September 13, 2016


Ft. Peedi Crakk (Episode 10)

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Doggie Diamonds
Ft. Peedi Crakk (Episode 10)
Doggie Diamonds No Filter
Ft. Peedi Crakk (Episode 10)

Sep 13 2016 | 01:44:59


Show Notes What's up everyone? In this episode I get Peedi Crakk to join me on the Doggie Diamonds No Filter Podcast. Peedi Crakk takes us all the way back to his humble beginnings, going to jail, signing to Roc-A-Fella and the big break up between Dame Dash and Jay Z. Also in this podcast Peedi Crakk speaks on the Meek Mill comparison, Jay Z Vs Cam'ron and where he stands today with State Property. Salute to my supporters! Coming up in Philly Meeting Freeway Battling in Jail Meeting Oschino & Sparks Signing to the Roc Meeting Jay Z Goin in and outta jail while bein on the Roc Giving State P his songs Jay Z takin Cam off One For Peedi Crakk (remix) Cam givin him the back-up CD and Beans breakin it Jay Z comin to his block for the Flipside video Rocafella break-up Memphis Bleek keepin it real during the break-up Opportunities after the break-up How Dame tried to finesse him into signing to DDMG Who's the easiest to talk to between Jay Z, Dame & Biggs Stayin w/ Jay Z and Rocafella after the break-up Blowin $900,000 of his album budget The infamous pauseworthy clip w/ Beans Jay Z Beef then and lookin back at it Kanye West If he thinks Jay Z stole Young Chris' whisper flow Meek Mill Rocafella vs Dipset His fav Jay Z song Jay Z vs Nas, who he thinks won Beans vs Jadakiss, who he thinks won State Property helpin Beans write Drake vs Meek Mill Lookin up to the legends in rap Why he changed his name and changed it back Freeway vs Cassidy DONATE HERE!

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