February 21, 2024


Eff Them, Eff Him And Eff Her Too!

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Eff Them, Eff Him And Eff Her Too!
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Eff Them, Eff Him And Eff Her Too!

Feb 21 2024 | 01:26:47


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Eff Them, Eff Him And Eff Her Too!


The world is full of people who just don't seem to care about anyone but themselves. They walk around with their heads held high, thinking they're better than everyone else. They trample over anyone who gets in their way, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. And you know what? It's time to call them out. It's time to say, "Eff them, eff him and eff her too!"


It's infuriating to see these self-centered individuals going about their lives as if the world revolves around them. They have no regard for the feelings or well-being of others. They manipulate and deceive, using people as pawns in their twisted games. They lie and cheat, leaving a path of heartache and despair in their wake. And for what? To satisfy their own selfish desires.


But it's not just the individuals themselves who are to blame. It's also the society that enables and even rewards their behavior. We live in a world that glorifies the ruthless and the cutthroat, where empathy and compassion are seen as weaknesses. We're taught to admire those who climb to the top at any cost, regardless of who they step on along the way. It's a sick and twisted mentality that needs to be called out for what it is.


So, what can be done about these self-absorbed, callous individuals and the toxic culture that enables them? It starts with speaking out and refusing to tolerate their behavior any longer. It means standing up for ourselves and for those who have been wronged. It means holding these individuals accountable for their actions and demanding change from the systems that perpetuate their behavior.


It's time to stop giving these people a free pass. It's time to stop turning a blind eye to their destructive ways. It's time to say, "Eff them, eff him and eff her too!" We deserve better than to be treated as disposable objects by those who only care about themselves. We deserve to live in a world where empathy and kindness are valued, where people are held accountable for their actions, and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


So, the next time you encounter someone who embodies the worst traits of selfishness and callousness, don't stay silent. Speak up. Call them out. Let them know that their behavior is not acceptable. And let's work together to create a world where their toxic ways are no longer tolerated. It's time to say, "Eff them, eff him and eff her too!" And it's time to demand a better, more compassionate world for us all.

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: What's up, everybody? [00:00:01] Speaker B: I'm doggy diamonds. Of course, you know this is doggy diamonds tv. When I ain't over here, I'm over there. You see that up there? YouTube.com. The interlude tv. Look that up. Come over there. We have fun over there, too. A lot of comedy, a lot of laughs, a lot of fun. Some exclusive stuff coming on there. Oh, yeah. Damn. I did something just for the channel, too. Forgot I did some stuff just for the channel, too. So I got some stuff just for the channel. Hey, thanks for reminding me. Even though y'all didn't remind me, I reminded me. Shout out to everybody in the chat. I see insubordinate NYCTV. I see Superstar Rel, who has an interview on this channel that you should look up. His name, superstar Rel. He's on this channel with an interview. I see Siani Ali. I see his boss. [00:00:47] Speaker A: I see my moderator, brown girl, Christopher. [00:00:51] Speaker B: Farmer, Nate Jackson, always in the building, the first one that was here. I see many people here tonight. The interlude tv. Make sure you subscribe. It's important. [00:01:01] Speaker A: Important because I'm monetized over there. [00:01:04] Speaker B: So, you know, over here, this pro bono, you know what I'm saying? This is just love. I ain't going to abandon 280,000 subscribers because I ain't getting no bread. But if you want to financially support me, you can cash app pin to the top, you know what I'm saying? Shout out to Smurf. I knew Smurf, damn, since like 1990. Damn. I knew Smurf for a long time. That might have been like nine, six. [00:01:35] Speaker A: That's the message boys day. [00:01:36] Speaker B: That's how long I've been Internet. And I've been interneting for a minute, you know what I'm saying? But I came on here tonight because. [00:01:42] Speaker A: Of course, I ain't going to abandon. [00:01:45] Speaker B: This channel or not rock with nobody over here because I'm demonetized. I still got a voice, still got a big platform, still got to utilize it. I've been working on some stuff behind the scenes, you know what I'm saying? [00:01:59] Speaker A: As always. [00:02:00] Speaker B: But this was inspired today because I. [00:02:03] Speaker A: Had a conversation with one of my longtime comrades. [00:02:10] Speaker B: He don't like being shouted out. He don't like acknowledgment, but real good dude. And he was saying to me, like, damn. [00:02:17] Speaker A: Like, yo, you've been doing this for. [00:02:20] Speaker B: A long time, and you do it your way. You did it your way and you never sold out. You did it your way and you touched. Because he remembered my start, right? He remembered me starting everything. He was like, yo, and he has a big brand as well. And he was like, yo, you did it your way, you do it. You didn't compromise. [00:02:43] Speaker A: You ain't set up. [00:02:44] Speaker B: Like, you're still the same dude. You still got the same phone number. Like, you still pick up the phone when people call you. [00:02:49] Speaker A: Like, are you mad regular? And when you was outside, when we. [00:02:56] Speaker B: Had to be outside, it's like, yo, you was a wolf. Like, you was on it, you know what I'm saying? [00:03:01] Speaker A: Because it ain't too many people that. [00:03:04] Speaker B: Come from our culture that. [00:03:10] Speaker A: Wasn'T treated. [00:03:11] Speaker B: A certain way, you know what I'm saying? But when I was outside, I handled people a certain way, and people handled me away. It was always like a respect thing, and I was always just getting content. You know what I'm saying? That's what mattered to me. [00:03:23] Speaker A: He was just saying to me, like, no filters. [00:03:27] Speaker B: He said, I know you. And he was just telling me one thing that he loved about me. I never held no punches. I never played with nobody. Anytime I had a disagreement with somebody, anytime I didn't agree with somebody or I had a discrepancy with somebody, I always told the truth. I always say how I felt like I'd never been no bitch. You know what I'm saying? I never ignored people. I never didn't pick up the phone. I never unfollowed people. And so I never did nothing like that. I just always said what it was with people, especially if you my friend, my homegirl, you know what I'm saying? You my homegirl, you my friend, whatever. I just always been like that. Like, yo, what's the problem? What's wrong? I've always been like that. And I've always been like that. I got the same phone number that I had for, like, 20 years. You get what I'm saying? I had the same phone number for like, 20 years. Who has the same number? I never changed my number. If I don't want to fuck with you, I'll just be like, yeah, I'm talking to you. What are you calling me for? You know what I'm saying? I tell people, respectfully, stop calling me. I don't fuck with you like that. You know what I'm saying? But I don't duck people calls. I don't do shit like that. But we just end up talking for a while. [00:04:47] Speaker A: And I watched his rise, and he. [00:04:51] Speaker B: Was there from the beginning, and he was just like, yo, he was basically telling me, like, sticking to how you was is why you. Where you at? I wasn't supposed to be here, right? I was a part of something that I left because I ain't meant to be with no other niggas. You know what I'm saying? Like, for real. [00:05:15] Speaker A: Because the way I move, the way. [00:05:18] Speaker B: I think, the way I innovate. [00:05:23] Speaker A: They. [00:05:24] Speaker B: Don'T make them like me. For real. For real. From coming from the streets to this Internet thing, you see how I move? Like, I don't move weird. You know what I'm saying? I don't got no clickbait titles. [00:05:37] Speaker A: I don't be in a bunch of niggas. [00:05:39] Speaker B: I don't move weird. You know what I'm saying? I don't move weird. He was just like, yo, you the best. You know what I'm saying? And he know everybody. He know everybody. Matter of fact, I'll keep it real with you. I interviewed Gilly. He dropped Gilly off to the projects I was in when I interviewed Gilly. That's how real it is. Gilly hit. When Gilly came to town, Gilly tapped in with him. And he was like, yo, go get up with my man. And he dropped him, too. He left me with Gilly. He was like, yo, you good with him? And I had Gilly in the projects, like, 300 niggas outside. You all could look at the footage for yourself. You know what I'm saying? One thing about me, ain't no cap. [00:06:20] Speaker A: But he left Gilly. [00:06:22] Speaker B: He was like, come on. You were him. You good out here. You know what I'm saying? But this is in Brooklyn in the projects, right? [00:06:27] Speaker A: So I'm saying all that to say to you all. Because although, yeah, I got a platform. [00:06:35] Speaker B: Yeah, did a couple of things, bust my ass. I work hard. I'm no different from you. We all listen, we all going to die. [00:06:45] Speaker A: We all be happy. [00:06:46] Speaker B: Sometimes we all get sad. [00:06:48] Speaker A: Sometimes we all don't give a fuck. [00:06:51] Speaker B: Sometimes we all care too much. Sometimes we all cry. [00:06:56] Speaker A: We all laugh, we all pee, we all drop deuces. [00:07:00] Speaker B: We all do the same thing. [00:07:02] Speaker A: And I find what's happening now is. [00:07:07] Speaker B: That in this world that we live. [00:07:08] Speaker A: In, no matter how much you put it on the line, no matter how much you do, right, what's happening is. [00:07:19] Speaker B: That people are acting like you are expendable. [00:07:23] Speaker A: Like you don't matter, right? [00:07:26] Speaker B: It could be somebody that you've known. [00:07:28] Speaker A: For 25 years, 40 years, 30 years, they act like you don't matter, meaning that. [00:07:40] Speaker B: You'Re not significant. Like you hold no value to them in their life. This could be somebody you fed before. This could be somebody who you gave the shirt off your back. This could be somebody that gave you their shirt. This could be somebody who was homeless that you took in. This could be somebody you gave them your last $20. It could be somebody you gave them a ride. This could be somebody that everybody told you don't associate with them. Everybody told you don't fuck with them. And you was like, nah. But it come a point at this day and time, I don't know what's going on. It's something in the air, it's something in these frequencies that people act like you never held a place or you're insignificant in a life. [00:08:26] Speaker A: And I know when that happens. [00:08:29] Speaker B: Sometimes you try to figure out, what did you do? You're like, what did I do? How are you acting like that with me? Some people you might let sleep in, dogs lie. Some people you might pick up the phone. Some people might even make you cry because you'd be like, yo, I have mad love for this dude. It could be a friendship, and it could be something romantic. You could look, some of you ladies, and be like, I had mad love for this dude. I had mad love for. This was my homeboy. This is like my brother. Different situations. Like, my brother had mad love for them. Some of you fellas could be like, yo, I loved her. I've been through hell and back with her sometimes. You could be like, yo, she was like my sister. And it just come a point in time where now people are acting like you don't hold no value or never held no value in your life. People are saying shit like you got these little cliche shits that people saying, I checked out and I chose me and all this shit like that. I'm here to tell you, seriously, this is from the bottom of my heart. If I never told you anything before, listen to this. Yo, fuck them. [00:09:38] Speaker A: Seriously, fuck them. [00:09:41] Speaker B: Fuck him and fuck her. [00:09:46] Speaker A: I don't care if it's a brother. [00:09:48] Speaker B: I don't care if it's a cousin. I don't care if it's a close friend. I don't care if it's an aunt, an uncle. I don't care if it's somebody that, a foster sister, somebody that you know in your whole life. Fuck them. Because if somebody could look at you and say, you hold no value, how could you be a human being on this earth that might have put it on the line for somebody, and they want to, in this day and time, act like you don't hold no fucking value how could you be a human being on this earth that don't hold no value? And you contribute to mad shit that's going on on the earth, and you don't hold no value because they look at you like you're not valuable. Fuck them. Don't take that shit to heart. Don't look at yourself. Don't look in the mirror. If you got a cry, cry. Get your cries out, right? [00:10:44] Speaker A: Get your cry out. [00:10:45] Speaker B: Because sometimes that shit do hurt. Because we feel right. We feel we're not robots. We're not data from Star Trek. So we feel they'll be like, damn, why you do me like that? Some people don't know why they do that. Some people just don't give a fuck. And in this day and time, it seemed like nobody gives a fuck. You can give somebody a knife to cut their steak, and they were sitting there with nothing, and they could take the fucking steak and stab. I mean, the knife and stab you with it and be like, why you do that? He gave me a butter knife. He could have gave me a steak knife. I gave you what I had. And some of us who come from nothing have given people our nothing. But it was something more than what they had. I gave you I didn't have shit, and I gave you what I didn't even have. I gave you what nobody gave me. And only thing you gave me was the finger. Only thing you told me was, fuck me, I didn't have no value. I'm expendable. I'm not worth a phone call. I'm not worth a like on the. [00:11:56] Speaker A: Post, I'm not worth shit. Man, fuck you. [00:12:03] Speaker B: Fuck you, because I know my value. I know my worth. And nobody could validate. How could you validate me anyway? If I could come on my platforms and talk to thousands of fucking people, never been no bozo, never been no clown ass motherfucker, didn't beg nobody for no fucking cash apps, didn't do no discrepancies behind the scenes and women dms and no weird shit, didn't do no clickbait shit, never set myself off. I never do no shit like that. And just be a regular man and just come on here, laugh and joke with y'all. Be fucking transparent. [00:12:43] Speaker A: How could you tell me or determine my value and you ain't even really worth shit. Let's really think about that. [00:12:54] Speaker B: But we cry, we boohoo, we wonder. [00:12:57] Speaker A: Because we like, yo, damn, was it ever real? [00:13:00] Speaker B: Did you ever really fuck with me? [00:13:02] Speaker A: At what point did you say, fuck me? [00:13:05] Speaker B: Because I never said, fuck you. Sometimes in today's day and time, you. [00:13:09] Speaker A: Still don't say fuck people, but they say, fuck you. [00:13:13] Speaker B: And you still hold on. And I don't know if you've seen that meme. [00:13:17] Speaker A: Sometimes letting go is better than holding on. [00:13:20] Speaker B: Because you holding on, you hurting your fucking hand. You holding on is hurting you to hold on, you got to let go. Some people don't want shit. [00:13:30] Speaker A: Do you understand that? [00:13:31] Speaker B: Some people don't want nothing. Sometimes you want something for somebody that they don't want for they self. [00:13:38] Speaker A: You're like, yo, man, I just pictured you. [00:13:43] Speaker B: I pictured you in a nice suit. Motherfuckers be like, y'all don't even want no fucking suit. Yeah, but you need a suit because you got to go on a job interview. You got to do shit. Fuck that. I don't want no job. [00:13:56] Speaker A: So what you going to do? [00:13:57] Speaker B: I don't know. And you sitting there racking your brain, losing your hair, your hair turning colors and shit. Because you see the potential in people and you trying to boost them. And every chance they get, they fucking disappoint you. You know what? [00:14:12] Speaker A: Fuck you. You know what? [00:14:15] Speaker B: Stop letting people, stop talking people off the ledge. Let they ass jump. Because now we in a day and time when the motherfucker try to jump, if you get too close, they'll jump and pull you too. [00:14:28] Speaker A: Seriously, that's where we at now. [00:14:32] Speaker B: Motherfuckers would jump and pull you too. [00:14:34] Speaker A: Or push you and you there to save them. [00:14:38] Speaker B: And they'll push you and watch you fucking fall and then say, I don't know what happened to him, yo, he slipped. You know what the fuck happened to me? You know what you did? Motherfuckers be knowing what they doing. People are very aware of everything because you got motherfuckers who think you got people who plot plan and they're very conniving. Don't see how people play stupid when it's convenient all of a sudden. Yo, I don't know what happened. Oh, but you know everything else. Get the fuck out of here. [00:15:08] Speaker A: Listen to me. [00:15:10] Speaker B: Many of you have conquered insurmountable ods. You don't conquered poverty, you don't conquered molestation. You don't conquered abuse. You don't conquered homelessness. You don't conquered unemployment. You don't conquered drug abuse, alcohol abuse, obesity, mental abuse. You don't conquer physical abuse. You don't conquered thinking, lower yourself. You conquered that shit. How could you let somebody who wasn't with you through the journey who don't know what it's like to get through the journey and conquer that shit. [00:15:45] Speaker A: Tell you your value, but they ain't conquer they shit. [00:15:48] Speaker B: Because when I look at you, I see me. Anytime somebody dm me anything, I always be like, yo, go ahead, keep going. [00:15:57] Speaker A: When I see people working out, I. [00:16:00] Speaker B: Tell them, yo, you better keep working out. I'm a kick your ass. See you doing anything. Why wouldn't I look at you and see you doing something good and be like, yo, good job. Motherfuckers don't even say good job. I got fucking bitch niggas who I help that actually was looking at me. [00:16:19] Speaker A: Looking at me, build all this shit. [00:16:22] Speaker B: And looking at me. Never offered a word of encouragement, never. [00:16:31] Speaker A: Said, damn, bro, you did that shit. [00:16:34] Speaker B: Never. [00:16:36] Speaker A: Just looking at me, just watching, acting. [00:16:40] Speaker B: Like I don't hold no fucking value. [00:16:42] Speaker A: It's some niggas. [00:16:43] Speaker B: I saved your fucking life. It's some niggas. Motherfuckers want to bust your head. And they never did that because I was around you. [00:16:52] Speaker A: Nobody owes me shit, right? [00:16:54] Speaker B: I don't think nobody owes me anything. [00:16:57] Speaker A: I don't think nobody owes me anything. [00:16:59] Speaker B: But what you do owe everybody is fucking common courtesy. [00:17:03] Speaker A: That's it. [00:17:05] Speaker B: Nobody has to kiss my ass. Nobody has to call me every day and say, thank you. But don't act like I'm not significant. Don't act like I'm ignorable. That's not a word. But don't act like I'm somebody that you could just discard. I don't fucking matter. [00:17:22] Speaker A: For real, I don't matter. [00:17:25] Speaker B: So what about when I put it on the line for you? What about when everybody was like, fuck you, fuck her, fuck them. And I was like, no, that's my homegirl. No, that's my homeboy. No, that's my team. [00:17:39] Speaker A: Because I always did that. Fuck that. [00:17:42] Speaker B: I love hard when I got love for you. Only you could fuck that up. [00:17:50] Speaker A: And even when you fuck it up. [00:17:51] Speaker B: I'm still such an empathetic person that I still try to find good in motherfucker. I still say, damn. Nah, she ain't called me because maybe she going. Or, yo, he stopped fucking with me because I still try to find good in people. Fuck y'all. Seriously, as we go and continue this journey, I don't see no good in none of y'all. You don't see no good in me? I ain't worth shit. I don't hold no value. I ain't worth a phone call? I'm not worth, yo, how you doing? How's life, yo, I'm not worth mending offense with. I'm not worth an apology? I'm not worth at least a call to say what's going on. [00:18:31] Speaker A: Fuck you. [00:18:33] Speaker B: Stop reaching for people who's pulling away from you. Let them go. It's the hardest shit. Let them go. I'm telling you, it's hard as fuck to let people go. But, motherfuckers, you can't keep somebody who don't want to be kept. And I'm not always talking about romance. I'm talking about friends. It's some friends who have never been a fucking friend to you. It is some brothers who have never been a brother to you. You have sisters who's never been a sister to you. You have siblings who've never been a sibling to you. Some of you have your own mother who's never been motherly to you, father who's never been fatherly to you. And you'll be like, that's my daddy, though. But they don't look at you like, but that's my daughter, though. Or, that's my son, though. They look at you as. [00:19:22] Speaker A: Fuck them. [00:19:24] Speaker B: Telling you, you're going to feel good. You're going to feel better when you realize everything that's giving you a block. [00:19:34] Speaker A: Here, you let it go. You let it go. [00:19:39] Speaker B: God, let that shit go. I'm telling you, let it go. Only innocent people are children. Any way you can compromise and keep the children safe, sane. [00:19:50] Speaker A: That's it. [00:19:51] Speaker B: Other than that, fuck these adults. Motherfuckers don't give a fuck. [00:19:56] Speaker A: Fuck these adults. They don't care. [00:20:01] Speaker B: How could you think about, you think about this. You've given people a place to stay. [00:20:09] Speaker A: You've given people a place to stay. Think about it. [00:20:17] Speaker B: You've given people a place to stay. [00:20:20] Speaker A: And they don't give a fuck. [00:20:25] Speaker B: You've took people food shopping. You've given food out of your house to people. [00:20:32] Speaker A: And the minute you might get into an issue, you don't even call on them. [00:20:40] Speaker B: But they don't offer either. You know why? Because everybody want to say, what about you? You don't give people some of the greatest relationship advice. Miniature relationship. Look what envy did to fucking Tyrese. The minute your relationship is in jeopardy, they look like, yeah, he going through it, too. [00:21:02] Speaker A: I told one of my good friends. [00:21:04] Speaker B: I said, yo, bro. [00:21:07] Speaker A: I hate seeing you go through what I went through. [00:21:12] Speaker B: I hope your shit work. I hope some of our shit got to work. Right. We both can't be fucked up, right? I hope your shit work. [00:21:21] Speaker A: Seriously. [00:21:25] Speaker B: You don't supported certain people. [00:21:27] Speaker A: Crack, habit. [00:21:29] Speaker B: You supported some people. Weed, habit. You support people. Alcoholism, people. Cigarette habit. Some people. Food, habit. Some people. [00:21:36] Speaker A: Sex addiction. [00:21:37] Speaker B: You don't supported people who were addicts, you don't supported people's addictions. All of you have somebody in your. [00:21:46] Speaker A: Life that you supported their addiction in. [00:21:50] Speaker B: Trying to help them at the same time, but you supported it because they acted like their life depended on a. [00:21:56] Speaker A: Fucking cigarette, and they acted like an. [00:22:00] Speaker B: Ass because they didn't have a fucking cigarette. [00:22:03] Speaker A: And you'd be like, you know what. [00:22:04] Speaker B: I'm going to get you a pack, but you got to really stop. And the minute they find a new supply to leech offer, they say, fuck you, because I asked them for $10.01 time and he ain't give it to me. But you could show them how you, over the course of time, might have cashed at them $1,500 over the course of time. [00:22:26] Speaker A: 2000. [00:22:27] Speaker B: Over the course of time. You help motherfuckers and look how people repay you. [00:22:32] Speaker A: I'm telling you, fuck them way. [00:22:36] Speaker B: You know what way means? Way means worry about yourself. Can't save no grownups no more. That shit over. [00:22:47] Speaker A: Can't save no grownups. [00:22:51] Speaker B: All you are is a supply. All you are is a supply. [00:22:56] Speaker A: That's it. You a money supply, you a sex. [00:23:01] Speaker B: Supply, you an abuse supply. [00:23:09] Speaker A: That's all you are. [00:23:11] Speaker B: And the minute you don't supply it no more, you think it stops. They don't stop, they just reroute. They go somewhere else. [00:23:17] Speaker A: You will supply. Nothing gets poured back into you, regardless. [00:23:27] Speaker B: You could fuck with people, feel empty. [00:23:30] Speaker A: They leave, you still going to feel empty. But at least you might as well. [00:23:36] Speaker B: Feel empty and get to the place of healing. Opposed to having somebody who's holding on to your fucking leg. I know a lot of you personally, many of you talented. [00:23:53] Speaker A: Many of you. [00:23:54] Speaker B: Are talented, many of you have millionaire. [00:23:56] Speaker A: Minds, millionaire motivation, millionaire execution. [00:24:01] Speaker B: But if, I bet you if we was to audit everybody, somebody holding your fucking leg, and it's not a child. [00:24:09] Speaker A: It'S an adult, it's an adult that. [00:24:13] Speaker B: Don'T want to see you do shit. [00:24:16] Speaker A: Because they don't want to do shit. [00:24:17] Speaker B: They don't foresee themselves doing anything. [00:24:20] Speaker A: You are a supply. Stop supplying, because even if you stop. [00:24:27] Speaker B: Supplying, they won't quit, they will reroute. You think a crackhead stops smoking crack because you don't got crack to sell? Do they say, hell, well, you know what? You don't got no crack. I guess I won't smoke crack today. No, they will walk 17 fucking blocks. They will drive 2 hours to get a two fucking 22nd high. You are supply. Stop supplying. Take some of that shit and put it into you. What do you need to do? Maybe I need to go back and study. Maybe I need to get my doctorate. Maybe I need to take some courses. Maybe I need to learn some stuff. Maybe I need to go to the gym. Maybe what is it that you need to do? Get you a whiteboard? Write that shit down. Write down and stop saying what you're going to do for the fucking new year. We got a month and a half left. You might not fucking live here. You might not live long. That's it. [00:25:26] Speaker A: You do now. Write that shit down. [00:25:29] Speaker B: Set it off. Check it off. That's it. Crystal clear. Said something. Crystal clear clarity. That's a dope ass name. Crystal clear clarity. Oh, I love that shit. I love that name. [00:25:43] Speaker A: Look at us. [00:25:44] Speaker B: How many of us are saying we're loners? There's fucking billions of people in the world. [00:25:50] Speaker A: Look at us. [00:25:51] Speaker B: We all saying we loners. I can't fuck with nobody. We all using words like, I'm an introvert. Are you really? [00:25:58] Speaker A: Are you really? I bet you you more tired than. [00:26:01] Speaker B: You are introvert, because you wasn't always introverted. Because if it is, you wouldn't have. [00:26:04] Speaker A: Never went through shit. You once was an extrovert. [00:26:08] Speaker B: You was, was a person who was outgoing, who fucked with people. You got tired, you got burned too many times and it turned you into something. He wasn't always like that. You really hurt. Many of us are introverted because we're hurt. We became like that. [00:26:23] Speaker A: Somebody made us like that while they. [00:26:26] Speaker B: Went and got a new supply. Now you're sitting in the house soaking, not understanding. Don't want to love no more, don't want no friends no more. Don't want to do this no more. Because some fucking asshole, or assholes, or a multiple amount of assholes did something to you. You're not an introvert. You're not a loner. You hurt. Fuck them. [00:26:51] Speaker A: Fuck them. [00:26:53] Speaker B: And when you could say that and. [00:26:55] Speaker A: Mean it and learn that you have to mean it for your sake, then. [00:27:03] Speaker B: You'Re going to be, I, because why not say fuck somebody who said fuck you? You know, I always been like that. I always been like, yo, fuck them. [00:27:09] Speaker A: They'd be like, yo, why you say that? [00:27:11] Speaker B: Because they said, fuck me. When I was supposed to say, oh, you said, fuck me. But I still see hope. [00:27:16] Speaker A: No. Every day people ask me, yo, what. [00:27:21] Speaker B: Happened to such and such? They said, fuck me. [00:27:25] Speaker A: You want me to do. I don't care. [00:27:27] Speaker B: I'm not listening. I'm not kissing nobody ass. I don't even kiss ass. I don't even kiss girls ass. Girls are not there. I don't kiss day ass about literally. [00:27:34] Speaker A: I don't kiss ass. [00:27:35] Speaker B: I palm it, smack it, rub it, but I ain't kissing your ass. We're not doing that. You're not more important than me. And when I made you more important than me, I started losing me. I started losing myself. Who the fuck am I? If I'm your subordinate, who am I then? [00:27:52] Speaker A: How am I great? [00:27:54] Speaker B: How am I great? How am I zoo to my greatness? How am I living in my greatness? If I look at you like you better than me, and then I'm just supplying you. Sometimes you're just a footstool of people. You supply people with power. Some people ain't shit. Some people will use the love you have for them against you. Seriously, you got a lot of love for them. You see hope in them. You see greatness with them. And there's somebody that shitted on them. So they turn around and shit on you. And no matter what you give, no matter what this shit you do, you do this. They run, you try to hug, they pull away. You give your heart, they punch it. [00:28:38] Speaker A: That's what the fuck you are supply. [00:28:40] Speaker B: You are supply for low, broken, punk ass motherfuckers who need a supply. And when you don't supply no more. [00:28:48] Speaker A: I'm telling you, they don't stop, it's. [00:28:50] Speaker B: Going to find somebody else. [00:28:52] Speaker A: That's it. I just had to tell you all. [00:28:55] Speaker B: That shit tonight because we all. I see so many relationships breaking up. I see so much shit happening, and I'm like, God damn, what the fuck is going on? I don't think it was a time. [00:29:07] Speaker A: Where I seen so much public shit. [00:29:11] Speaker B: Going on with people in their relationship. People together for 27 years. People together for five years, all this shit happening. You and this dude, this dude been your rap partner for years, and then he shitted on you because he did. And you like, yo, hold up, homie. We don't lost blood. Some of us don't got harmed together. Some people have got shot. Yo, when they shot you, they shot me, too. But they were shooting you. And I ran and they shot me. I said, some people you shed blood for, literally. Some women, you shed blood. You know why? Because you had some of these men. [00:29:46] Speaker A: Children, literally, you had their child, and. [00:29:51] Speaker B: They like, fuck you. And you like, but that's my child's father. Do they care? Why would you put your child in the situation to fuck with somebody that you don't even want to fuck with? You know what type of person they are? You know what type of person they are? [00:30:16] Speaker A: People use you. [00:30:18] Speaker B: You are a supply. [00:30:20] Speaker A: That's it. [00:30:21] Speaker B: You supply something that they need. And the minute you no longer partake. [00:30:28] Speaker A: In the supplying, they going to move around and find somebody else. They're not going to change. [00:30:39] Speaker B: They're not going to grow up. You got people who professionally sleep on people couches. You got people who professionally live with people. You got some men who are professional moochers, they're hobosexuals. You got some women who are professional girls who fuck with different dudes for different things. But out of some of them dudes, they think that this lady likes them. No, you supply them with shit. If you don't have nothing to give, then you're not worth nothing. [00:31:10] Speaker A: They value you and they put a value on you. [00:31:14] Speaker B: We all have a value system. None of us are invaluable to people. And I'll be making people invaluable where I don't give a fuck what you say about them. [00:31:26] Speaker A: I don't care. I'm sticking with them. [00:31:29] Speaker B: I'm sticking by them. I don't care. [00:31:32] Speaker A: Listen, you could be so loyal to. [00:31:36] Speaker B: Somebody that you're disloyal to yourself. You are a supply. You tell a woman she's beautiful. You tell a guy how much you care about him. You tell a homie, yo, you my bro. And the whole time you told this dude, this female, you my sis, you told his dude, you my bro. This motherfucker is like, fuck you. You don't even know that shit. But you're seeing little glimpses, you're seeing little signs. You're seeing little things. And you like, nah, that's the Brodo. [00:32:16] Speaker A: I got two sisters, right? [00:32:18] Speaker B: One of them, y'all know, is deceased. My older sister passed away. But I got a sister who's younger than her, but older than me. I'm the baby. My older sister treated my other sister like shit. [00:32:37] Speaker A: Let's be honest with y'all. [00:32:38] Speaker B: She treated my sister like shit her whole fucking life. Her whole life. Just was never nice to her. [00:32:47] Speaker A: Nice to be like, what the fuck. [00:32:48] Speaker B: Is wrong with you? That's our sister. I don't know what the fuck that was. For some reason, my sister loved her big sister, which was all about big sister. And I used to be like, yo. [00:33:01] Speaker A: She treats you like shit. [00:33:03] Speaker B: Why are you a glutton? For her punishment. Why do you fuck with her? [00:33:09] Speaker A: Because I remember me and my sister. [00:33:12] Speaker B: Before she passed away. We was like, probably like four or five years into speaking again. I ain't talked to her full. I'm like, hold up. [00:33:19] Speaker A: I'm not her. [00:33:21] Speaker B: You're not treating me like shit. And I'm going to be the little brother who follows behind his big sister? No, fuck you. [00:33:28] Speaker A: You ain't talking to me crazy. [00:33:30] Speaker B: You're not disrespecting me. Fuck you. And you know what she did? [00:33:36] Speaker A: You know what she did when I did that? Now she crying. [00:33:41] Speaker B: I don't know why he don't talk to me. I don't know why he don't fuck with me. You know why I don't fuck with you? Because I ain't your punching bag. I punch back. I ain't your fucking supply. I ain't here to be abused. You do that shit to her, you're not doing that to me. [00:33:58] Speaker A: And when my sister passed away, my. [00:34:00] Speaker B: Sister. [00:34:04] Speaker A: Cried so much because her older. [00:34:07] Speaker B: Sister, her big sister passed away, we all cried. I'm still going to be fucked up. But I looked at her like, damn. [00:34:17] Speaker A: You loved her so much. [00:34:19] Speaker B: And I don't know if she ever fucking loved you the way you loved her. [00:34:23] Speaker A: And now she's gone, sadly, because that's our sister. But the abuse stops. [00:34:33] Speaker B: And it fucked you up so bad. You got so used to it and accustomed to it. [00:34:40] Speaker A: You miss it. Do you miss her? Or do you miss how she fucking treated you? [00:34:49] Speaker B: And I live with that shit. I know this shit firsthand because this is my family. We all have family members where we see one family member treat another family member like shit. And no matter how much they try, no matter how much they try to get close to that family member, family member just be like, fuck them for no reason. [00:35:08] Speaker A: You'd be like, what the fuck they do to you? [00:35:10] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:35:12] Speaker A: I used to ask my sister, what. [00:35:13] Speaker B: The fuck is wrong with you? That's our sister. I don't care. I don't got it for her. Fuck you mean, you don't got it for? We got the same mother, the same father. What the fuck is wrong with you? [00:35:25] Speaker A: But she supplied her. [00:35:28] Speaker B: With her being her footstool. My sister called my sister. She get ready, she get, sherry want me. [00:35:37] Speaker A: I'm like, so you running for her? What the fuck is wrong with you? Or, she need me? And then you sit like that and. [00:35:52] Speaker B: You like, yo. [00:35:56] Speaker A: Then you call me. [00:35:57] Speaker B: Later and say, she, this, that, and the third shit. I'm like, she. What the fuck? She always do that shit to you? [00:36:03] Speaker A: She always do that shit to you. Because of her sickness, she's physically weak. I should tell her that shit? I should be like, yo, because of your ailments, you the fucking weakest person in this house. You the weakest mentally. [00:36:28] Speaker B: You might be strong because you deal with some shit that we don't have to deal with, but you're physically weak. So the only way you could express or exude the power that you want. [00:36:40] Speaker A: That you can't have physically is treating us like shit. I ain't having it. Fuck you. [00:36:50] Speaker B: I won't talk to you. I'm like that with anybody. No, I ain't no punching bag. I ain't nobody fucking carpet. I ain't nobody fucking footstool. I'm not here to supply you. I'm not here to supply your ego. I'm not here to tell you how great you are. And, yeah, I ain't really that, or I'm only this because it. No, fuck you, all right? [00:37:10] Speaker A: If you're going to make me where. [00:37:12] Speaker B: I'm insignificant, insignificant, or I don't matter or I have no value, I'll be valueless. [00:37:18] Speaker A: Then I'll be valueless. You got people that you can say three words to them and they'll cry. [00:37:35] Speaker B: You got people who you could say ten words to them, they going to cry. They don't have the heart. They're not fighters by nature. They don't know how to argue. They don't know how to defend themselves. And you watch people pick on them. You watch people talk to them crazy, make them cry. [00:37:51] Speaker A: Shit. [00:37:51] Speaker B: And I'd be like, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you doing that? [00:37:55] Speaker A: Why are you doing that? [00:37:55] Speaker B: This shit is corny, Noah, because that's how they get to get their power out. They abuse people. They mentally abuse people. They talk to people crazy. You see people sometimes in the street, how they do their own fucking children, how they talk to their children. You'd be like. [00:38:15] Speaker A: You a piece of shit. [00:38:18] Speaker B: I see some men, sometimes they'll be out with a woman and they want to get all tough and poke their chest out. Yeah, because you know I don't play, nigga, you a bitch. [00:38:28] Speaker A: You a bitch. [00:38:30] Speaker B: Like, why are you all tough and all swollen up and fucking target? [00:38:36] Speaker A: What are you doing? [00:38:37] Speaker B: Like, I ain't impressed. [00:38:38] Speaker A: I watch dudes all the time. [00:38:40] Speaker B: Niggas who I know as bitches get the shit slapped out of them as soon as they get around women. Bitch, bitch. Look at this fucking coward. [00:38:48] Speaker A: You a coward. She don't know because she think you crazy. [00:38:55] Speaker B: She watched you punch a wall. [00:38:58] Speaker A: She watched you break something. You told her you crazy. [00:39:03] Speaker B: You don't give a fuck. [00:39:04] Speaker A: I watched you get the shit slapped out you. [00:39:07] Speaker B: I watched niggas whip your ass. [00:39:09] Speaker A: She don't know that. So the only time you tough is with her. Only time you tough is with children. When we in the hood, we send. [00:39:23] Speaker B: You to the store, we slap you. [00:39:27] Speaker A: She don't know no better. Got these niggas. [00:39:31] Speaker B: I'm crazy, okay? Had a pussy nigga before. Who? He didn't like me anyway, but he liked the chick that I was fucking with. [00:39:51] Speaker A: So he used to sit outside my. [00:39:55] Speaker B: Building and report everything that I did to her. Now you a traitor, because you're listening to a nigga. So fuck you. You already gone. But one day, the nigga decided to jump back. This nigga's a fucking crack baby. I'm just beyond. I think it was a crack baby. His father's a custody. Anyway, used to send his father to the store. Nigga big. You know what I'm saying? I used to be big too. I had got mass small. I'm like a buck, $85, 87 on a good day. This nigga like three and some change. Nigga talking all strong and shit. And the police is there because some other events happened. [00:40:31] Speaker A: So this nigga looking at me, talking. [00:40:34] Speaker B: All strong and shit. I'm looking at this nigga, like, when did you get gangster? Like, I'm fucking confused. Yeah, next time I see you, you better have that same energy. All these cliche shits. I'm sitting there with a smile on my face. [00:40:50] Speaker A: And these females is grabbing him. [00:40:52] Speaker B: They grabbing him. [00:40:53] Speaker A: No, stop. [00:40:55] Speaker B: And I'm standing there with a smile on him. [00:40:56] Speaker A: I'm just standing here, just standing there. [00:41:02] Speaker B: This nigga putting on a fucking Oscar women, Oscar winning Denzel training day performance. [00:41:07] Speaker A: I'm just standing there just like this. He puffing and puffing. [00:41:15] Speaker B: I ain't say shit. I ain't say a word. I'm like, if he come over here, I'm putting him on his back pockets. So I already got the stands righty balled up. I'm already ready. I ain't say shit. First of all, how you this big fucking goof, doofball ass nigger and girls could hold you back? [00:41:37] Speaker A: So police come, 88th precinct, who happen to know me, they come to me. [00:41:45] Speaker B: And they tell me, go in the house. And I'm like, why y'all telling me to go in the house? [00:41:50] Speaker A: He said, because we know you. [00:41:52] Speaker B: We don't know him. You leave. But I ain't even saying shit. I'm just standing here. No, you go in the house. [00:42:03] Speaker A: They made me leave. He's sitting there performing, and I'm like, no, at that time, too, I had a knife on me. I think I was going to jig him, too. Yeah, I was going to jig him. [00:42:23] Speaker B: I used to walk around with this little black Smith and Wesson knife and shit. [00:42:27] Speaker A: I'm like, if he come over here, he even going real. [00:42:32] Speaker B: He going to think Freddie Krueger came out. [00:42:35] Speaker A: So the next day. [00:42:42] Speaker B: The very next day, not even 24 hours later, I come outside, I see one of the girls. [00:42:48] Speaker A: She was like, what happened last night? I said, yo, why was you trying to grab that nigga? She was like, because I never saw him like that. I said, exactly why you ain't let him go? [00:43:00] Speaker B: I said, so let me ask you something. You ever see me flip on people and do she say, yeah. I said, so why was you grabbing him? Why you ain't grabbed me? [00:43:08] Speaker A: You grabbing him, he's doing this. [00:43:10] Speaker B: I said, when he was doing all that, what did I say? Said, you were standing there with a smile on your face. [00:43:15] Speaker A: I said, exactly. Fuck we yelling for that Judge drew, the police. We going to get busy. Let's get busy. But you're a bitch. You're a bitch. I'm not going to yell. Yelling, calls, alerts to authorities. [00:43:30] Speaker B: And we going to do what we going to do. Let's just do it. We ain't got no time to be yelling. We could yell while we doing what we doing. The very next day, after I saw her, he come walking out the building. Now I'm standing there. Nigga ain't even looked my way. Know why? Because the Henny wolf. [00:43:49] Speaker A: It was the henny. It wasn't him. Nigga wasn't about that. [00:43:55] Speaker B: He ain't about that. [00:43:57] Speaker A: I see niggas all the time. [00:43:59] Speaker B: Huff and puff. Ain't blowing no house down, nigga. [00:44:02] Speaker A: You ain't got no wind, nigga. But I realized he felt good thinking. [00:44:13] Speaker B: We had a rivalry. He felt good thinking that I was his supply of toughness. And I refused to do it. This fucking bitch nigga. What I look like? Having issues with him. [00:44:26] Speaker A: The police already came to me, so. [00:44:29] Speaker B: I lose by default. This nigga fucking fall on black ice tomorrow or sprang his knee. I had something to do with it. I lose. [00:44:36] Speaker A: I've been tap out, not them tough. [00:44:40] Speaker B: Niggas in the street. Yeah, you know the niggas who was listening to music and shit, rocking, rapping. Yeah, because I don't smack niggas. [00:44:48] Speaker A: You know them niggas on the bus. [00:44:49] Speaker B: On the train, you see them every day in New York City. If you in New York City and you're on public transportation, you see them every day. They're on the bus, they're on the train, they're at the bus stop, they're in the store rapping and talking all this stupid shit. [00:45:04] Speaker A: Fuck out of here. [00:45:06] Speaker B: Stay away from all that shit. You know what I've been doing for the past week? I've been clearing shit. What I've been clearing, I've been clearing a frequency that I don't want to be on. [00:45:20] Speaker A: And none of these niggas can make. [00:45:22] Speaker B: Me be on that shit. That's why I always say, don't send me no videos. I don't give a fuck about that people dm me speak about. I ain't speaking about shit. You can't tell me what to speak about because I don't care. [00:45:32] Speaker A: That's nigga shit. [00:45:33] Speaker B: It's very dumb. I don't give a fuck about none of that shit. I want to talk about what I want to talk about if I want to talk about it. Don't give a fuck about none of this shit. Because at the end of the day. [00:45:45] Speaker A: It'S a supply of low, vibrating, low. [00:45:50] Speaker B: Frequency shit that you thirst. But now you want to pick and choose who gives it to you. You got people who give you that shit every day. [00:46:01] Speaker A: You know what I hate about black people? [00:46:02] Speaker B: You got that, go look at that shit you got. Hit the green. You got all that shit, go to that. I'm not giving you that. I'm going to give you what the fuck I want to give you. I'll give you nothing. But I'm not going to be your supply of low frequency. I'm not going to be your supply of nigger shit. Because that's what you want. Because when you speak truth to power, when you speak real shit, nobody want to hear that shit. [00:46:30] Speaker A: Nobody want to hear that. I don't profess to know everything, so. [00:46:34] Speaker B: Why the fuck do I, why would I speak on everything? It's shit that's above my comprehension. I don't know. [00:46:42] Speaker A: I don't know. [00:46:43] Speaker B: Don't give a fuck either, you know? I don't even like talking about shit unless I could show you something in research on it. I don't even like talking about shit. But everybody want to be down here. Everybody want to be at this fucking level. How are we elevating in any way. [00:47:01] Speaker A: If you down here, when the fuck. [00:47:03] Speaker B: We going to leave from down here? Because I'm not a bottom feeder. I ain't no catfish or no crab, no fucking lobster. I ain't no crustacean. I'm meant to be at the top of the fucking water, the top of the food chain, no matter what the fucking food chain is. So sometimes people be sending me shit and showing me shit, and I'd be like, I don't care about that. I don't want to fuck with that. [00:47:26] Speaker A: I don't. Why? [00:47:29] Speaker B: Because I feel myself changing as a person. My mind state is changing. How I look at shit, how I view shit is changing because you're supposed to evolve as a fucking human. You're supposed to evolve as an adult. We can't do the same shit we was doing at. We were 17 years old. And that's some of these niggas problem. Now they still think they fucking kids, and they want to supply you of shit because that's all they know. And they don't even know how to elevate. They want to talk like they elevated. They want to talk like they're eloquent, but the whole time is for you to send them a fucking cash app. [00:48:04] Speaker A: Sol is about. [00:48:06] Speaker B: Sol is about, don't give a fuck. They want to supply you with the. [00:48:12] Speaker A: Bullshit in hopes that you give them fucking 20, $30. That's all this shit is about. [00:48:18] Speaker B: That's all this shit became. Do this shit for nothing. I ain't monetized. Say what I want and do what I want. [00:48:33] Speaker A: Fuck them telling you, stop being people, punching bag. [00:48:40] Speaker B: Stop people. Stop being people. [00:48:41] Speaker A: Supply ladies. [00:48:43] Speaker B: You know, with some men, he has. [00:48:45] Speaker A: No intention for you at all, at all. [00:48:50] Speaker B: He just want to come lay with you, use your mind, your body, your refrigerator, your bed, your bathroom, your credit card, your bank card, and will not commit to you. Only thing he will commit to is using you. That's it. [00:49:09] Speaker A: That's all he going to commit to. [00:49:11] Speaker B: That you are there to be used. You are a supply. [00:49:14] Speaker A: And the minute you say no, that. [00:49:18] Speaker B: One no will trump a thousand yeses. Motherfucker will act like a little baby. You will see a grown ass man act like a fucking baby because you said no. [00:49:31] Speaker A: Nigga will poke his lip out and. [00:49:33] Speaker B: Fold his fucking arms because you said no. Fuck the thousand yeses. Fuck the thousand yeses. You said no one time it's like, how dare you say no to me? [00:49:47] Speaker A: You are supply fellas. [00:49:52] Speaker B: You notice she only call you when she say she hungry, right? When she say she hungry, you either sending her an Uber or you taking her somewhere to eat. She won't let you touch her, won't let you hug her, won't let you call her unless she calls you, don't answer, you, leave you on red. You are a supply. The minute you say fuck her, she already said fuck you. I'm saying this is not. [00:50:17] Speaker A: Listen, don't get it confused. [00:50:20] Speaker B: You're not saying fuck somebody who treats you right. You're saying fuck somebody who showed you. Fuck you. [00:50:26] Speaker A: Fuck you is verbal, but being showed, fuck you. That's nonverbal. [00:50:33] Speaker B: You don't even have to say shit. You showed me in your actions that. [00:50:36] Speaker A: You said fuck me. You showed me. I don't care what you say. You showed me. [00:50:45] Speaker B: I felt it. [00:50:49] Speaker A: That's it. [00:50:50] Speaker B: Stop being a fucking supply. I'm not nobody's supply. I'm telling you, you can't big homie me. You can't og me. You can't bro me. You can't do none of that shit into a fucking favor. I'm not here to supply you with favors. Nobody. I'm here to run a fucking business. [00:51:11] Speaker A: That's it. [00:51:13] Speaker B: And if you can't respect my business, then you don't respect me, period. I'm not here for you to fucking try to patronize me. I don't need to get gas. I don't need you to tell me, yo, you this, that, and the third. Yo, you the original. I don't need none of that shit. Because you're telling me shit that I already know. Just get to it, motherfucker. What do you want? [00:51:38] Speaker A: Because how many people, I got people. [00:51:41] Speaker B: All the time, right? This is what they do. [00:51:43] Speaker A: They'll dm me and they'll act like. [00:51:46] Speaker B: They inquiring about promo. [00:51:49] Speaker A: They dm me. [00:51:50] Speaker B: So they'll say, yo, even though it says what the price is, right? It says, what the price. I say what the process is. It's on the screen. So if you know what I'm talking about. It's on the screen. It's on the screen. [00:52:10] Speaker A: But how could somebody get in? [00:52:12] Speaker B: They inquire like they want to do business. That's how they get in. [00:52:17] Speaker A: Me being a businessman, I speak to them. [00:52:23] Speaker B: They say, one, two, three. When we get to four, they say, I'm going to get back to you. Okay, fine. That's why on the promo, what is the second to last line? What do you think serious inquiries only mean? It means if you're serious and you're asking because you're ready to act. [00:52:50] Speaker A: That's what that means. [00:52:51] Speaker B: That don't mean you're not ready to act. And you're just asking me a question. [00:52:56] Speaker A: I'm not. [00:52:57] Speaker B: No. Fucking this ain't you. [00:53:00] Speaker A: Don't ask me shit. [00:53:02] Speaker B: Ask me about business. So this is what they do. And this might happen to you. This is why I'm telling you this. They hit you, you respond next, do you know? They don't do the business. [00:53:17] Speaker A: And then they start sending you shit. Start sending you a song, send you their new video, send you the album, they dropping. And then you say, yo, how come. [00:53:32] Speaker B: We never did the promo? [00:53:34] Speaker A: Oh, now we going to do it. [00:53:36] Speaker B: I just wanted you to check out some. Listen, I'm not here to check out nothing, okay? It's thousands of people hitting me a day. What if I check shit out all day? What time do I have for me? [00:53:46] Speaker A: Just be honest. [00:53:47] Speaker B: And it's not fair to paying clients. If I'm checking your shit out and. [00:53:52] Speaker A: They paid me, who do you think? [00:53:55] Speaker B: Who do you think gets first dibs of my time? People who paid me for my time. Then mother motherfucker going to say, I sent you this for hip hop. [00:54:11] Speaker A: You can't make this shit up. [00:54:13] Speaker B: I'm telling you. [00:54:14] Speaker A: You know what I do? I just hit block. [00:54:18] Speaker B: Fuck out of here. [00:54:22] Speaker A: The fuck out of here. [00:54:23] Speaker B: Now I did go on Twitter yesterday and I asked, who has a soulful music? Who has music that's soulful? I want to hear some shit. I got a few people hit me up and I'm going to go through that because I asked for it. I asked for soulful music and people hit me on Twitter and I'm sitting there listening to it giving them feedback. That's what I asked for. [00:54:41] Speaker A: I didn't ask you for your shit. Didn't ask you stop. [00:54:46] Speaker B: I do content every day. I have never, ever dm my content to nobody. [00:54:52] Speaker A: You know where it's at? [00:54:54] Speaker B: Doggydaminsnowfilter.com. [00:54:56] Speaker A: You go there. [00:54:57] Speaker B: If you don't want to go there, fine. You ain't going to get it from me directly. [00:55:02] Speaker A: You're not going to get it. So overall, what I'm saying to you all, fuck them, fuck him and fuck her. [00:55:16] Speaker B: You know why? Because they said, fuck you. And the minute you say fuck, people, watch how they act. They either going to act like a. [00:55:22] Speaker A: Baby or they're going to double down. [00:55:27] Speaker B: On the fuck you. Now they're going to find a way to play victim even though they said fuck you first. So when people ask you, what happened with you? When they ask them what happened, then they could got on some funny shit. No, I gave you back what you gave me. I'm not a boomerang. You throw me away, I don't come back. [00:55:48] Speaker A: That's it. [00:55:49] Speaker B: I don't give a fuck who you are. I accept apologies, I accept change behavior, I accept growth. But one thing I'm not going to accept is bullshit from anybody. I don't give a fuck who it is. I didn't speak to my own daddy for 18 years. See, that's what you all don't understand about me. I don't give a fuck. By nature, I don't care. My father, I didn't speak to him for 18 years. That man passed away. I didn't shed one motherfucking tear. Seriously? Because the man that was walking the earth was not my father. He was a person who chose crack, okay? When you choose crack over your child, then you stay the fuck over there and fuck with that crack. Even when he was like, nah, he clean now. I don't care. I already raised myself. What the fuck he going to tell me, the birds and the bees, how to stay out the streets? He can't tell me shit. He cannot offer anything into my life. I cannot inquire and ask him anything. So anybody who think that they are bothering me by not talking to me, and I don't fuck with them, you ain't doing shit. I promise you. This shit does not hurt me at all. [00:57:02] Speaker A: It don't. [00:57:03] Speaker B: I do it to siblings, I do it to family. Everybody in my family knows when I say I don't fuck with you, I don't fuck with you. You did. [00:57:12] Speaker A: You hurt me bad and I'm not. [00:57:14] Speaker B: Going to take the pain that you put me through and keep letting you put me through it, I'm either going to break your fucking foot or I'm going to leave you alone. And I advise many of you to do the same. Walking away is the hardest shit you do, but it's for you. It's for your sanity. Let some of these motherfuckers go. If people want to jump, let them jump. A motherfucker is a bum. Let them be that. Some people are comfortable bums. Some people are comfortable perverts. Some people are comfortable in the element that they're used to. You're trying to take them out of the element because you see potential in them, you see greatness in them. Some of you ladies, you see a guy, you'd be like, if he get a job and get stability, he's a good guy. He don't want that shit. He wants to be a rapper. He wants to be a drug dealer. He wants to be a professional. Bother motherfuckers every day. He wants to be a gangster. Now this gangster who wants to go. [00:58:06] Speaker A: Outside and do gangster shit, how long. [00:58:10] Speaker B: Is it going to be for somebody come to your dwelling because you took this bum ass nigga in and they want to do gangster shit at your. [00:58:18] Speaker A: House, jeopardizing you and sometimes your children that are not even there? Seriously. [00:58:25] Speaker B: I lived with a female before who had a son. I was in the streets. Niggas was doing street shit and running to my crib. I'm like, the fuck y'all running here for? I got somebody I gotta protect. The hair don't run here. [00:58:37] Speaker A: No, because I don't want them to. [00:58:40] Speaker B: Get caught up in no shit that I'm in. I'm into this shit. I'm doing shit I ain't got no business doing. They don't got nothing to do with that. Y'all can't run here. This is not your safe place. This is not your safe space to run to. Hell, no. [00:58:53] Speaker A: Go to your fucking house. It's 2023. [00:58:58] Speaker B: And motherfuckers still want to be street. Still want to talk about all this dumb ass shit in 2023. [00:59:06] Speaker A: 2023. [00:59:11] Speaker B: Right now. If I wanted to. [00:59:13] Speaker A: If I wanted to, I know the technology to have me sitting here talking. [00:59:21] Speaker B: To you all right now while I'm somewhere else. I know the technology, just the type of mind I got, just the shit I'm into. I know the technology. I know all this shit. For real? For real. This is where we move into. We moving into a whole different world, a whole different mindset, a whole different space. And you got dumb ass niggas who. [00:59:42] Speaker A: Still want to be a nigger in 2023, where we getting wiped out? [00:59:51] Speaker B: Immigrants is coming here taking every fucking thing. The immigrants is taking every fucking thing. They taking all the welfare, they giving foreign aid. They didn't wipe out your fucking student loan, they didn't wipe out some of your debt. They giving billions to other countries. And you right here trying to prove that you the toughest nigger and give. [01:00:12] Speaker A: Me one nigger that ain't buried 6ft deep like everybody. [01:00:17] Speaker B: Because all the graveyard got is a bunch of real niggas. All the jail got is a bunch of real niggas. All of that shit is filled with. [01:00:24] Speaker A: That talking about stupid shit, who ass. [01:00:31] Speaker B: Is fat and who they want to fuck. [01:00:34] Speaker A: Listen, my people know, don't call me with that shit. [01:00:40] Speaker B: I don't give a fuck. I don't care, bro. Do you know where my mind is at? If I show y'all, let me just show you something really quick. I'm going to share the screen for 2 seconds. Look at these fucking tabs open. [01:00:52] Speaker A: Look at these tab. [01:00:53] Speaker B: What are you. All these tab. If I show you all these tabs, all these tabs are learning. All these tabs are me doing something. This is what I'm up two, three in the morning doing. I ain't fucking on the phone with no girl. I'm not in the bed with no female. I ain't talking to these shiffless, bum ass cigarettes, smoking drip beer, drinking liquors, drinking pill popping niggas. I want to talk to y'all. Y'all can't help me with this shit. I'm building an empire. I know what I'm doing. I know where I'm going. I got the vision, I got the motivation, and I got the activation, and I got the application. Fuck you, okay? You trying to take me from that shit. You're not saying, yeah, bro. Go ahead, do that shit. Yeah, bro, you on your shit. You're not telling me that. You're not telling me that. You telling me about some shit that's going to take me away from fucking controlling my shit. I never fucking do no shit. I never do no weird shit. Can't nobody tell me what to do. You see, they can't even control me. They could demonetize me. I'm still going to come talk my shit. I'm going to find a way. This shit didn't make me. I was fucking poor before I slept on the floor next to dog piss. You think this shit is going to stop me? You think demonetizing me is going to stop me from living? You really think that I'm a find a way. [01:02:16] Speaker A: If it's a fucking door, I'm getting through that door. [01:02:20] Speaker B: I don't know about you, you. I'm getting through that fucking door. I bet you I will take a fucking stick and turn into a locksmith. I bet you, because that's how you survive. [01:02:33] Speaker A: If you don't got nothing else, your instinct to survive kicks in. I don't have a supply. [01:02:41] Speaker B: Nobody supplies me with shit. I have no woman who take care of me. I have no man who take care of me. I have no brother. I have my brothers died. I have no brother. [01:02:53] Speaker A: I got people who are brotherly, but. [01:02:57] Speaker B: You'Re not my brother. [01:02:59] Speaker A: I have no parents. [01:03:01] Speaker B: I have no grandparents. All I got is me. So how dare anybody act like I'm their fucking supply and you can't give me nothing. And then the same fucking people that I supply will act like I don't have no value. The same ass people. Fuck out of here. [01:03:24] Speaker A: I'm always going to be. I always. People like, yo, how you do that shit? [01:03:32] Speaker B: I ain't fucking playing. Ain't come here to play. You think I came in to fit in with a bunch of fucking busters and weirdos and gay ass motherfucking come to fit in with them? Well, I look like fitting in with them. What place will I sit with them? [01:03:49] Speaker A: Y'all over there. [01:03:49] Speaker B: I'm gonna go over here. [01:03:51] Speaker A: Are y'all doing this? [01:03:53] Speaker B: I'm gonna go do that. But you become a supply and people going to use you. [01:04:03] Speaker A: And then one day they're going to tell you, I had a motherfucker one time who. Oh, one thing I ain't going to do is I ain't going cap, this. [01:04:18] Speaker B: Comes from learning the hard way. You don't wake up like this. [01:04:23] Speaker A: This comes from learning the hard way. [01:04:25] Speaker B: And what you do with learning the. [01:04:27] Speaker A: Hard way, you start understanding in nature. [01:04:32] Speaker B: I'm telling you, I study people. I literally study people. Why do you think you believe? Well, many people believe I do interviews. Well, you know why? Because I study the person that I'm interviewing in real time. Real time. [01:04:48] Speaker A: That's why. [01:04:49] Speaker B: All these niggas interviews suck. [01:04:51] Speaker A: All of them. [01:04:53] Speaker B: They interviews suck because they don't know how to study the person. They got these prepared questions. It don't work like that. You got to read body language, facial expressions, what made the person comfortable, uncomfortable, what made them smile, what stumped them. [01:05:11] Speaker A: I study people. [01:05:12] Speaker B: So when people think they're getting over on me, I just be looking at them like, stupid motherfucker. Feel like, you know, tyra Banks was like, I believed in you. [01:05:21] Speaker A: Damn. [01:05:21] Speaker B: I'd be like, damn, you too. You just fucked up. [01:05:30] Speaker A: You just fucked up. [01:05:32] Speaker B: Anybody who fuck with me, I warn you, yo, this is going to happen. This is going to happen. One of the biggest warning I give any, especially if I work with a man. I say, yo, look, be careful of the women. Be careful. They're there in abundance. They're beautiful. They're going to come at you. Be careful because they can't get to me. Are they going to try to go through you? Be careful. Average motherfucker. Oh, I ain't worry about that. Okay. And here the fuck we are today. [01:06:02] Speaker A: Niggas lack discipline because some of these. [01:06:06] Speaker B: People are able to supply them. What they don't get, I don't give fuck how many, nigga, yo, I get this. I get that. So you don't, you can't, you don't know how to. You don't have no discipline. So if it's something that you eat, if you eat all the time, why the fuck you so hungry? It doesn't make sense. Make shit make sense. If you smoke all the time, why are you stressing and moving around all crazy, talking about you got to get high. [01:06:31] Speaker A: Make it make sense. [01:06:32] Speaker B: If you drink all the time, why. [01:06:34] Speaker A: Are you acting stupid when you don't got to drink? Make it make sense. [01:06:39] Speaker B: Because you capping. You want to project an image to. [01:06:43] Speaker A: People that you can't really fulfill, and. [01:06:46] Speaker B: Then here comes the supply. You feel like a big man. You got a person who's on YouTube who came on YouTube, who was sucking. [01:07:00] Speaker A: Dick, getting fucked by another man, but. [01:07:06] Speaker B: Didn'T want to poke his chest out. Like you the big man on campus, trying to edify everybody and telling everybody what the fuck they should be doing. Just really think about that. You know why? Because the YouTube, the views, the subscribers, the shoutouts, was able to supply them esteem that they didn't have. Whenever motherfuckers say, I changed my wardrobe because people told me to change my wardrobe, I started wearing jewelry because people were saying I should get who the fuck is influenced by people? And you got a whole fucking family, and you are a grown ass man. Let's really think about that. How does buying jewelry enhance you? How does your clothes enhance you? [01:07:54] Speaker A: That enhances you. [01:07:56] Speaker B: You already are. [01:07:57] Speaker A: Who the fuck you are. [01:07:58] Speaker B: What you put on don't even matter. [01:08:01] Speaker A: Because you could put clean clothes on. [01:08:03] Speaker B: A stink ass body. You think people going to look at you or smell you. [01:08:11] Speaker A: They got the sense of vision, but the sense of. [01:08:16] Speaker B: Smell is going to take over. [01:08:20] Speaker A: So this is what's happening. [01:08:21] Speaker B: This shit is creating something. People are being supplied, and now they're starting to think they're somebody. Now they're starting to think there's somebody special. So they could look at me, they could look at you, they could block you. You could be somebody who supported them from the jump. You disagree? One thing blocked. Oh, she didn't like my post blocked. [01:08:44] Speaker A: You could be their first subscriber. Blocked. You'd be looking like, wow, look at this mother. [01:08:52] Speaker B: Look what this shit done turned you into. [01:08:54] Speaker A: I ain't changed. [01:08:56] Speaker B: I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I know I grew. I'm not as triggered and get pissed. [01:09:02] Speaker A: Off as I used to, but I. [01:09:05] Speaker B: Didn'T change my eye. Listen, do me a favor. When you get a chance, go back to anywhere in 2015 and watch one of my own videos. I said the same shit in 2015 that I'm saying in 2023. The message never changed. The mission never changed. We still on the same mission. Until the mission is complete, we're going to stay on that. Seriously. We ain't going to change from that. We don't change with who we sit next to, who we took pictures with, who acknowledged us. What girl is in my DM? Who gave me pussy pictures? That shit don't change. They don't change who you are. [01:09:44] Speaker A: It don't. Why should it, though? [01:09:46] Speaker B: Because if you really was that nigger, if you really was that chick, you was doing all that shit without any of this shit. Me, I always been somebody. Seriously, respectfully, I ain't trying to stun on nobody, but I always been somebody. I always had the studio. I always had all the fucking girls, I always had everything. Always had jury, always 15 years old, always, always had the 40 belows, the boots, the banging coats, the starter jack. I had all that shit fitted. I always had that shit. [01:10:16] Speaker A: So coming on here, I didn't even. [01:10:20] Speaker B: Want to be on here. I didn't want to be on the camera. Until I spoke some places and people were like, yo, you need to speak more because this is shit that people need to hear. [01:10:29] Speaker A: And they say they need to hear that shit. [01:10:30] Speaker B: Because I know you and you really live it. So you're not just talking. This is how you really are. You can't lower me out. Think about being a man, and you can't be lured. [01:10:40] Speaker A: You know how powerful you are when. [01:10:42] Speaker B: You can't be lured. You can't lure me. You can't lure me with weed. You can't lure me with liquor. You can't lure me with pussy. You can't lure me with nothing. I'm not. No, I don't want none of that shit. You keep all that. [01:10:57] Speaker A: You know how difficult it is to. [01:10:59] Speaker B: Get to you, to get through to you? When they're trying to put something in you and implant something in you, and they don't know how to come at you. [01:11:08] Speaker A: You ain't no fun, boy. You ain't no small hat. You ain't popping pills on nobody. [01:11:16] Speaker B: You ain't drinking with nobody. You ain't smoking with nobody. You eating right, you exercise, and they're like, what? How the fuck do we get through to him? A fuck him. [01:11:24] Speaker A: Then. [01:11:24] Speaker B: And that's when they say, fuck you. And then people say, yo, how come you didn't? Because they said, fuck me. Why they say, fuck you? Because they can't get to me. Look at all these other people who got into. I'm telling you, I am telling you. I'm telling you. These people are gotten to. Don't ever think people got it because they're smart. They got it because they partake and they supply people with something. [01:11:52] Speaker A: You can't lure me with shit. [01:11:54] Speaker B: I don't care about. Well, I don't care about that. [01:11:56] Speaker A: Fuck that. [01:11:58] Speaker B: Imagine the motherfucker want to take my name, my likeness and give me a car. I already got a fucking truck outside. Fuck. I need your car for mazzy. [01:12:07] Speaker A: Cool. [01:12:07] Speaker B: I don't never like that car. [01:12:12] Speaker A: You can't lure me. These people set traps for you. [01:12:17] Speaker B: These people in the street set traps for you. [01:12:19] Speaker A: You'll pop out how many times you've. [01:12:22] Speaker B: Been in the house? It's Friday. You might want to go out and get a good tangle on. You might want to go out and people say, come over here. They know they don't got no fucking money. They know you the one with the money. They know if they fuck with you, you going to pay for dinner, you going to buy the drinks. So you became their supply. Ladies, how many mooching ass homegirls you got? Because you got mooching ass women, too, who mooch off for other women. They don't have no shoes. They want to come to your crib. They want to go through your closet, they want to see what you got. They want to wear one of your dresses, wear one of your shoes, wear one of your bags. Hope that you buy them a drink. Hope that you buy dinner. They want d'oeuvres, coffee, dessert, everything. And you pay for the Uber. They don't got shit. But it was their suggestion that y'all go out. Every female know a female like that. [01:13:16] Speaker A: Because she know you a good sister to her. [01:13:22] Speaker B: And there's no price on a good time. So you like, fuck, it's my sister. I'm going to let her wear those shoes. She could wear that dress. [01:13:29] Speaker A: She could hold that bag, she could hold them earrings. [01:13:32] Speaker B: I'll do her makeup and everything. Her hair is a little toe up, but we'll pin it back. Or I got a cute hat for her. Or I accessorize her, I throw some bracelets on her and you fix her up. And then she get there and act. [01:13:44] Speaker A: Like a fucking bitch over some dude. [01:13:47] Speaker B: And wanted to jump in front of you because the guy was looking at you and not her. And she ain't got shit on shit, nothing. [01:13:57] Speaker A: She ain't got the Uber, she don't. [01:14:00] Speaker B: Got the food, she don't got the drinks. [01:14:03] Speaker A: But you paying because that's your sister. [01:14:06] Speaker B: And you just want to have a good time. [01:14:08] Speaker A: Money, ain't it? [01:14:09] Speaker B: You know, you work hard. You've been working all week. You did a couple of overtimes, so you got extra bread. Let's go out, let's spend a couple of dollars. [01:14:17] Speaker A: Fuck it. And when she hits you the following. [01:14:23] Speaker B: Week, girl, what we doing? And you say, yo, not this week. [01:14:30] Speaker A: She like, fuck you. [01:14:35] Speaker B: Fuck her. She'd been acting funny lately. Don't you see the audacity of some people to say you've been acting funny? You've been acting funny lately. [01:14:46] Speaker A: No, I can't supply you. [01:14:48] Speaker B: It's not acting funny. Grow the fuck up. [01:14:52] Speaker A: I can't supply you. [01:14:54] Speaker B: I'm not here to get you high drunk. Have you make sure you have a good time while I fucking work. You telling me how they cut your fucking food stamps off, or you got to go downtown and get your case back, or you working for your check and all that? Get the fuck off my line. [01:15:10] Speaker A: No, I did it once. [01:15:11] Speaker B: I'm not going to do it twice. I am not your supply. [01:15:17] Speaker A: I'm not your supply. [01:15:19] Speaker B: I had one of my former friends. This motherfucker used to come to my crib and say, yo, let me hold the chain. Let me see. Let me hold the chain. The bracelet, the watch, and some of the rings. [01:15:37] Speaker A: This was my bro. I give him the black watch now. [01:15:40] Speaker B: Not the black watch. Let me get the blue one. I go get the blue watch, give it to him. [01:15:44] Speaker A: And you know what he would say? [01:15:46] Speaker B: Yeah, I want to shit on niggas tonight. [01:15:48] Speaker A: And I'm sitting there saying to myself. [01:15:50] Speaker B: How you want to shit on niggas with my shit? You feel good about that? Like, you feel good going to the club, knowing that you're going to shit on niggas and you don't own none of this shit you got on. It's mine. You fucking Cinderella. When the clock strike twelve, you got to come give me my shit back. This nigga literally had the mind state. [01:16:07] Speaker A: Of, I want to go shit on. [01:16:10] Speaker B: Niggas with my fucking jury. With my jury. [01:16:19] Speaker A: And you know what happened when I told him no niggas said I was. [01:16:23] Speaker B: Acting funny, niggas started acting. He started acting funny with his shit. [01:16:28] Speaker A: What was the key words in the passages? [01:16:31] Speaker B: I started acting funny with my shit. One time, he gave me my chain back. I wanted my chain back. I had a video shoot, I'm like, y'all need my chain? [01:16:46] Speaker A: He didn't give me my chain back. [01:16:47] Speaker B: For like two weeks. But when he gave me my chain. [01:16:49] Speaker A: Back, he gave me the chain and my medallion separate. [01:16:55] Speaker B: And I said, yo, that nigga point my shit. His girl at the time called me and said, stop lending him your jewelry. [01:17:05] Speaker A: I said, why? [01:17:06] Speaker B: She said, just trust me. Stop lending him your jury. Because if something happened to it, he. [01:17:09] Speaker A: Can'T pay for it. [01:17:11] Speaker B: This nigga point my shit. [01:17:14] Speaker A: So I told his bitch ass brother, I was like, yo, I ain't letting. [01:17:18] Speaker B: That nigga hold my shit no more. [01:17:20] Speaker A: Say, why? [01:17:20] Speaker B: I said, I think he poured my shit. This nigga going to go tell him. [01:17:23] Speaker A: When he got mad at me, yo. [01:17:26] Speaker B: He think you pawned his shit anyway. Nigga call me. Yo, you think I pawn your shit? Yeah, I think you pawn my shit. [01:17:30] Speaker A: Why? Who told you? Oh, nah. [01:17:33] Speaker B: Yeah, I did say that. Why? I say that because I got a warning for not to let you hold my shit no more. Because if something happened, you can't pay for it. [01:17:43] Speaker A: It's the fucking truth. [01:17:44] Speaker B: Why did you give me my chain separate? I had the medallion and the chain together. Why did you take them apart? Why did you go through the loop and take the fucking medallion off? [01:17:55] Speaker A: What made you do that? [01:17:58] Speaker B: Because you point my shit. [01:18:01] Speaker A: So everybody know no. And I'm telling you, that one no. [01:18:11] Speaker B: Will cause a shitstorm. And how does one no trump a thousand yeses? Just really think about that. Fuck them. You tell a person no that you said yes to. [01:18:24] Speaker A: Just practice. [01:18:25] Speaker B: You might still want to do it. You might still have intention on doing. [01:18:28] Speaker A: It, but just practice. [01:18:31] Speaker B: This is how you got to practice, is your assignment. I'm giving you on some fucking homework. Say no. Say no. [01:18:43] Speaker A: You know the person that come and. [01:18:44] Speaker B: Say, yo, could you post this for me? Could you share this for me? [01:18:48] Speaker A: You do it every time. [01:18:49] Speaker B: They never share your shit. Never, like your shit, never. [01:18:51] Speaker A: You do it every time tomorrow, unless it's a child. [01:18:58] Speaker B: Somebody harmless, helpless, that can't do something for themselves. Because I don't want a kid to come. Like, could I get some cereal? No, not like that. Take an adult. [01:19:11] Speaker A: Take an adult that always asks you for shit and say, no. [01:19:18] Speaker B: Tomorrow. Say, no. Watch how they act. They probably say, why? [01:19:27] Speaker A: And say, because I don't feel like it. They going to look at you like. [01:19:32] Speaker B: Who the fuck are you to feel like it or not feel like it? That's how you're going to know your value. Say no. [01:19:40] Speaker A: Just say no. [01:19:41] Speaker B: Just say no. That's how you're going to know where you stand with people. When people say you tell people no. [01:19:48] Speaker A: And they'd be like, yeah, I know. [01:19:51] Speaker B: You'Re getting tired of me anyway. [01:19:55] Speaker A: That's what they'll be like, oh, I. [01:19:57] Speaker B: Know you're getting tired of me. [01:19:58] Speaker A: You know people. [01:19:59] Speaker B: Yo, you got $10? You got $10? [01:20:01] Speaker A: You'd be like, no. [01:20:02] Speaker B: Yeah, I know. Because I know I've been borrowing a lot of money lately. I know you tired of me. I know you tired of me asking you for money. [01:20:12] Speaker A: Say no. [01:20:14] Speaker B: Watch how they act. If they take it well, still fuck with you, don't act funny. Then they understand if they start getting stupid because you said no. That's where you know how you stand with people. [01:20:29] Speaker A: Yo, could you? Nah. Why? [01:20:30] Speaker B: Because I don't feel like doing that shit. You know the people. Yo, could you drive me to such and such? Yeah, come on, grab the keys. [01:20:36] Speaker A: Let's go. They don't got nothing on gas. They don't even buy you shit. [01:20:40] Speaker B: When you go to the destination, what you drive? [01:20:44] Speaker A: Yo, could you drive me? No. [01:20:46] Speaker B: Could you take me food shopping? No. [01:20:51] Speaker A: Watch. [01:20:52] Speaker B: How you going to know where you stand with people? Say no. Them thousand yeses, them thousands of miles, that thousands of dollars, that shit will not care. They won't even give a fuck. They'd be like, fucking nigger. And I fucking ask this nigger and he going to say no. [01:21:10] Speaker A: And you'll be looking at them like. [01:21:11] Speaker B: Yo, don't they always give you that shit? Exactly. [01:21:14] Speaker A: They don't even get it. [01:21:17] Speaker B: Don't they always give you money every week. [01:21:19] Speaker A: Exactly. [01:21:20] Speaker B: But this time they going to say no. [01:21:23] Speaker A: You got arrogant. [01:21:24] Speaker B: Listen, not like arrogant bum. It's a lot of arrogant, narcissistic ass bums. Because a bum is not money. Bum is a mind state. [01:21:34] Speaker A: It has nothing to do with money. [01:21:36] Speaker B: Some people are out on the street, homeless, happy as fuck, free. They don't got to pay no bills. Only they got to worry about is sleeping somewhere safely and getting them something to eat. Some of them living better than us. They got cell phones and everything, little tent shit. Hey, they don't shower all that good. But hey, they make it work. Say no. Watch how they treat you. And if they take it well, then you know they're a good person. If they come and say, yo, I ain't going front. I've been borrowing mad shit from you. [01:22:13] Speaker A: I know that's why you said, no, because I'd be. [01:22:15] Speaker B: But, yo, I got a couple of extra dollars. [01:22:19] Speaker A: You might say, no, I'm good. [01:22:20] Speaker B: No, I got to give you some because I know I always be asking. [01:22:25] Speaker A: You got motherfuckers. [01:22:27] Speaker B: I listen, I don't live in the hood, right? [01:22:29] Speaker A: You got motherfuckers. [01:22:30] Speaker B: Before they light a cigarette, they will take it out and they could be like, you'll bust me down. [01:22:35] Speaker A: Oh, he didn't even light his fucking cigarette yet. [01:22:37] Speaker B: You bust me down. [01:22:41] Speaker A: Let me get a pull. He didn't even light his fucking. [01:22:47] Speaker B: Could he enjoy his cigarette? [01:22:49] Speaker A: That's like people. [01:22:50] Speaker B: When you get food, what you got? [01:22:52] Speaker A: Yo, listen, eat a dick. [01:22:55] Speaker B: That's what you gonna eat today because you ain't getting none of this shit. [01:22:59] Speaker A: You had the option to eat. [01:23:00] Speaker B: You chose to get high. You chose to pop pills, you chose to drink, you chose what? You chose. I chose to eat. Don't be like, what you got? None of your fucking business. That's what I got. Oh, you stingy. I'm stingy? How am I stingy with my shit? Stingy is when we're supposed to share some shit. And I took more than what I was supposed to or I didn't share. That's some stingy, selfish shit. I can't be stingy or selfish with my shit? How am I stingy or selfish with my shit? [01:23:31] Speaker A: Who said you was entitled to it? You stingy. Fuck, am I stingy? Ain't stingy. [01:23:39] Speaker B: I'm smart. [01:23:41] Speaker A: You didn't want this shit till you saw it. Fuck out of here. Yeah. So ladies, call you tomorrow to come hump on you. [01:23:56] Speaker B: Tell them, no. [01:24:01] Speaker A: You gonna go hump somebody else. Yo, I got an infamous thing that. [01:24:07] Speaker B: I said in the hood to this fucking bum. [01:24:11] Speaker A: And listen, this is the thing. And I want you to implement this in your language. Tell somebody, stick to your plan b. [01:24:26] Speaker B: Now, I was plan A. [01:24:32] Speaker A: But being that you said, fuck me, you made a plan B. Plan B didn't work. [01:24:43] Speaker B: Or you see plan a doing something different. Now you want to fuck with plan a? [01:24:49] Speaker A: No, stick to your plan B because. [01:24:53] Speaker B: My plan b is to make plan a work. [01:24:55] Speaker A: I don't have a plan B. [01:24:58] Speaker B: Plan B is an abortion. [01:25:01] Speaker A: Seriously, tell people. [01:25:05] Speaker B: Stick to your plan B. [01:25:07] Speaker A: You made another plan, stick to that shit. Oh, you don't like me? [01:25:12] Speaker B: You like him? I so like him. [01:25:14] Speaker A: Then I'm good. [01:25:15] Speaker B: Ain't competing with no nigger. [01:25:18] Speaker A: Whole hell of a nigga like me. [01:25:19] Speaker B: Competing with some, some other. You got me in a competition for you. You're the prize at the end of the day, yeah. [01:25:36] Speaker A: So the interlude tv. [01:25:39] Speaker B: Make sure you subscribe. I need y'all over there when we go live. I go live nightly over there. Many people say, yo, I ain't see you in a while. I don't know where you've been. I've been over there putting in work. I got more work to put in. Got a few interviews to upload on here. I got a kid by the name of De Niro music who I'm uploading his interview tomorrow. Another one, Chaz Bronx son. I got a few interviews to upload. [01:26:04] Speaker A: Over here, so, yeah, that's it, man. [01:26:08] Speaker B: That's it. [01:26:09] Speaker A: That's it. [01:26:10] Speaker B: Doggy diamonds, no filter. We still here. Doggy diamonds tv we still here. Make sure you check out the podcast, make sure you log on to the website, make sure you fuck with me. Hopefully anything I said to you tonight changes your mind state or enhances your mind state, or just reiterates what you. [01:26:30] Speaker A: Already knew is other people that think like you, yes. [01:26:35] Speaker B: Don't think you crazy because you be. [01:26:38] Speaker A: Like, fuck people, don't think you. [01:26:40] Speaker B: Don't let nobody say you mean and you evil. No, if it's fuck me, then it's fuck.

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