May 16, 2024


Kendrick Lamar And Drake Finally Battled And People Say...Who Won?

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Kendrick Lamar And Drake Finally Battled And People Say...Who Won?
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Kendrick Lamar And Drake Finally Battled And People Say...Who Won?

May 16 2024 | 00:39:31


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The moment hip-hop heads have been waiting for is here! Kendrick Lamar and Drake faced off in an epic battle, and the internet is buzzing with opinions on who came out on top. From fiery verses to razor-sharp flows, every moment was packed with intensity. Tune in to find out the verdict! Who do YOU think emerged victorious? Sound off in the comments! Podcast by Doggie Diamonds. ️ Subscribe to Doggie Diamonds TV for more exclusive content!

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[00:00:00] I'm rusty. I'm rusty. So forgive me. I'm rusty. I haven't done this in so long, I've almost forgot what I was doing. [00:00:10] What's up, everybody? [00:00:12] It is me, doggie diamonds, back after much needed break. [00:00:21] Make sure you log on to doggy [00:00:25] Log on doggy diamonds. Don't, where you can hear the audio version of the podcast as well as catch up on any videos you might have missed. [00:00:36] Doggy diamonds, also, we still doing this so yo, only a could promote your content on my twitter, my Facebook, my Insta stories, my YouTube community, my threads accounts. And for additional $100, you can make it on the front page of Doggy diamonds tv. [00:01:00] Hit me up on Instagram at Doggy Diamonds for your promo. [00:01:04] Must be cash app ready. Allow two to three days for delivery. Let's go. It's really. [00:01:12] It wouldn't be the same without these. Hold on. [00:01:17] Ah, now I'm here. What's up, y'all? What's going on, man? How's everybody doing? Hopefully everybody is well. Hopefully everybody's in good health and happiness. As for me, I've been chilling. I had to take some time off. I took about 60 days off. I sat on my couch and did absolutely nothing. I ain't go to the gym. I didn't do nothing. [00:01:40] But I did work on some music. I did some things. But for the most part, I just took a break from this whole social media YouTube thing. I just needed time off doing it for so long, 17 years straight, I just took some time off. So for those who stayed down, for those who was hitting me up, asking me where I been, what's up? And all that, I appreciate y'all. Y'all. The reason why I came back, because y'all was just overwhelming, just saying to me, yo, man, you gotta come back. You gotta like, oh, God, can I just go away in peace? But y'all wouldn't let me. So I appreciate y'all. I've been seeing a lot of y'all out there doing great things. [00:02:19] And that's what it is. Yeah, I ain't go to the gym. I didn't do nothing. I was just chilling, chilling. So I appreciate the super chats. [00:02:28] King of the blend. Shout out to you. Shout out to Reggie T. [00:02:33] I see y'all. So what a time to be in hip hop, right? One of our favorite topics. I mean, we could talk about different things, but hip hop is our favorite thing to talk about when we're in the culture, we talk about other things as well, but hip hop for the time. Shout out to Will Sully. [00:02:52] I'm about to promote this kid named Will Sully Fire. He produces and he raps fire. Shout out to Will Sully. He got a song out with DV, alias Christ, produced by my brother, Tajo Fire. So stay tuned for that shout out to chancellor, the bald head, Jadakiss. I got an interview with him coming out. Shout out to Eric Sermon. Got an interview with him coming out. I've been working behind the scenes, but, you know, I just been behind the scenes, just really chilling and just relaxing. [00:03:22] Drake and Kendrick, that's what everybody wants to know. Everybody want to hear my perspective. Many people been asking me, what do you think about this? What do you think about this? Oh, man. So should we go through the timeline? Because I don't think many people know what the timeline is, what's the origin of a lot of their issues, and where did it start from? So, if I may, let me go to through the timeline and catch all up on where you think it might have started or where it came from. So, if I may, let me go through the timeline. Do not look at my tabs and laugh, because I am tab man. I multitask, so I go through many different tasks. So Drake is very protected, too. I want y'all to know. So if you are a content creator, you have to be careful how you speak about him on YouTube, because they will not monetize you. I know it firsthand. So even if you say things about him, if you post things about him, they're remove it. It's that serious when it comes to him. He's very, very, very well protected. I told y'all that before, but it's. But it's. But it's real. Is real. So the Associated Press picked it up. I mean, there's so many websites is all over the Internet, and they're saying the biggest beefs. I think we should remove the beef word, because I can't see these dudes seeing each other fighting. This doesn't give me any indication that they would see each other and really get it on. Or entourages with clash. I mean, I'm not, you know, both of them pretty. I'm pretty sure both of them have real guys around them or crashes or whatever the case may be, but I don't see this going in. They did get a little personal. [00:05:06] You know, they've done records together, but it was a clapping at Drake mansion that probably had nothing to do with Kendrick, but of course he's going to get blamed during this time. [00:05:22] So Kendrick Lamar, many people love Kendrick Lamar, and he gained a lot of notoriety from the control verse. As we know, a lot of people in New York, where I'm from, were upset cause he said he the king of New York, but he actually was quoting somebody else. But, you know, some people be operating off of slow gases, so they don't know. They be like, oh, he dissed New York. You know, you know how we are with our city. Oh, he dis New York. He Disney. Or, you know, truth be told, more people in New York this New York than outsiders do. And we're gonna have that conversation one day. I had it, but I'm gonna have it in depth at a later date. [00:06:07] But Kendrick always let it be known that he wanted to rap. He wanted to be in competition with others. He didn't want to be, you know, he didn't want to have peers. He wanted to be the best. And as a rapper, I feel like you should want to be the best. You shouldn't want to have peers. You should, you know, Jay Z thought he's the best. Biggie thought he was the best. Tupac, everybody feels like they the best, but for some reason, when Kendrick says it, many people get a little upset. So J. Cole bowed out to it. Many people are, you know, saying, you know, they respected and all that. I didn't respect it. So if you want to know my perspective, I thought it was weird for you to throw shots and say all this stuff and then just be like, I apologize. [00:06:56] But seeing where it went, you know, maybe J. Cole had some things that he didn't want unearthed. So he just bowed out, you know, shout out to him. [00:07:07] So in October 2023, J. Cole perhaps accidentally reignited the beef on first person with Drake. He rap love when they argue about who's the hardest mc. Is it Kdot? Is it Aubrey? Or me, referencing Lamar and Drake's birth name, Aubrey Graham. We the big three. Like, we started the league, but right now I feel like Muhammad Ali. [00:07:30] That's what J. Cole said. [00:07:33] Um, you know, they all looked at as the big three. I beg to differ, but I'm not mad at nobody. So Kendrick Lamar did a song with future metro boom, and they have projects. And Kendrick Lamar started in response to see people to think that he started, like, with Drake, even though they've been throwing subliminals. But he responded, the big three, it's just big me. [00:08:11] So he references Drake 2023 album for all the dogs that also compares itself to Prince and Drake to Michael Jackson. Prince outlived Mike Jack. J. Cole soon releases a response, seven minute drill. And then he. Then he apologizes. So we gotta just take J. Cole out of this. [00:08:33] Then Drake did push ups, and they're leaking the records through streamers, which is cool, because you're going to reach more people at once. I truly like the traditional way of releasing it to the DJ's. I think now that DJ's became personalities, so there really isn't any dj's no more. Like the flex, the clues, you know, that used to break the diss records, you know, rest in peace, K Slay is no longer here. Peakutter street wars don't exist no more. So now that this records are being released. Released it. Well, released it released in real time. [00:09:10] So he did push ups. [00:09:16] He dissed a lot of people on push ups. He went at future metro boom. And Rick Ross the weekend. [00:09:23] We'll get him. We'll talk about Ross in a minute. [00:09:26] And you know us in the culture, when somebody does a diss record, we're like, where you at? You gotta respond immediately. Kendrick didn't respond, so we was sitting there like, what the hell is going on? [00:09:41] So he released that on April 13. Then on April 24, Drake made another diss record called Taylor made. [00:09:53] I'm not gonna lie to y'all. Y'all could get mad at me. [00:09:58] I like Taylor Meade. [00:10:00] I liked it. Although I know his AI, but I understood what he was doing. That's my favorite beat out of everything. Just me personally, you know, some of the other beats are dope, but I like Taylor made as more of my style of beat. I thought if you listen to it in headphones, don't listen to it in your computer speakers. Listen to it in some nice headphones. Or your car, if you got a nice system, it's kind of dope. But he used Tupac and snoop AI. [00:10:30] Tupac I understood because Snoop is alive or Tupac is deceased. So in doing that, I understood what he was doing. He was using Tupac and Snoop as a. [00:10:44] Picked me up to Kendrick, like, yo, where you at? You got to get at him. You got to save the west coast. So I understood that, although I think he should have did Tupac at easy e. That might have been ill. Snoop woke up, like, what? What happened? What? You know, I know he's playing stupid, but, you know, snoop, snoopy snooping. Um, yeah. So it is then. Tupac estate wanted to sue drake for doing it. So he don't. You know, he didn't run with the record. But I actually liked that joint, because tupac was rapping in drake style. So was snoop. But what they were saying was, get ahead of him. You know, we. [00:11:26] We prepping you up as the savior of the west coast, or you, the west coast. See, and that's where the west coast kind of got into it from drake doing that to me. So when people be like, yo, why the west coast? That's. That's what started it. He used tupac. Um, he did the taylor made freestyle. So that's my favorite beat. [00:11:47] Then finally, everybody was going crazy on twitter, aka x. So if you hear me say x, I'm talking about twitter, because, you know, is now called x. People were going crazy. He did not respond, and he scared, blah, blah, blah. April 30, the day before april fools. I think it's this 30. I think it's 30 days. I don't know. But he hit with euphoria. [00:12:14] It was mixed reviews with you, you, euphoria. [00:12:20] Some people liked it. [00:12:22] Some people was like, yeah, yeah. But he, you know, he clowned Drake in that, you know, talked about him being, you know, racially confused, being a bad parent, using tupac AI, you know, it was cool. People like euphoria. It's. With Kendrick, it's so many meanings to what he does, though. It's a lot of meanings to what he does. So euphoria had, you know, a double entendre, which people are just learning what a double ententre it means, or triple ententre, but that just means a tantra is something that can mean two different things, but is like the same word that has many meanings or the same reference that can be looked at from different perspectives. You know, that's what Entantre is. So when him saying euphoria, euphoria is a state that you can be in also, Drake was the executive producer of the HBO series Euphoria. [00:13:24] Then May 3, he came right back. [00:13:29] No, Puffy called 616 in LA. [00:13:35] Now, the breakdown, which. Which I love. [00:13:42] I love this record, too, because I just. It was just al green. It just remind me of the music that my brother, Mc eight and who was AWACS, Kane and old dog was riding around the minutes playing that right before they put in that work. So it just reminded me of that. Of that movie. But I just. You know, who don't love Al Green? You know, so, you know, he was again, you know, going into, you know, talking about Drake, saying a little stuff, but he was very methodical how he dropped the dissertation because he was saying stuff in different records. And people were breaking down to 616 in LA, saying it had different meanings. Tupac, it was like 80 different people was coming up with stuff like, yo, man, at 616 this morning. It's crazy, man. 616, I ate my cereal. 616 in the morning or 616 at night. Oh, I took a nap or I got, you know, they was just making up stuff after a while, but it did. That also had different meanings. [00:14:49] Then Drake responded with family matters, where Drake got very, very personal as Kendrick started to get personal about his relationship with his fiance, how he might have clunked her and, you know, messing with other chicks. [00:15:15] Also him saying, you know, they don't live together. [00:15:21] So when Drake opened the door to family matters, meet the grams comes out the next day. [00:15:31] The very next day. And, um, that got a little spooky. That's this one. It got a little spooky. Spooky, spooky, spooky. Because on meet the grams, um, the way he was rapping, this is where he says Drake allegedly has a secret daughter. He talks to Drake mother in this record, talks to Drake's son to the daughter. [00:15:57] It was very, very, this was very, very creative. Very, very, again, methodical. That's the word that I want to use when in reference to Kendrick Lamar. Very, very methodical. Very, like, oh, this shit thought out, you know, so as people were rushing him to do a diss record, he was thinking this out. So, yeah, he does meet the grams, which was just like, you know, when people are saying, you know, but if he doesn't really have a daughter is fake. [00:16:29] Um, and then later on, he does not like us. And that's when shit hit the fan. Because not like us, we gonna get, we gonna come back to not like us. But Drake, after that, released the heart part six, which is dope. [00:17:04] Which is dope. Beat changes was dope. [00:17:08] But by that time, Drake sounded a little tired. [00:17:12] He sounded like, not like us. Might have got me and going back to not like us. [00:17:23] Shit kind of blew up. [00:17:26] Is a big, big, big record. [00:17:30] It's a big record, and it's all over the place. [00:17:38] People are crip walking to it. People are blood walking to it. People are doing everything. I seen white people dancing to it. I it was just, it's just a big record. [00:17:56] Very big record. He, he pulled a back to back on Drake. He, he did a Drake to Drake. So with Meek Mill, what he did to meek Mill and made a dance song. When he made a record that people would play for years that you just like um. [00:18:15] Oh, shit. [00:18:18] So that was kind of like, that's big. [00:18:24] Um, the west coast is united, y'all. I seen crips and bloods together. [00:18:31] I seen dudes in each other face like, yo, yo, yo. Then they hit enter and they like, I'm gonna get back at you. [00:18:42] Wow. [00:18:46] I would never expect somebody to do a dance disc record that is so global now. Like it's, oh, we, oh, it's just, it's just so many ways we could go with that. That makes that such a big record. [00:19:19] I seen people riding past in the car playing, but, but, but the most underrated thing in this dis, between the 20 versus, because remember, 1 minute Drake was looking like Thanos and he took all the ring stones, the firestones. And then randomly you just hear Ross. I like Ross record, too. I ain't gonna lie. I think Rick Ross could wrap his ass off. So listen, this dude Ross called him bbl drizzy. [00:20:02] Now, it is a lot of artists who, male artists that got their body done. [00:20:11] I know a lot of them. I know a lot of them personally, but I ain't gonna call them out. But it's a lot more than you think. [00:20:23] And it's a lot more that you be like, wow, a lot of. So what Drake did is not, he's not alone in that many guys are doing it. Um, and then that other weight loss ozempic thing they taken, whatever. [00:20:40] But I knew it was different when metro boom and made a dis beat. [00:20:46] Who makes a dis beat? [00:20:49] This dis beat is so infectious that every now and again I'll sit there randomly and say, bbl drizzy, bbl drizzy. Am I the only one who do that? Like sometimes I just be sitting there minding my business. [00:21:06] I'll be playing the game and I just be bbl drizzy, bbl drizzy. [00:21:17] What? What did this, what did this be? And this, what did this do to me? Like, it's just in my brain, don't. [00:21:25] This dude made a disc beat and it's hot. [00:21:30] And I be minding my business. I won't be, no, I'll be, yo, I be chilling, minding my business and then I just go, bbl drizzy, bbl drizzy. [00:21:45] Like, yo, what the happened? How did this enter my mind? [00:21:51] Did this do to me? [00:21:54] I wish I never heard that because I just, I wake up in the morning, I don't even say. I don't even answer the phone. You don't even be like, yo, hello. You'd be like bBl, yo, whoa, whoa, whoa. I get out of my head I seen somebody riding past yesterday playing bBl drizzle. I'm like, yo, and then you play the shit and the beat, you just like, hold up. [00:22:24] Sound a little dope. [00:22:28] So for the winner, this is not beef. This is not the craziest back and forth in hip hop to me. I think it was a lot of records. I think with other people, we had Nas, Jay Z, where they didn't do ten records apiece. They did two, four big records because people go to Nas, ether. But I like the stillmatic freestyle better. I think that's the best. [00:23:00] I think that's the best diss. Where he rhymed to Rakim Payton full. I like that. [00:23:08] Where we got ether, the stillmatic freestyle, we got takeover, super ugly, and then we got shots. [00:23:15] This is, uh, just been a lot of, they just did a lot of disses. And, um, people are saying Kendrick won. [00:23:29] The perception is that Kendrick won, not like us, is such a crossover big record. We would have to give it to him because of that. [00:23:41] But this is what it did for Drake. [00:23:44] He went pound for pound with a top elite lyricist and actually did stuff where people wanted Kendrick to respond. So for Drake, who, who in many people eyes is not a lyricist, he has ghostwriters. For all the criticism that he has, this actually helped him, in my opinion. This actually helped Drake because he sparred with him. And we gotta give him respect for that. We gotta give him respect that he's the most streamed artist in history. [00:24:29] He's probably one of the biggest crossover artists. But he actually took time to rap with somebody that he's not even supposed to be in the room with because like, in the city organized said people would think that was J. Cole that would be doing that. But Drake took the, took it and did it. So we gotta give him respect for that. As far as the allegations, as far as all the other stuff, hey, man is hard out here, but I would say at least he rapped, at least he attempted, at least he did something that we didn't think he would be able to do. [00:25:18] So I give him a credit. I give him credit for that. But did he lose? [00:25:23] Yes, he lost. [00:25:29] But, you know, it's all perception. That's the thing about the culture. [00:25:35] I think we all can have an, we all can have an opinion. We all can have thought, and this is why we're talking. [00:25:47] This is the first live that I came back and did because it, damn, it dominated my damn timeline. I was in the damn gym. Cause I've been back in the gym for eleven days. And when I was in the gym, it was this girl in the gym. Cause she know what I do and she was like, so what do you think about Kendrick and Drake? I'm like, oh my God, this is out of control. Like, this is out of control. So this is a great time. [00:26:18] A lot of content creators are making a lot of money from covering it, so salute to them. Also, Kendrick did something that's very, very, very, very dope. [00:26:32] All the people that were reacting to his music as Drake, you can't really react to his music, I'm telling you. Can't really post him. You can't do a lot of stuff. [00:26:41] Kendrick took all the restrictions from people who were reacting to. Let everybody eat, man. That's so damn dope. Like that's, that's, that's dope. So Kendrick didn't forget about the little people, the people who create content, the people who create commentary for a living. [00:27:00] So that was dope. Shout out to Kendrick for that. I definitely, he won because of that too. [00:27:11] So he just says so much about him on that, on that. Not like us. Call him a colonizer, call them all types of stuff. And it, and it raised different conversation. [00:27:28] It's definitely making people talk about race and what's black and you know, who's black. And if you have a one parent, you know, it raised conversation which hip hop used to do. [00:27:45] And the fact that it did it now and Vlad caught a, Vlad jumped out there and caught a stray. But again, we can't talk about them, you know, so I'm gonna leave that alone. [00:27:58] Yeah. So then, yeah, then I did see something as brave Dave said that Kendrick allegedly stole some of them raps from battle rappers. Um, you know, it's a bunch of borrowing, but again, um, yeah, yeah. [00:28:21] Shout out to Kendrick for that though. He fed people and people were making, um, you know, uh, life changing money. [00:28:29] So I gotta say, um, yo, um, Kendrick won based off a, not like us, based off the reaction. Like when the record gets that reaction, um, it's real. [00:28:53] Drake was out of line for Drake was out of line for the Zimmerman line. And as well as you rap, like you trying to free the slaves, I didn't really, that wasn't, that was stupid. [00:29:11] Like, your daddy should have called you and said, hey, Drake, you know, his fucking mustache and shit. You know, Drake father got that wild mustache. He should have called you like, hey, Drake, I don't think that's a good idea, son. [00:29:28] He should have did that. Cause when you said that, bro, you. You look, you lost everybody with that. So for you artists who want to make disc records, be careful, because the people could turn on you. [00:29:42] The people could turn on you. But I'm happy to be back on YouTube. I took a much needed break. [00:29:50] I'm saying his pops got that mustache straight up. His shit like this. [00:29:55] This shit serious. Like, he got that. Yo, Sammity. Sam. So I appreciate y'all, man. Like, you know, the funniest thing about this culture that we in. Rarely do we feel appreciated, some of us. And the appreciation and the support that I got in my absence let me know that I am a person that people do care about. And it just mean a lot. You know what I'm saying? But as y'all know, I'm a black american man, and I'm starting to take a lot of stuff personal that the way many people are coming into this culture, treating us in the culture. I love all black people, but we gonna have to start getting a little, um. Hey, Rashida from target. What's up? Um, we gonna have to start. [00:30:58] We gonna have to start having a very serious conversation. [00:31:03] I have to start having a very serious conversation. Cause, um, it's getting a little. Getting a little weird. And, um, I I personally got attacked a lot on, um, on Twitter. And I keep saying Twitter. X. Twitter. I'm saying Twitter, man. I mean, I ain't calling nothing no x. [00:31:26] But, um, it's so much to unpack with. This is so much to talk about. I'm gonna be real with y'all. Maybe. [00:31:33] I'm over it. [00:31:37] I'm over it. I don't want here no more. I'm over it. [00:31:41] I'm over it. [00:31:44] I don't want to hear no more. [00:31:49] I don't want to hear no more. I'm over it. No more diss records, please. [00:31:54] The game. [00:31:57] I don't know what the game is doing. [00:32:01] The game just diss Rick Ross. [00:32:09] Fuck is that about? [00:32:12] I mean, Kendrick just united the whole west coast, and then the game jumps out and disses Rick Ross with a bunch of shit. We already knew about Rick Ross. That he already knew about Rick Ross, but still did records with him when he knew all the stuff. And then just saying it. The game. The thing about him is that he could rap and he picks good music, so we'll listen. But I don't. I don't think Rick Ross should respond. [00:32:44] But I said, though, on. On Twitter, if you follow me, I said it was two people, that anytime something is going on in the culture, it's two people who always jump out and gotta be seen. I said, jim Jones in the game, if you follow me on x. I said, them, too, last week. And then, like clockwork, Jim Jones, like clockwork, the game, you can't make this up. [00:33:16] So every time something is going on in culture, they sit back and say, damn, how could I. Anybody talking about them, how could they talk about me? [00:33:25] I don't like it. [00:33:28] I don't like it. [00:33:30] But, um, I appreciate y'all, man. Um. Damn, we got a lot to talk about. So we gonna go through it. Um, we gonna keep going. Shout out to my partner, big steel, and MC eight. The gangster chronicles. They did. They just did drink champs. I was supposed to be there that day, but I got caught up doing some other stuff. So I was supposed to be on that episode of Drink Champs, but MC eight finally got there. [00:33:59] We've been working behind the scenes to get NCa from. From LA to Miami. So MCA and my partner, big steel, you know. You know, I'm so glad that. That, you know, that's my brother and I'm so happy that y'all get to see and hear him finally, you know, shout out to glasses Malone. That's the bro. [00:34:20] Yo, man, I just been having a lot of fun behind the scenes, y'all. I've been playing my game. I've been, you know what I'm saying? Living life and just really chilling. But, you know, before I go, I just. You know, I always gotta leave y'all with something. This would be like the Jerry Springer final thought in life. You ever feel, I don't wanna use the word burnt out because we're forced to work? Like, so you have to get up and work every day or you don't eat. That's how it is for me. But, you know, I heard some people say I was broke, I needed money. Whatever the case may be. [00:34:54] I took 60 days off, so how broke could I be? And if you follow me, you know. Anyway, I took time to chill and was able to put a lot of things in perspective of what it is that I'm doing and prioritizing what I needed to do opposed to what I want to do. And I just really chilled. Really, really chilled. Stayed out the way. [00:35:27] I could have gone live at any time. I could have did many things, but I didn't because I just needed to understand what I was doing. [00:35:39] And I seen a lot, I heard a lot, and I just was observed. Sometimes I wanted to jump in bad. I said, no, just chill. [00:35:49] And the end of April is my sister's birthday is April 29. My mother's birthday is April 1. [00:35:59] And my sister passed away. And then I found a picture of my sister at my mother's grave site. So it was just, um. [00:36:08] You know, it's very weird. [00:36:11] Um, very, very weird. [00:36:14] Um, so I said, you know, I'm gonna come back in May. [00:36:20] Said, I'm gonna do, uh, I'm gonna come back in May. [00:36:23] And I just waited. You know, I just waited. I sat it out. Y'all last seen me around my birthday, February 25. I think I went live, like, the 26th. And then I chill. Um, and I sat on the couch. Literally, I did nothing. And it felt good. I didn't have to get up and check the YouTube, and I didn't have to do none of that. I didn't have to edit. And then I slowly but surely, maybe, like, two weeks of chilling, started getting back in, going out, and doing stuff. And, um. [00:36:56] Yeah, this. This is. I know. I know what I need to do. Um, shout out to Charlemagne, um. Damn, where's my phone at? Oh, yeah, I could listen, man, it's crazy. You know, I'm saying this is crazy, but, um. Yo, I could talk to y'all all day, as y'all know, but I'm not. We going to, um. [00:37:19] This is just to start the train. [00:37:21] Um, but I've been working on other stuff to make this stuff bigger, better, stronger, faster. So get ready for me. I'm going to hit you with lies. But I also got a lot of content to put out there, so I appreciate y'all, man, um, for just. Just rocking with me all these years. Um, yeah, I was at the black effect festival. That was in Atlanta. I went to Atlanta to check that, you know, I'm saying. So I've been out and about, um, got some other stuff that I'm gonna do soon. Y'all gonna see me do some other major things, but, um, that's it. So. Yo, man, I appreciate y'all. Shout out to the super chat gang. Shout out to everybody who sent a super chat. I'm telling y'all, this is not the last time I'm gonna be on. I might come back tonight, I don't know. But I did the gym for a little while. I gotta go back. [00:38:20] I was in here just living life and stuff, you know what I'm saying? And, um, yeah, I got music. I got a lot going on. And, yo, man, I appreciate y'all. So until next time, I am doggie diamonds. This is doggie Diamonds. Tv shout out to the 100 people who unsubscribe you was not needed. I'm glad that you left. [00:38:49] Shout out to the new subscribers. Shout out to the all the people that's gonna show love. And I don't see something on here too because y'all was supposed to pop up on the screen when you hit the super chat. But we'll fix that. So with that, y'all see, I got a new intro. [00:39:04] I got a new outro as well. So I'll see y'all later. Yo, shout out to my moderators in the building. Shout out to King Ross. See y'all. I see unseen but, well, her Lambert UK, Frank White. [00:39:20] Yo, all of y'all. See y'all. I'll be back tonight, man. I gotta come back tonight. Now, see, now y'all force my hand. Now y'all gonna make me od. Go live like four or five times a day. Kelly Mills in the building. Yo, until next time.

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