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Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

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Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves
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Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

Mar 14 2024 | 01:10:17


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Welcome back to another insightful episode on Doggie Diamonds TV, your go-to channel for all things entertainment, music, hip hop, and societal issues. In today's video titled "Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves," we delve into the controversial actions of these hip-hop music legends. This video explores why Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre should feel ashamed of themselves. We take a deep dive into their recent actions and how they have impacted the hip-hop music industry and society at large. ️ As always, Doggie Diamonds TV is committed to bringing you fresh, thought-provoking content every day. Our mission is to spark engaging discussions and offer insightful perspectives on the entertainment industry and societal issues. If you appreciate content that goes beyond the ordinary and encourages meaningful dialogue, don't forget to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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[00:00:00] All right, we working because we ain't got no time. We want the intro to play and all that. And I don't have no time to be playing because the intro act dumb. I don't have time. I'm really looking like my avatar up there in the corner today because I just don't have a hat on. I have a hat somewhere, but I don't feel like putting it on. Whatever. I got my hairline still and I got a haircut as always. So it is what it is. What's up to you all? Shout outs to you all for being with me on this great Saturday evening. It is on my time. It is alerts going off. It's 09:18 p.m. Saturday night. If you on the west coast, that means it's only six something central, different times. But where I'm at right now is nine prime time. So it is what it is. [00:00:46] How's everybody doing? Hopefully everybody is doing well. Hopefully everybody is happy, healthy, safe, fed. [00:00:54] If you might have had you a little drinky drink today, that's on you. A little sippy sip that's on you. A little smoky smoke, hey, that's on you. I'm sober. I'm on this type of time today, so I want to kick it with you all really quick. A lot of times as a content creator, we have to do shows, we have to talk about stuff. And so many things be going on in the culture that sometimes that I'd be wanting to talk about. But I always ask, is it worth my time? Is it worth me even speaking about? Will it resonate with people? Do people care? So sometimes I pick and choose. Sometimes I could say a little bit more about some things, but for what? Everybody is just jumping on topics and talking about stuff. That's never been my thing. I don't come up here just to talk, just to talk. I got other things I could be doing and I just don't want to be on here. I'm not angry mad individual who wants to come talk about mad because, no, that's not what I do. But something that I saw today, I saw a commercial by Dr. Dre and Snoop today and I was a little disturbed by. So I'll get into it for those who don't know exactly what I'm talking about. [00:02:11] So my favorite website, hip hop DX, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg announced new gin and juice drink with pulp Fiction style trailer. So I saw the trailer today on X, formerly known as Twitter, and I didn't know what it was about, but then when I started doing a little research, I found out what it was about. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg have teamed up on a new beverage inspired by one of their biggest hits from their early in their career. On Saturday, which is today, February 10, the duo shared a cinematic trailer for their new gin and juice product that features them playing two gangsters reminiscent of Vincent and Jules from Quentin Tarantino's 1994 classic pulp Fiction. Based on a clip shared by the legendary team's joint Twitter account, the drink will come in four flavors, Apricot, citrus, melon, and Passion fruit. [00:03:07] So they showed that. And it is worth noting that multiple gin and Jew trademarks were filed last year by a company called Defiant Ones LLC, which shares its name with the 2017 miniseries about the alliance between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Ivine. The same entity also filed a claim over vodka and juice by Dre and Snoop. Considering their collaborative social media account is called by Dre and Snoop, which doesn't specify any one product, more items by the two might be in the works. [00:03:49] So Dr. Dre and Snoop, of course, are working on a new album as well. [00:03:58] Now, this is where the problem arises. [00:04:03] Dr. Dre and Snoop are two men who don't need money. [00:04:12] Can we say that they don't need money? I think we all can agree that they don't need any more money. I think everybody needs money, but they don't need more money. [00:04:24] Dr. Dre is an alleged billionaire. Snoop Dogg is up there. Snoop Dogg has damn flea collar commercials, right? Give me a commercial that Snoop Dogg don't have. Snoop Dogg has commercials. [00:04:40] This nigga got thumbtack commercials and shit. Like Snoop Dogg, so he's getting money. He duped the people into thinking that he was going to stop smoking. They interpreted as he was going to stop smoking. He's giving up smoke, but he was using a product. He was selling another product and had the people saying, yo, I don't want to smoke. I'm going to give up smoke. And he give a smoke, but he was giving up some grill shit, right? [00:05:05] Snoop Dogg is not hurting. [00:05:11] I think the problem I'm having right now, damn, something went to my eye. I think the problem that I'm having right now is since they came out, Dr. Dre, he's considered to be one of the individuals who sparked the whole gangster rap thing on the west coast. It is music. [00:05:36] But since Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre got together, they've been really, really promoting a lifestyle, promoting a death style to people. [00:05:53] And at this stage of the game, when you fucking like 54. And you like 51 years old. You coming out with a liquor. Now I'm confused. Like, it's one eight seven on the cop. It's gin and juice. It's the Chronic. His bitches ain't shit. It's holes. It's all this shit. And when are some black men going to start doing age appropriate shit? Right? When you a certain age, don't you say, okay, that ain't my thing. Because that's a young person thing. I'm too old to be doing that. [00:06:41] And I ain't talking about music. I'm just talking about products. Like, when we in a situation where look at our community. And this is a plea to them. Seriously. This is a plea to them. [00:06:55] Look at our community. [00:06:59] Who is going to be drinking this liquor? It ain't going to be others. It's going to be us. [00:07:07] Damn. How long y'all been getting us drunk? How long y'all been getting makein'sure. People get drunk and high and how long y'all been doing that shit? Like, y'all ain't tired of fucking up where y'all don't live no more. [00:07:23] Like, I know this ain't popular for me to say this. I know nobody really don't give a fuck, but I'm gonna say it anyway. Y'all not tired of that shit. Like, now y'all got liquor to give us. Like in 2024, Black History Month, y'all announcing that y'all putting out liquor. [00:07:41] Like, fucking billionaire. Like, you need the money. [00:07:47] Y'all need the money. See, our kids ain't gonna be fucking drinking that shit. [00:07:53] Y'all kids ain't gonna. [00:07:57] That shit is. It's like when. When you think about the hood and you think about what's going on. [00:08:10] Shit is fucked up, man. Like, people so traumatized and so crazy by what they've been through in life via the music and this entertainment shit. All they got to do is just to cope with it is liquor and weed and shit. [00:08:38] Like Flint, Michigan, 2014, man, they ain't had no water. I ain't see a lot of y'all. [00:08:45] These dudes pitch in to say, oh, we going to get them some water. We going to help with the piping out there poles. You know what I'm saying? It's like, that's all we worth is like getting us drunk and high as a fucking people. Like, come on, man. [00:09:02] Damn, niggas, if he ain't doing that. [00:09:06] They selling us sugary ass cereal. They want to so Walmart or oodles and noodles and fucking hot chips and shit. None of these dudes don't sell no water. None of these dudes don't sell nothing. [00:09:20] That's going to give people life, especially our people. We're going to be the biggest consumer of this shit. [00:09:28] Other people ain't going to drink that shit. That shit ain't going to be all in fucking Japan and places. That shit going to be in the hood. [00:09:36] We was already drinking gin and juice and Tangare in fucking 1992 because of you. So you mean to tell me all these years later you're still trying to get us drunk? [00:09:48] You know how many people teeth done fell out their mouth? You know how many people's in prison? You know how many people went through all some type of psychosis and different things and lost a family and been through all types of shit behind alcohol? [00:10:03] Oh, man. [00:10:07] Still 2024, during black history Month. Two of the cultural icons are announcing that they fucking given. Coming out with liquor. Liquor. [00:10:22] We need more liquor, man. [00:10:36] Who got, who got, who's selling some water, man? Could, could y'all, could y'all get us some damn water? Could y'all, could flint get some. Could, could y'all help Flint get some clean water? [00:10:50] You know, because even in the hood the little young dudes be trying to sell water. And that shit ain't even legal. It's illegal to sell water. [00:11:02] It's illegal for the young dudes. [00:11:06] They try not to sell drugs. They try not to sell crack. They sell in water in the hood and it's illegal. They sell in water by the bridges, by the highways and byways. And it's illegal. And damn. [00:11:26] Why? [00:11:27] You know what? Why us? [00:11:34] Y'all got the money? [00:11:37] It's different when you coming in the culture and you're looking for endorsements and shit like that. I got the money. I don't need the money. [00:11:47] I can't be doing it for money. You don't need the money. [00:11:53] You don't need the money? So y'all can't be doing it for money. [00:11:58] You're fucking billionaire, right? [00:12:01] You're a billionaire. [00:12:06] And then when it comes to us, it's like we look at these people in these high places and the more and more we hold them in high regards, the more and more they show that they don't give a fuck about us. And we love them even more. We love them like they do the Super bowl and it's like, yo, I don't know, man. I don't know. [00:12:39] That's why I can't really come on here every day because I'd be like, yo, hold on, man. [00:12:47] What the hell is going. What is going on? [00:12:51] Let me explain something to you all. [00:12:56] We, me included you, all the ladies out there, all the gentlemen out there, you're going to have to start taking a little bit more responsibility and telling these people, yo, we fucking tired of y'all, man. [00:13:14] It ain't even. It ain't even others no more. It's us. [00:13:19] It's us. What we need more dudes in the hood drunk. It's the little dudes drinking. Some of us. I quit drinking 21, 22 years ago. [00:13:32] It's a little homie that's going to take his first drink. That might be his first drink. When I was young, I couldn't hold my liquor. I couldn't hold my liquor. I wanted to be violent. I wanted to just wild out from being drunk. [00:13:48] And that's all they give us is death. [00:13:57] We can't blame nobody else no more. Since us, now we can't blame nobody else. [00:14:06] It's us. [00:14:08] And we just keep ingesting all of this shit that's killing us. [00:14:21] The. [00:14:25] I don't even know what to say no more, honestly. And it's like, do I just live in my bubble and say, fuck everybody and just do me, or do I still speak because I have a. [00:14:42] Because, you know, we can talk about Monique and club Shay Shay and Kat Williams and all that shit. That's gossip. What about the shit that is affecting where we live? And I don't live where some of y'all live. Some of y'all don't live where I live. But we see the effects of everything. [00:15:12] We see the effects of everything, and I see the chat. One thing y'all not gonna do in the chat is trigger me. And then, Brooke P. If you don't even know what I'm talking about, then maybe you need to go to fuck on because I'm making perfect sense. And if you don't understand and you don't understand logic, then this ain't the place for you. You got dudes on here who talk dumb shit and talk illogical, maybe you'll understand them. What I'm saying, you fucking idiot, is that you're not tired of people that look like you, who claim to be from where you from, coming in your TV screen, coming on your social media platforms and selling you liquor and death. You're not tired of that. [00:15:58] You're not tired of going out where you live and seeing the little homies and the little young girls drunk and smoking all the fucking time. You're not tired of that. So, Lol. What are you even talking about? You can't comprehend that? [00:16:13] That's what the fuck I'm saying. [00:16:17] So if you can't comprehend that, this ain't the place for you. [00:16:21] Comprehension is key over here anyway, and we can't blame nobody else. All this fucking. [00:16:34] The elites and the gatekeepers and all of this talk. [00:16:40] All of this talk. [00:16:42] It's people in plain sight doing the shit. [00:16:48] All of them wonder, why is it important for all of them to get us drunk? [00:17:01] How many besides Neil degrassey Tyson? How many fucking intellectuals do we have? [00:17:14] How many intellectuals do we have? And I'm not talking about pseudo intellects and it's the boule and all that stupid shit, dudes. But I'm talking about an intellectual, somebody that can say the stars, the moons and according to my research, how many doctors, lawyers, intellectuals do we have? All we got is niggas that could shoot, run. When I say shoot, I mean a basketball, throw a basketball, run and rap. [00:17:44] We don't got no intellectuals. [00:17:47] We don't got one. We don't have one person that's an astronaut, that's an engineer. We don't have one. [00:17:56] Not one. Everybody raps. Everybody's an actor. Everybody's a podcaster. Just think about our whole, as a people as a whole. We don't got one. [00:18:11] Y'all don't see nothing wrong with that? [00:18:16] Y'all don't see nothing wrong with that? [00:18:20] Michael X, you better get the fuck out of here with that. You ain't gonna win with me with that. You're not gonna win with me. You go somewhere else with your beliefs. We're not talking about beliefs and banter. We're not talking about that. And if you want to get up out of here, I'm going to help you get up out of here. If you believe Jesus is your savior, fine. I'm not saying that he ain't. But you said Jesus was better than the astronaut anyway, motherfucker. You know what? Here we go. Let me just get you the fuck up out of here because I ain't dealing with that shit. [00:19:00] I'm not dealing with that. [00:19:03] But listen, traveling man. You made a point, doggy. They saw what happened to intellectuals like Malcolm Martin and Dr. Khaled. The difference between you saying that intellectuals, which they were intellectuals, but they were religious based, so they came with religion. [00:19:35] And then we seen that they were intellectual. But if you wasn't a part of their religion, sometimes you didn't want to deal with somebody because you didn't want to be a muslim or Christian. I'm talking about an intellectual, somebody who is studied well versed in different topics. I'm talking about engineer. You know, engineering is not music, right? That's a part of engineering. [00:20:02] I mean, look who they got. They got Elon Musk, they had Steve Jobs, they got the apple. They got all these great people that ain't selling no damn liquor. [00:20:14] They even got Joe Rogan, who can talk about whatever he wants to talk about and still get millions of dollars from Spotify, and people still watch him. [00:20:25] And all we got is to talk about who could dribble, who could twerk, who could rap, who's a killer, who's a snitch, who got liquor, who got good weed and fucking raising Canaan. [00:20:46] And y'all don't see nothing wrong with that. [00:20:51] And then y'all so bugged out motherfucker saying, obama, I don't know whether to be sad sometimes or feel sorry for people, seriously, because us not being informed the way we need to be and the shit that we do know about segue really quick. I'll come back. Did y'all watch the Vladimir Putin interview? Do you know how important that interview is? [00:21:30] I bet you many people didn't watch it because it was too long and he was speaking Russian, so it didn't pique your interest. But you want to watch shit about people who sold crack and who died and all this shit. And I knew it. And club. Shay, Shay, you know how important that Vladimir Putin interview, and I'm not going to ridicule you and shit on you if you didn't watch it, but that interview is very, very important, and you must watch it. Reason being, because the time that you're living in right now is a time that's going to go down in history. [00:22:07] You might be watching equivalent to somebody that might be compared to some of the dictators of the past. [00:22:22] So imagine being able to watch Adolf interview, being able to watch a Stalin interview, being able to watch, damn, I forgot his name, the british dude, a Mussolini interview, Saddam Hussein. This is what they saying. This man is like. [00:22:50] So he's speaking and he's talking worldly shit. He knew his history, and he's talking worldly shit. [00:22:58] That's very, very important to watch because I watched, and it was like, damn, he had a lot of logic and he was Ms. Making a lot of sense. [00:23:15] Opposed to you watching somebody that's calling the damn egyptian president, the mexican president, or vice versa, opposed to we watching somebody where the people is sitting before the president of the most powerful country in the world asking him, do he have his memory? [00:23:44] So my thing is, we have different fights. [00:23:53] We got a fight with that. We got the fight that we know about. We don't have to talk about that. That's been drilled, drilled, drilled, drilled, drilled in our head. [00:24:07] Then we have the fight with ours. [00:24:15] We have a fight with our own Vlc. I'm a fan of dictators. [00:24:27] I don't know if you're slow. [00:24:31] I don't know if you're. [00:24:34] I don't. I don't know if you're slow or, you know, maybe your elevator doesn't go all the way up. I never said I was a fan of dictators. I just honestly said that we're in a time where we watching something. [00:24:56] Oh, shit. [00:24:59] Hold on, hold on. Look at this bozo. Hold on, hold on, hold on. [00:25:05] Look at this shit. Look, let me tell you. Let me. Let me show you bozos. Look, this nigga said, because he's gone, by the way, because they ejected him. He said, doggy, I'm tired of your shit. Talking down on Jesus. How about you square up with Vlad and Hassan? You can't even show us your eyes. What's the importance of you seeing my eyes? [00:25:27] I just want to know that. [00:25:29] What you want to see my eyes for? There goes my eyes. All right. I'm tired. [00:25:35] You okay now you feel good? You saw my eyes is weird, man. I'm tired. I worked out today. I'm supposed to be taking a nap, and I'm here talking to y'all. But you, y'all want to keep bringing up people that I don't give a fuck about. [00:25:56] Anyway. [00:26:00] What I'm saying to you all is this. [00:26:07] Us grown ups, adults. Us grown up, us adults, right? [00:26:18] We still trying to figure it out, right? [00:26:21] But it's a generation that's coming behind us and the generation that's coming behind them, they're going to be the ones that has to deal with the shit if we don't fix it. [00:26:43] They're going to be the ones that has to deal with the shit if we don't fix it. And I don't think many of them will have the entertainment I'm reading. Shout out to Darren Rainey. Many of them are not going to have the education that they need to deal with this because they're going to be like how we was. Now think about this, right? When you were 17. We've all been 17 before, right? When you were 17 and somebody was saying, yo, did you listen? You didn't want to listen. Why? Because you was having fun. You didn't think the elders understood you were getting drunk, you were getting high, you was having fun. You might have been playing hooky, you might have graduated, whatever the case was, right? Many dudes went to prison because that's all they know. All I'm saying is that the more liquor that's pushed on us from different people, I mean, look where we turn. Jay Z got a liquor. Diddy had a liquor. Dr. Dre and them got a liquor. 50 got liquor. Everybody got liquor. [00:27:42] Everybody got liquor. [00:27:46] So my thing is, anyway, you said I seem to attract the weirdest people to you on your channel. You know why? Because you have people who want to. Let me tell you why. And I'm going to address that really quick, because you said, you know, I seem to attract the weirdest people to my channel. Well, reason why I attract certain people to my channel is because shout out to hip hop, uncensored reason why I attract people to my channel, because I'm not broken. I'm not buck broken, right? [00:28:30] I'm not. [00:28:34] I ain't nobody victim. [00:28:37] So people come here sometimes just to try to rattle me. [00:28:44] The Internet, it's filled with weird people has nothing to do with me. The Internet is a cowards playground. [00:28:57] I've never had a man in my face say certain things that has been said to me on the Internet. This is a fact. [00:29:03] So I understand. The weird people on everywhere, they're on everybody's chat. Everybody think it ain't me or say I attract weird people. I attract logical, sensible people. I attract people that I actually converse with in the DMs offline. That's what I attract. The weird people just scurry along when they could just scroll past. [00:29:32] All I'm saying to y'all is that they're dooming our future. [00:29:44] Our future is doomed because billionaires, and it ain't even them, it ain't even the others. [00:29:50] It's us, right? It's people that look like us. [00:29:57] It ain't others. We can't blame Anton Levy and all, it's us, right? So when you have people who look like us, when you have people who represent us, because all we are is hip hoppers and rappers, right? Remember, that's all we are. We're always as good as sports and entertainment, right? [00:30:21] We don't have beautiful minds. [00:30:24] When you have a beautiful mind, you're put in the box. Because I got to come to you and talk criminality. That's the only way. I'm a street nigger. Which is an oxymoron in the first place, because who the fuck want to be a street nigger once you become 47, 46 years old? Fuck you still talking about being a street nigger for? You didn't graduate past that. [00:30:44] This is what I'm saying. So it ain't them no more. It ain't these illuminati people and the elites. It's us now. It's fucking Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. [00:30:59] I ain't do enough damage. That's what I'm saying. [00:31:04] How many people were smoking and drinking, banging a fucking music? [00:31:11] Many people were smoking and drinking, banging a fucking music. Shit, I was in the. I remember ain't no fun came out, and I was still drinking 40s back then and shit, I played that shit. [00:31:29] Give a fuck about a bitch, I never be broke. This was our mentality. This is what was instilled in us. [00:31:36] This is what was instilled in us. [00:31:39] If I give a fuck about a bitch, I never be broke. This is what was instilled in us. [00:31:46] So you mean to tell me, like, 30 years later, they still telling us the same shit? [00:31:55] This is what I'm saying. [00:31:58] Madman Swiss could salute to you and your raise. This is what's still being instilled in us. These motherfuckers got gray beards and shit, looking old, and they still trying to sell us liquor 30 years later. You all see nothing wrong with that shit. [00:32:21] And I can see the effects of alcohol, because respectfully, when I see corrupt and I see older brothers, that's from where they from, respectfully, is over for a lot of them due to this drinking shit. So now they're trying to get. Look, they was giving us fucking saint odds. [00:32:53] They gave us saint ODs, they gave us gin and Jews, they gave us Indo, they gave us all types of shit. [00:33:02] Look how long they've been giving us that shit. But how many times have they given us something for us to say? You know what? I can take this. [00:33:15] And this is generational, because breaking generational curses has nothing to do with money. [00:33:21] Breaking generational curses has nothing to do with money. Please don't think a generational curse is financial. Please don't think I'm going to be the first millionaire in my family. So I'm breaking generational curses? That's bullshit. Breaking a generational curse is having the education that your forefathers never had. Remember, we come from slavery. [00:33:46] Knowing how to read got you killed. [00:33:51] If you knew how to read, you died. If you know how to read, you got sold. [00:34:00] So that already set us back in the educational level, right? Because we didn't know how to read then. As we started learning how to read, that's how we start learning. And this is how we start understanding stuff. So it was a part in the early 90s where we sharing books. Yo, you read this, you read this, you read this, you read this. But now everybody regress back to fucking not wanting to read, to watching interviews and niggas talking negative shit. What is that going to prove? Steve Harvey's a fuck nigger. We know. DL hoogie's a fuck nigga. We know. Okay? [00:34:40] Diddy did this. We already knew all that shit 20 years ago. [00:34:46] So now we don't want to read. Now we don't want to know anything. [00:34:54] And the shit that we want to know and the shit that we want to read is rumors and gossip and who did what and who's foul and who's the boogeyman and fuck it, just blame Jay Z and diddy when again, every field that exists, we're behind every field that exists, we're behind it. And this is some really, some broken record shit. But I'm like, damn, in 2024, people still doing this shit. [00:35:45] So the greatest thing we are is that your kids is a savage. [00:35:58] So the greatest thing that our youth is that they're savages in their community. [00:36:07] That's King Von, different young brothers. [00:36:11] That's all we know about our youth is that they're savages and they killed people and they were serial killers that was told by others. [00:36:24] So if King Vaughn is a savage, if FBG duck was a savage and all these kids were savages, who the fuck do you think they grew up influenced by? [00:36:35] You trying to tell me Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre didn't have no influence on their. [00:36:46] I could talk to. I'm blowing the face and I ain't doing that shit. When does it change? What's going to take the change? Don't tell me this voting shit. Don't tell me motherfucking when does it change? [00:37:04] What does it take? [00:37:07] What does it take to change your community? [00:37:12] What does it take to change? Watts, southwest Atlanta, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Memphis? Look what's going on in Memphis. [00:37:26] So there is nobody has a stronghold on the community. Not the politicians, not the councilmen, nobody. Not even the reverends and the peckers. Y'all talking, oh, Jesus is the only way. So that means that the pastors and the reverends can't even go out in the community and say, stop no more. They don't even listen to them no more. But y'all telling me Jesus is the only way. [00:38:05] It's unbelievable. [00:38:07] Unbelievable. [00:38:09] So y'all could keep sipping the liquor. [00:38:17] Angry bus driver said something that, look what angry bus driver said. [00:38:23] And I don't know if angry bus driver is too far off, but angry bus driver said, it will never change. [00:38:36] We are doomed people. [00:38:43] What y'all think? [00:38:46] Because, you know, the change start with you. The change start with the shit that you look at. The chains start with what you're drinking, what you're smoking, how you're acting. The chain start with you. [00:39:04] And now. Now they. They got us against us, right? [00:39:08] Because what was the word that was created that made you not criticize and speak on things that you seen your people doing? [00:39:22] Hater. [00:39:26] So when a person does something and we got a problem with it, we get called a hater. [00:39:36] So me talking about Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre don't need no fucking money and don't need to put out more liquor, I'll get called a hater. [00:39:46] I get my life threatened, they'll come in the comments and say, you a hater. You broke. They get in a bag. See, when everything is about the fucking bag, you know, the bag and integrity don't. [00:40:00] They're not synonymous, right? [00:40:03] Because, you know, when it comes to the bag and it's all about getting the bag, you'll do anything for the bag. So what won't you do for the bag? Because if you got a motherfucking billion dollars and you need liquor, what else is going on? [00:40:26] Damn. Dr. Dre have a brain aneurysm or some shit like that. [00:40:30] And we all praying for him. A speedy recovery and shit like that. And then he come out of his fucking aneurysm, respectfully, and got a fucking second lease on life, and now he wants to sell us liquor in black History Month. [00:40:45] That motherfucker almost died. [00:40:49] Respectfully, I ain't trying to. You know, it's not funny, but I'm just saying, you almost fucking died, and then you come back to life, and then now we got to get liquor from you. And then when you do give money away, you give it away to USC. That ain't got shit to do with it. Ain't no HBCU or no shit like that. Respectfully. [00:41:15] So it's like, fuck us. Y'all don't feel like that? I mean, maybe I'm bugging. I don't know. Maybe I gotta go. I'll do something else. Y'all don't feel like they be like, yo, fuck them. [00:41:25] Y'all don't feel like that? [00:41:28] That they don't be like, yo, fuck them. We get in this money and they gonna give it to us. They gonna support us, motherfucker. Sola's gang banging. [00:41:40] Sola's gang shit. [00:41:43] I'm not saying snoop is the founder of the crips, but we ain't really hear about that shit like that until they put that shit out there. I'm being respectfully. [00:41:54] That shit was commercialized. That shit. This nigga crip walk at the fucking Super bowl with a crip uniform on. At the fucking Super bowl, the biggest event besides the ball dropping. [00:42:10] This motherfucker got a lot of money. And this niggas in the hood feeling like he rep them even though they fucked up. [00:42:20] And these niggas don't represent you. It's time to sever ties with them. Y'all. Not us no more. Y'all are them. [00:42:30] Y'all are part of that crew that's here to push an agenda. [00:42:36] Read. Behold a pale horse. Please pick you up some books and read. Stop listening to these fucking pseudo intellects on YouTube that ain't never read shit. Please. [00:42:46] Motherfuckers done sold us gang banging, reefer liquor, beer. [00:42:53] Think about that shit. [00:42:57] They sold us beer, reefer liquor, gang banging, and got rich off that shit. [00:43:08] Then this nigga was snoop lying. He was rastafarian for a little while and shit. [00:43:16] So being a roster, you got to eat a certain way and believe in Ja. [00:43:24] So he don't do that shit no more rosters, drink. Educate me. [00:43:32] So it's like, anything that go for money. [00:43:39] Oh, my God. [00:43:41] And they got bread. That's what I'm saying. They don't have to do that. That's all I'm saying. They don't have to do that. Them two men don't have to do that. They're at financial freedom to where they can do whatever they want. When do you pay it forward? I'm going to be real with you all. Many times when you send me cash apps and you send me donations, I always pay it forward. [00:44:06] It was gifted to me. The best thing I can do is gift it to somebody else. And I'm not talking about a woman for some fucking head later. I'm not talking about no clothes. I'm not talking about that. I always pay it forward to when I'm out and about and I see people short and I see people need. I always pay it forward. Yo, you know what? Somebody looked out for me. Let me look out for you. [00:44:30] Said, I got blessed. Only way I'm going to get blessings is by giving them fuck. They try to fucking take my platform from me, and I'm still talking the shit they don't want me to talk. I ain't getting shit for this. [00:44:43] This ain't monetized. [00:44:46] Seriously. Really, really think about that. [00:44:52] I ain't getting shit, nothing. I'm here. This is pro bono. Just because I love the people who love me. I'm just being honest with you. Just because I can't leave my supporters, the people who support me, to help me build this shit, I can't just leave because I ain't getting money. Of course, I need money to sustain and keep these lights on and all this shit. But I'm doing this shit for nothing. You got people who sit before you every day and they get cash apps and they get shit. And they try to sound intelligent and smart. And they some of the biggest scumbags, hypocrites you ever seen. I really live this. That's why I can speak it. I'm speaking from experience. [00:45:32] I know that I'm not average at typical. I don't smoke, I don't drink. I don't got a lot of bitches. You know what I'm saying? Meaning that I don't got women everywhere. [00:45:45] I know I'm not relatable to a certain extent. I could be considered to be like a tech geek and shit like that. You know what I'm saying? But I still go outside of dude noggin. But I'll be walking around in peace. I shake hands, kiss babies. You ask anybody who see me in the street. It's always love, always love with me. [00:46:03] All I ever do is walk around and try to help people. I try to help people so much, sometimes I get rejected because maybe I'm being a little too assertive in people's lives and know, maybe I don't know. But I just want to see people do mean. Look at the culture. I have Forbes DVD. Who was not on my platform? Who haven't I interviewed on this platform? How many of these dudes were YouTubes? That I definitely. That I didn't help. [00:46:33] There's no reciprocity in helping niggers. [00:46:36] Did you know that? [00:46:40] There is no reciprocity in helping niggers. [00:46:46] The same niggas you help want you to be dead and will do anything to kill you. [00:46:54] Kill you all. Kill off your name, kill off your likeness, kill off your brand, and you help them. Did you know that? Shit, I'm still here. Where the fuck am I going. It's in me. You know what I'm saying? What the fuck else I'm going to do? [00:47:12] I just want motherfuckers to just win. [00:47:16] How could you win? [00:47:22] What could I give you? [00:47:26] How could I help you? [00:47:28] I might ride past on the street and I might see somebody out there with a fucking blinkers on. I'd be like, your fam, you good? Yeah, I'm waiting for a ride. [00:47:40] Somebody could take my fucking life. I don't even care because I just can't see people fucked up. And I know that I've been beyond blessed in life. That's what give you more life. That's why you alive. You alive to help and tribute to society that you're in. This shit ain't no verbal shit. This is actions. That's why I don't understand how motherfuckers sit in the crib and talk and set up cameras to talk. When the fuck do you go outside and help anybody? [00:48:13] How many people do you see made a video and said, yo, the homie is demonetized. Help him. [00:48:26] If hip hop uncensored did it, shout out to them, I don't like what's happening to them. I don't like what's happening to a lot of our black content creators. This is facts. [00:48:36] But it ain't my fight, because I'm fighting a fight alone, and I'm really fighting for freedom of thought. It's not even speech. You can't tell me how to fuck, to think, fuck talking. We all could talk and do something different. I really live what I talk, though. It ain't like, yo, I'm talking in this ginger tea. [00:49:06] I really got bcaas. I know you know what I'm saying? I really work. I really do this shit, and I want the best for you all. As my audience, I want you all to say, yo, listen, if I go tonight, I go tonight. I just want you all to say, yo, somebody really gave a fuck and don't even have the means to help you all. All I have is a platform that y'all help me build. [00:49:38] So I'm not going to give you nothing. I'm going to give you filth. I'm going to give you dirty fucking water. [00:49:46] So that's why I use my platform to speak life into situations and people, and look what the fuck I'm fighting against. And y'all fighting, too. But I'm just saying, the power is in us. We don't have to deal with that shit like no give a fuck. Fuck y'all. And y'all liquor. How much liquor y'all gonna give us? I mean, let's just be real now. [00:50:07] How much water you gonna give us? I mean, y'all not giving us no water. Y'all just giving us liquor and moon rocks and gorilla glue and Girl scout cookies and all this shit. [00:50:27] And then they start talking political shit. I want to hear no political shit for no motherfucking drunk. [00:50:33] These niggas is niggas on the corner. And you know what's so fucked up? [00:50:38] Many of these people don't even do the shit that they endorse you to do. [00:50:44] We don't heard Molly Percocet. We don't heard Drake rap about sipping lean and shit like that. We heard 50 cent. Y'all love 50 cent. Damn. Sweating and shit. Y'all love 50 cent. I stay high all the time. [00:51:01] He don't smoke. [00:51:04] It was fucking marketing. [00:51:07] It was the seller record. I smoked that good shit. I stay high all the time. I smoke that good shit. We don't smoke. [00:51:17] So now look, this is what we got. [00:51:24] All the black men that we have or black women that we have. [00:51:32] Let's just analyze this really quick. [00:51:36] We have the rappers, we have the sports figures, and then we have the actors and the studios. So Tyler Perry is giving us some cross dressing shit. [00:51:55] Oprah keep giving us slave movies, color purple and shit. Because that's some slave shit mixed in. Lee Daniels. Another one. Fun boy shit. All of them give us fun boy shit. [00:52:09] All the rappers give us liquor and weed and gang shit. [00:52:14] So nobody that has power gives us anything that's inspiring. They was mad when the young lady was the motherfucking little mermaid. They was mad that it was a black mermaid. [00:52:35] So they say Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah is the most powerful people in Hollywood. Look what they give us, though. [00:52:50] Look what they give us. [00:52:56] Everybody drunk and hot. These niggas is getting. [00:53:00] These niggas is getting a body done, man. [00:53:05] These niggas is getting a body done. [00:53:10] I fucking work out every day. [00:53:13] I'm exhausted, right? I'm going to lie to you. I'll be getting up, like, early in the morning, hitting the fucking gym sometime. Twice in the day. [00:53:21] I'm in a caloric deficit. My birthday is the 25th. [00:53:30] Cube gave us the big three. All niggas got just sports and entertainment. [00:53:37] Please don't tell me anybody who gave us some sports shit. Because, like I said, where is our intellectuals? The only person that we have is Neil DeGrassey, Tyson, Terrell Hubert. How am I always hating on the west coast. When I got business on the west coast, I don't normally tell people this shit, but suck a dick. Always hating on the west coast, nigga. I got more business and money on the west coast than you. Hubert. How your name? Terrell? Hubert. Hubert is a fucking herb name. Your name might as well be Terrell Herb. Hubert. [00:54:19] Hubert? You really let somebody call you Hubert? You really made your name Hubert out of all the names you could have thought of. Hubert? [00:54:30] You a her fucking Hubert. I never let nobody named Hubert talk to me. Crazy Hubert. [00:54:38] Hubert. [00:54:41] How many niggas you ever knew named Hubert Huber? [00:54:48] Fuck outta here. Always hating on the west coast. Have more business in the west coast. I get more love in the west coast than you. This is facts. [00:55:00] Fucking Hubert. [00:55:02] Never let no nigga named Hubert talk to me like that. Give you a nookie, ain't pulling you a wedgie. Pull your drawers up to the back of your neck in front of your moms and your kids. Hubert. [00:55:14] Fuck outta here. Always hating on the west coast. Probably don't own no crib. [00:55:20] Probably got homies that got bodied out there. [00:55:23] And we always with this nepotism of where we're from. And that don't even mean nothing. [00:55:38] Hubert. [00:55:40] Fucking clown. Herb. [00:55:44] So I'm saying, nigga, spit in your fucking ear. [00:55:54] Well, there they go. Mark, age restricted. See what y'all made me do? [00:56:01] See what y'all made me do? [00:56:06] My thing is this. [00:56:08] He said, give me a gil. That he from Brooklyn. Check videos online is from Brooklyn. [00:56:14] I just want to say this though. [00:56:18] You might have people who want to be intellectuals, but you can't be an intellectual and push. [00:56:31] I hope we just had doggy diamonds from back in the days DVD. Now you lost weight, kid. I hope you lifting some weights and eating. [00:56:41] I got to eat. The fuck you think I don't eat? [00:56:46] Whoa. Anyway, all right, before I do anything, I got 800 and something people in this room. I will be foul if I don't shout you all out. So let me do that really quick if I may. [00:57:06] Let me shout, y'all. I got DJ Gary in the building. I got Nisha, nine stars in the building. I got Darren Rainey in the building. I got checking vids online in the building. I got spread love, intros and skits. [00:57:24] I got too real for the industry in the building. I got JD in the building. Come on, type something. Just say yo. And I'm just going to shout you out really quick. I got Turtle Anton in the building, godzone DJ, always with me. Classic music. Always with me bomani, my brother's in the building. [00:57:46] Sakasala. I got J geno g ag wise, KJ crazy I got the kitchen clothes. That's the homie from around the way. I got CFR network in game 2020. I got Marcellus the count in the building. I got Fatima, Brooklyn in the building. DJ overtime James Escobar. Word is born. Metal face 78 new the mood Marcellus the count, Quinn Glenn, Dag Nabbit. I love that name is in the building. I got day one news. I like that name, too. That's a dope ass name. John Brunson in the name. Quasi Matthews in the building. I got April Brown in the building. I got. [00:58:31] Who else is here? I said some of them names Quinn Glenn 89 I got fresh 75 Denise 31 80 Love, DJ Lord Jazz from the legendary group what do y'all think? DJ Lord's grab. DJ Lord Jazz. [00:58:54] That's trivia really quick. DJ Lord Jazz, where you think he from? [00:59:00] I ain't saying the group. I got coach in the building. I got l easy in the building. J T. The marketing, seafood. I don't know how to pronounce that. Darren Rainey, I shouted you out. Roddy. Too good. [00:59:15] Black ICE 81 gas. I got Lamont Davenport pa m e enterprise, angry bus driver shout out to you. You made a point earlier. I got ninja 28, I got SBBW awakening. [00:59:31] SBBw shout out to you, though. I got a khalid bay in the sir guard. [00:59:43] Black men, Virgo Smith in the building, city boy Floyd, that's a dope ass name, too. [00:59:49] Superstar J quick DJ Gary Supremo, die for radio, the mad for report. [01:00:04] Never nervous. Oh, that name is fire. Never nervous. That name is fire. I got Mr. Empower. That name is dope, too. I got k no c k r e t. Society somatic in the building, MPR 76 traveling man, si finest, Staten island. If it's si finest, that's dope. Si's finest, that's dope. Pretty gangster in the building. [01:00:32] The truth, the truth. [01:00:35] Golden balls. Come on, man. [01:00:40] Golden balls. You really made me say golden balls, not shout out, Frederick Bean, king of the blends. [01:00:51] Dave hates 808, Loxy Cylon, Rochelle Love, rest in peace, Amar Rochelle. D man Black seem local, London in the building, ultra instinct, big Ma, of course, Adam Richardson, Blair seven seven seven, Jeremy G. Queen, Trish uptown Dre. Oh, and before I go, I got to shout out, Staten Island. I got a shout out special shout out to this barbershop, right? [01:01:41] Uh, I got all the info, so shout out to the barbershop if you ever in Staten island and you need a haircut, make sure you go to New Brighton city cuts. It's at 454 Jersey street. And shout out to light and zoo the barbers there. So if you ever in Staten island, this is new Brighton, go to 454 Jersey street and ask for light or zoo if you need your haircut. And the name of the barbershop is New Brighton city cuts, Staten island. Shout out to Staten island. So we got Steven Whitehead, Mississippi mud, Sonya Mathis, Detroit, in the building. [01:02:26] D man, what's hood TV, DC in the building. Michael Ballantine. Michael, your name is Ballantine? You're giving me a flashback of Ballantine ale. Please don't do that to me. I'm sober. Omar just. [01:02:41] Yeah, that's DJ lord Jazz from the legendary group Lords of the underground. We got Maestro fresh west always in the building, black warrior spirit. [01:02:52] Shout out to you, Stacey Galore. Shout out to you. Shout out to you, Stacey. [01:02:58] Yeah, so, all right, in closing, money bear, Lord Jazz put out an album, too. [01:03:11] It should be on all streaming platforms. So if you can look up DJ Lord jazz on all streaming platforms. He put out an album that I'm on, but, yeah, we always have the. Oh, Maestro Fresh west is in the building. [01:03:29] DJ laws. Jazz, you're not even in the States, right? Aren't you somewhere out of state? [01:03:34] Oh, we got South Africa in the building. That's what's up. [01:03:37] Yeah. [01:03:40] I'm always going to tell y'all who maestro fresh west is. He's just legendary. I think he's getting an award soon, too, a lifetime achievement award, because he is the guy who put Canada on the map. [01:03:53] Shout out to Nisha nine stars. Nisha nine stars is from Canada, too. I won't blow her. But she's canadian as well, too, by the way of somewhere else. [01:04:04] But, yeah. [01:04:07] All right, y'all, this is the part where I bounce. [01:04:13] If y'all was watching me on IG today, I was in the studio working on some things. [01:04:23] That's what I'm doing. [01:04:25] And let me tell you something else, too. I actually took the TV out the box. I took the oculus out, I took the speakers out. I got two things to unbox, two things to unbox, and we good enough of having all this stuff in box. I even took my phone holder out the box. I'm getting it together. I took the controller out the box. [01:04:51] I'm getting better. I'm getting better. But I appreciate y'all. [01:04:58] Northern Cali in the building, friend of a pen soldier, soul rack. [01:05:16] Yeah, it's 532 in South Africa. In the morning or in the evening? [01:05:28] If that shit is in the morning. Whoa, I'd be mad. 532 in the morning. I'll be like this, doofy. Man, this is Lil drool. Little drool ain't never did nothing to nobody. [01:05:44] I might do call ins on the other channel, but call ins got me in trouble. I'll explain that to y'all one day. So what happened is reason why this channel was in the state that is in. Because I took a call in before and they gave some medical advice, and they had penalized me for it, right then they repenalized me for it. [01:06:08] So, yeah, but yo, make sure you follow me on all social media, doggy diamonds on everything. Make sure you follow the page Doggy diamondstv. And again, for only $100, I could promote your content on Doggy diamonds TV and the interlude TV. That's the Twitter page, the Facebook, the insta stories, the YouTube communities, and both threads accounts. And for an additional hundred dollars, your content could be posted on Doggy diamonds TV main page, which is getting a lot of traction right now. Hit me up on Instagram at doggy diamonds for your promo. Must be cash app ready. Allow two to three days of delivery after we make the transactions. Absolutely, positively no refunds. Also, please hit me up at Doggy diamonds if I didn't do your promo, because I think I owe two interviews. [01:07:14] I owe an interview and I owe a promo. But y'all gotta follow instructions, please. You can't email me. Hit me there. Hit me there. Listen, man, I can't do it. [01:07:28] Damn. Should I play some music for y'all? Hold on. Play some music. Do I got any music to let y'all hear? No, I don't got no music. I don't got no beats. I don't do beats, even though every beat you hear, I made. So. All right, in closing, oh, yeah, and I'm going to give you all my po box soon, so you all could send the stuff to somebody. They can send it to me. I'm going to announce my po box. Also. The juicy J band interview. No, the juicy J band podcast is going on the Patreon tonight. Going on the Patreon tonight. And if you follow me on social media, please make your presence felt. If you follow me on here, although you in the chat, please leave a comment, because videos like this, we need these videos to be boosted up on YouTube. Also, you see somebody in the chat being a bozo, please let them have it. I don't have time, so I'm dependent on y'all to police the comments for me. [01:08:49] Okay, that's it. I don't want to leave, but I got to. I've been on here for how long? An hour? Yeah. Hour? [01:08:59] Yeah. [01:09:01] I got mad controllers. [01:09:05] Look at this shit. Got controllers everywhere. Hard drives. I even got. Look, I even found, like, a hard drive. This whole ass hard drive. This is for this SD card that they don't. Look, I ain't going front. I'll be on some gadget shit. I got shit everywhere. But I respect you all. [01:09:32] I'm on doggy diamonds, on everything, and I'll be back nightly day. I got to come on here in the daytime. Still, waverly Avenue is where. So, look, when I be saying the wave, sometimes, y'all be thinking I'm talking about some Max B shit. Nah, I'm talking about the block where I was born and raised. The block I was born and raised is called waverly, so I always been a part of the wave. [01:09:57] So I'm on Oculus at doggy diamonds in the meta place. I'm at doggy. Listen, everything is at doggy diamonds. Matter of fact, I got to make sure that's in the description box, too. But, yo, y'all enjoy the rest of your night. How do I get out of here? [01:10:15] But we get out of here like this. Hold on.

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