deflection. [00:53:15] What about you? [00:53:17] You worried about everybody else? [00:53:21] Sometimes I say to myself, self, you fucking up. I say that to me. Nobody got to tell me when I'm fucking up. I make a mistake. I dip off the scene, try to get my etiquette right. I don't sit amongst people. If I'm in a bad mood and it's ten people out there laughing. I ain't gonna walk over there and say, what's so funny? Fuck y'all niggas laughing. I want to laugh, too. No, I'm just gonna keep it walking. Yo, what's good? Nah. Yo, I got some shit in my mind. I'm gonna take it in the crib. [00:53:51] People call me, yo. What's good? Yo, I don't even. [00:53:55] Yo, I'm on one today, man. Pardon me. [00:54:03] What's good? Yo, I'm not in the mood. [00:54:09] Why you not in the mood? Well, I don't want to talk about it, but I fucked up on something. [00:54:19] What happened? No, I'm not telling you because a listening ear is a running mouth. [00:54:25] Y'all looking for dirt on me. You looking for something. Just like in this situation with Diddy. You got people saying, Jay Z is next. He's next. Is he really? Or you want him to be next? Why is it important for him to go down to you? Why? Why does he have to be next? What has he done to make him next? Or do you just want him to be next? Is it wishful thinking for him to be next? He's next. [00:54:52] You got people who can't even get over ether and take over in 2024. That's still a conversation. [00:55:02] He's next based off what? [00:55:09] You don't know how sick that shit is for you to sit in your house and watch and want somebody else demise to happen. [00:55:19] You know that blocks your blessings, right? You do know that, right? You do know wishing bad for somebody else blocks your blessings. [00:55:30] Worry about yourself. Worry about what you got going on. And whatever happens to them, happen to them. I don't care. You think I'm sitting around saying to about an ex, I hope this happened? Oh, I don't hope shit. I'm too busy. Listen, I'm too busy doing me getting my etiquette right. I don't care about what nobody else is doing. Seriously. Good, bad, indifferent. Whatever happened, happened once. They not. [00:55:53] Am I. So you said Jay Z helped the downfall of hip hop? Pure Vita. Don't do that. [00:55:59] Don't do that. [00:56:01] Don't do that. [00:56:04] That's not wise. [00:56:08] That's not wise. Because I find it funny that people will blame somebody that look like us, but the people who really is responsible for the downhole downfall of hip hop. Mom's the word, which I don't call their names at all. Y'all don't call they names. Y'all go for the low hanging fruit. [00:56:29] It is what it is the downfall of hip hop. So it started with him, right? He's responsible for the downfall of hip hop. [00:56:41] And what the fuck is hip hop when you really think about that? Like, in the grand scheme of things, we are people who do many different things. We multitalented, multi dimensional. We worried about hip hop. Everything in hip hop this, hip hop that, hip hop this, hip hop that. Just really think about it. [00:57:00] Do y'all even know how to braid hair? Do some of y'all ladies know how to braid hair? Do you know how to sew? Can you turn a double dutch rope? What happened to all that shit? All that shit predate hip hop. [00:57:11] All that shit predate hip hop. And you don't even know how to do none of that no more. [00:57:17] Can you cook? [00:57:23] When I was little, I built a go kart. I didn't know nothing about no hip hop. I was building go karts. I was putting bikes together. I was doing all types of stuff before hip hop, before I got bit by the music bug. But the difference between me and other people, when I got bit by the music bug, I actually invested my money in it. I bought hardware to make music. I didn't download programs and then be judging everybody when I'm doing it for free. [00:57:51] All the people that y'all blame got a boss. [00:57:54] Know that they workers just like everybody else. They are workers. [00:58:01] They all have bosses. [00:58:06] Learn what culture is. [00:58:09] Culture is the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, what you eat, your customs. That has a lot to do with your culture. It's more than fucking hip hop that just put us in the box. That's why they control it, and that's why they control us. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. [00:58:29] They found out how to control that. [00:58:33] That's why we watch what we watch. We ingest what we watch. 50 cent on Capitol Hill talking about liquor. [00:58:45] So many people don't got an edumacation. So many people live destitute. Liquor is part of our irresponsibility. [00:58:52] Most of the dumbest shit you ever did in your life was due to being drunk. And stop watching pockets, too. Stop talking about what somebody else got. Money or somebody else money. That's the problem. Now. You think because somebody had money, that makes them smart. [00:59:11] You think because somebody have money, that makes them responsible. It's not the person that get money. It's the person that holds money. [00:59:21] That's it. [00:59:23] Pure vita. You said, I believe. [00:59:27] I believe. You don't know. [00:59:32] I believe I can fly. [00:59:35] Let me jump off a building, and you think I could fly? You could believe what you want. We go off of facts and truth over here, and then we believe they media. What they say about us. [00:59:52] Who wrote the article? [00:59:55] Who wrote the article? [01:00:02] None of these people affect your bottom line. Seriously. [01:00:07] I also heard that it was a meeting with, uh. Easy e went to a meeting. We heard of a meeting with Jerry Heller. We heard of a lot of me. We always hear about a meeting. [01:00:18] We always hear what I heard or I believe. [01:00:24] Is that shit going to pay your light bill? [01:00:30] Is that shit going to put food on your table? [01:00:36] I got people with my phone number. They think this is all I talk about all day. They think I really fucking care all day about this shit. [01:00:43] The people call me and say, did you see such and such posted? And I'm like, I thought you was calling me because you wanted to give me some neck or something like that. I thought you was calling me for something good. You calling me about what somebody posted? [01:01:02] That's the extent of our conversation. Nah. [01:01:07] Nope. [01:01:10] Don't call me for no opportunity. Don't call me for nothing new to enhance. Hey, I got this. You calling me to fucking gossip? [01:01:22] Come on, man. [01:01:29] Y'all the same people who listen to Jaguar Wright now, she saw the tape with Meg and Nikki. She saw. She saw the tape. [01:01:38] She saw it. [01:01:46] Jay Z should have been responsible for Beanie. But you don't even want to be responsible for your little brother. Cause he a fucker. [01:01:54] See how. See how that work? [01:01:58] Some of y'all don't even know. Want to be responsible for your mama or your daddy. Cause they smoked crack or they stole your VTR at one point, or they sold your super Nintendo cartridges. But Jay Z, he should have been responsible. And it's funny that Osino say that. Cause he got a son in jail right now that's beefing with him. [01:02:20] That's funny as fuck. [01:02:23] Oshino. Oskino has a son right now. That's in prison, beefing with him. [01:02:32] This is a fact. [01:02:35] But Jay Z should be the. Should have been responsible for Beanie Siegel. [01:02:44] Although it says he vouched for him. [01:02:49] He vouched for him. [01:02:54] Let's go through it again. [01:02:57] Siegel recently sat down with drink chance, this is 2021. And discussed how he felt when Jay vouched for him in court. When he faced. [01:03:08] When he was faced with federal weapons charges, an attempt in 2003. Though he did vouch for Siegel, he also told the court that he was not responsible for him. So you know what that means? He does this and he does that. Are you responsible for that? Absolutely not. I'm not responsible for him, and I'm not going to be responsible for him. [01:03:33] That sounds like something that anybody should say. [01:03:38] Your little brother want to go outside and wild out and do stuff. You responsible for what your brother do. You should be responsible for them. [01:03:46] You tell your brother all the time, yo, go get a job. Go do this, go do that. And then they wild out and they calling you, hey, we want to let your brother go. Could we let him go to your crib? [01:03:58] He was living here, feet stinking every day, smoking weed, trying to bring girls in here. No, he can't come here, all right? We gonna keep him in jail. Hey, he gotta learn a lesson. [01:04:11] But, Jake, as soon as y'all see Jay Z in the title, he ain't loyal. He ain't loyal to nobody he don't know. Look what he did to. [01:04:20] Again, it's easy. [01:04:23] It's easy. [01:04:25] Some of y'all want people to lose so bad that. That's why you ain't winning. Look, doggy. Brooklyn bias again. Suck a dick, stupid. You got the perfect name, too. Joe Blow. Perfect name. Joe Blow. Perfect. Brooklyn bias. After you read what you read. [01:04:42] Now I'm Brooklyn bias. After you read what you read. [01:04:46] I read it to you. [01:04:48] No, Levar Burton, I just read it to you. [01:04:53] He did vouch for him. Oh, Brooklyn, biased. [01:04:59] Girls. [01:05:02] Some of y'all men are girls. [01:05:05] Girls. I don't know why the chicks is liver than some of y'all. Now some of the chicks is liver than y'all. [01:05:14] Y'all despicable. That's how I know why you have these women be handling y'all like that. [01:05:21] That's why y'all be getting handled like that. [01:05:24] Brooklyn bias. And then gonna put a emoji. [01:05:29] Put a sick emoji. Whatever that emoji was. I ain't into all that emoji stuff, too. I understand. What ladies do it. I'ma do it. I might put the laugh and emoji. I might put the hands up emoji. I might do stuff like that. But some of y'all dudes be emoji crazy. Laughing emoji is fine. But listen, miss me with that emoji shit. [01:05:55] Miss me with that shit. [01:05:58] But again, yo, you got to tell people, yo, what you want to do with your life. This what you choose to do. This is a consequence. [01:06:14] And then now we got to suffer the consequence with people who don't listen. [01:06:18] Ain't going to be me. Not going to happen anyway. [01:06:32] Damn. I only been on for like 50 minutes. It seemed like I've been on here for like an hour or something like that. Was it 50? No. Maybe it was like an hour. I don't know. [01:06:42] I don't know. [01:06:44] But it's Friday eve. Happy birthday to my little cousin. Little buddy. [01:06:50] Turned 30 years old today, remember bringing when he came home in pampers. [01:06:57] You know what I'm saying? [01:07:01] Saladin? Shout out to you. Shout out to everybody in the chat room, man. [01:07:06] Shout out to everybody who show love. Shout out to everybody who got sensible comments. [01:07:12] We had an hour. [01:07:14] Well, that's my time, folks. [01:07:18] We had our time to go. [01:07:26] Shout out to, um, Wayne. Oh, that used to be on everyday struggle. I seen him make a comment about Dame dash. Shout out to Wayne. Oh, I gotta actually tweet him and let him know that. Shout out to him. [01:07:42] Um, shout out to Johnny Mac from Philly 1st 48. [01:07:48] He has a dope channel. Philly 1st 48. He just did an interview with, um, eight game Garcia. [01:07:56] That's really, really dope. If you have a question, put it in the super chat. That's how I answer you. Other than I'm not answering you. [01:08:03] Enough is enough. [01:08:07] Anyway, shout out to y'all. Shout out to the chat room. Shout out to the winning team for me. [01:08:18] I got editing to do. Audio is out. New audio is out. I'm gonna put out more audio. [01:08:24] Um, yeah, nettie net. You gonna bark up the wrong tree? [01:08:31] Don't do it. [01:08:34] Because remember, when you crack jokes on me, hey, I am a jokester. If you could listen, if you could joke on me, fine. Just, just hope you could take the jokes back. [01:08:49] Just hope you could take the jokes back. I loved, I love a good joke. [01:08:55] I could take them. But my joking, whoo. [01:09:01] I seen some people cry from my jokes. But we just joking, right? [01:09:08] We just playing. Tomorrow's Friday. I don't know what to do besides my normal routine. [01:09:16] I don't do videos for 2 hours. I can't I don't know. I can't sit here for 2 hours. I think I start sounding redundant, saying the same things over and over. Yo, when I do our videos, I see the views is longer. I be wanting to see that, man. I be needing to see these views. I be needing to see these likes. I can't get these likes that I need. So, you know, I ain't gonna sit here. I ain't no fish in no fishbowl. [01:09:41] I ain't doing it. And then people come in, when are you gonna talk about Jay Z? They come in like an hour into the show. [01:09:50] No, Cassidy ain't on. [01:09:53] Answer me. [01:09:56] I told him to put the question in the super chat. He answered. He asked the question. Anyway. [01:10:05] You out your rabbit ass mind. [01:10:11] Clarification. You know when people used to say, you out your rabbit mind, we used to think they were talking about rabbit. The actual rabbit. Right? Like the animal rabbit. No, they talking about rabbit. R a b I d for rabies. When a dog is mad. [01:10:25] Nonsense. Out of ten, they foaming at the mouth. They got rabies. So that's what they were saying. You out your rabbit ass mind. Cause the dog goes out of their mind when they have rabies, they start foaming at their mouth, and that's called rabbit dog. So when people used to say, you out your rabbit ass mind, people used to think they was talking about the bunny rabbit? No, they were talking about the dog. I just felt like clarifying that really quick. I don't know why. I just felt like clarifying that, but rabbit ass mind is not the rabbit. It's the doll. [01:10:55] Even when you mad dogs get mad. [01:11:00] I don't know why I said that, but I just did. [01:11:04] Sometimes I just. [01:11:08] Just say shit. [01:11:10] Anyway, follow me on x, aka Twitter. [01:11:15] My shit is, um. [01:11:17] If I get. If I get a. Stay a little longer. Shit. No, not a hundred likes. If I get a $100. [01:11:25] No. Likes. Likes, likes, likes. You want me to stay on here for an hour for fucking likes. [01:11:37] Likes. [01:11:39] Hmm. [01:11:41] You must be out your rabbit ass mom likes. [01:11:50] Niggas jump on the floor and do anything for likes. I don't do stuff for likes. [01:11:57] Damn that. [01:11:59] Anyway, I'm gonna edit. I'm in an editing mood, but that's what I want to do. [01:12:09] Hey, anything that I say, look it up. [01:12:14] You can always look it up. [01:12:17] 1 hour is good. [01:12:21] It's, uh. We on east coast time, too, y'all, so it's 11:00 here. Some people got to go to work. If it was Friday, I would stay a little bit longer, but, um. Yeah, with that, I'm out. I have to go. Where is this at? Hold on, hold on, hold on.

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